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Patricia currently works at Rozelle Total Health on Fridays To book an appointment please call 9221 3344 or  0416 004 621. Patricia sees clients with complex backgrounds and is particularly interested in assisting people in adjusting in times of transition and high stress. The animated image, adapted from the website of the Acoustic Neuroma Association NSW (Australia), illustrates the growth of the tumor and the four stages. Acoustic neuromas, ANs, usually originate on the Schwann-cell sheath of the vestibular nerve (hence the alternative name vestibular schwannoma), within the bony channel called the Internal Auditory Canal (IAC).
In Stage II they protrude through the opening of the IAC on the brain side, into an area called the cerebellopontine angle (CPA), without touching the cerebellum nor the brain stem. To determine which stage your tumor is in, look at your MRI with the help of the radiologist. Have you been enjoying YOUR week?  For me life has been whistling by in the most delightful way. Don't ever forget that your life is in your hands so make sure you have your hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel for a very pleasurable drive.
You have to think!  That is all that is required really.  Instead of blazing down wrong alleyways at high speed in hopeless directions, stop and think before you turn. There is probably no ‘right’ way to live life, but your life will be the sum total of the choices you make. Mr G didn’t turn up for the boxing last week, so a young woman said  'I’ll be your partner if you like’.   She was able to punch like a woman possessed!  She had a 10 week old baby and was determined to get back into shape, and we both laughed hysterically when one of her nursing bra pads fell to the floor! Well, I did it.  I now have the new do!  I now have very nice streaks, well received by family and friends but as usual Mr G said “Well, I suppose I will get used to it”.
I do wonder, despite my 37 years of wedded bliss, what sort of person I might have been if I had actually received compliments all my life.  But at least I know what to expect from my marriage partner, 37 years certainly does that for you!!!!
People who know me are quite aware I speak quickly, often without thinking in a bubbly and zealous way.  OK, got that sorted, just imagine this scenario if you will.
I fiddle through my handbag past the enormous block of cheese that is sitting on the top (I am taking to my dad) and hand him what would be the worst known photo on any licence in the world. I am sure this Policeman had thought he had heard just about everything.   He wrote things down on the notebook I am thinking, ‘maybe they get a prize at the end of the month for the most unusual excuse!!!’ He is bound to be an out and out winner with this one! I get up to 7 and the machine starts making a high beeping sound.  ‘God no’, I am thinking, ‘the machine has detected alcohol’ and I could feel myself bracing for the ‘please get out of the car’. He smiled ‘you are fine’ he said.  My heart rate came racing down from about 200 beats a minute!
Oh well, if you were wondering, I can attest that you can most definitely take ‘drops’ and drive!!!
These days everyone is so paranoid about What is going to Happen!!  How will I cope?  What awful symptoms will arise?  Does it mean I am on the downhill slope?  Absolute rubbish.

Don’t forget I go on trekking holidays?  I do remember saying prior to our trek in Laddakh, “There is a God if I get my periods before we go”.  And hey girls, there is a God!!!  Sometimes I found even standing up was enough to have me hurtling towards a bathroom and gym was a no go zone for a good week. If you happen to be wallowing in the middle of 'the change' and find it really affects you, hang in there because each day is a day closer to emerging from the other side.  Rewards await you!! While researching Fathers Day I came across this tidbit of information - the Beginning of the Father's Day Story. Historians have recorded that there was a tradition to celebrate Father's Day even thousands of years ago.
It might have been Elmesu’s dad birthday for all we know, but it is nice to think that Fathers now have their own special day because of this, and so their supply of socks and ties can be forever maintained. If you play your cards right as a child, well your Dad should be all of those things and more.  And if you are feeling a bit more loving, here is a Father's Day Prayer of Remembering.
At The Pots home, we enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch with the family and here is the ever gorgeous Miss C and her Gigi!
I can vouch for the 'grape rub' and am looking forward to giving the ants another location to savour when I try the castor sugar body scrub next time I have a shower. Because I have been talking about life's journey this week, I have chosen the following quote. Now is the time to ‘grab a hold’ of your life and start living and make the ending of yours a standing ovation. You deserve to be happy at this time of your life and so set yourself free by bursting that bubble.  So Fly. This brand spanking new gym has six very large speakers attached to the walls on either side of the room.  But the other night, our instructor pumped up one particular music track to ear-splitting volume. Oh well, it’s tuned up my tinnitus to such a high level, at least I have a layer of noise for the music to penetrate now so surely that must be an upside! And I presume I will go ‘genetically’ deaf sometime, and I imagine the ‘gym music ear damage’ will probably get me there a few years earlier but that’s OK.  At least I will want the music to be loud then, so that has to be a plus too. Media personality Tim Bowden was our special guest and I must say we all had a laugh and a smile as he relived family anecdotes and he also gave an insight into how ageing is accepted and treated by the media. Mr G and I have had a few special outings since I wrote last, one was to my nephew’s engagement party in Lane Cove National Park.  Masses of food and drink and catching up with the relatives made for a very enjoyable day. I hope you have all had time to read Janice’s utterly fantastic Wise women story.  She is very much a mind and body builder and her advice and her words of wisdom will really make an impact on you. Well, it is the cost of it all that had me baulking initially and then I didn’t have the time to spare. So what do I do?  Do I say ‘What the hell’ and factor in the hair dye cost!  I keep thinking about what fun I could really have with that money.  A trip to the theatre, a night in a motel in the country or a slap up meal and this is times two as my husband would get to enjoy that as well. Mr G never notices my hair anyway! No, no, I haven’t been subjected to more tests thank goodness and really, I am not obsessed, although I do believe it is starting to look like it!!!

It basically said that young women think that ‘breasts that they think look normal are the ones that have been reshaped by plastic surgery’.  That’s right, that their image of what a breast should look like, at its perfect perky beauty, is actually a plastic bubble. So, perfectly normal breasts that droop a little are seen as unattractive and ‘requiring surgery’.   My goodness, what is the world coming too when perceived perfection is, in fact, fake! I shuddered at this.  We are setting our young women an unrealistic future if they expect to look like a Barbi doll their entire lives. The fact is breasts will sag the older you get.  Well, they will sag if you have anything worth sagging that is!  They are soft and malleable.  They are not meant to stay pert and pointy on your chest past the age of 16!
Suddenly we are carrying them lower than we should and we need to drag them up where they belong.  I blame lingerie designers for completely removing the word ‘divine’ from the support bras we should be wearing.
But no matter how large or small your breasts are, you should buy some uplifting underwear and get those breasts up at the very least.  We should be rejoicing in the fact we now have something sexy to display too.
It was such a thrill to interview Janice and find out what led her into the world of Natural Bodybuilding.  So why does someone at the age of 55 take up body building anyway?  Well, you are about to find out. But Janice has so many ‘hats’.  As well as being a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder, she is a Motivational Speaker,  Author, Psychologist and acclaimed agent of change using the power of positive thinking.  Janice is the whole package! We cover so many topics during the interview and her thoughts on positive living will positively inspire you. So these days my life revolves around house maintenance.  You know what it’s like; you can’t justify slipping off to a festival or something when there is work to be done, now can you?
She is a member of The Clinical College of the Australian Psychological Society, is the NSW Branch Chair of the Australian Association of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (AACBT) and also holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology.
High stress events include job changes, health issues, pregnancy, fertility and relationship issues amongst others. At this point it may impact the trigeminal nerve resulting in loss of sensation on the cornea or the face. It can block the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), causing hydrocephalus (pressure on the brain) and eventually lead to coma or even death. Their study say that 4,000 years ago in Babylon a son called Elmesu carved a father's day message on a clay card.
You see, I don’t know whether I want to hurtle down the road of expensive hair salon dyeing and streaks again. She is highly experienced in working with those who have had difficult childhood and family experiences.

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