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An assistive listening device is used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations. The sound retraining therapy is for patients who experience tinnitus, hyperacusis or misophonia and find it to be very bothersome. If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, we are happy to help you repair your devices. Anna received her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences: Communication Disorders and her graduate degree in Doctor of Audiology from University of Washington. Claims of hearing loss can sometimes result in larger monetary settlements from insurance companies or in the proceedings of litigation. In addition to malingering of hearing loss, individuals may complain of ear pain, hyperacusis and tinnitus. As hearing loss and tinnitus are subjective conditions, when there is a potential to gain by convincing another group of people that one has these disorders, it is common to encounter individuals claiming to have lost hearing or to have tinnitus. For hearing loss, this is a foolish undertaking, as there are abundant methods of showing that someone actually hears better than they admit. As is the case for malingering in general, inconsistency between subjective claims and objective measurements is often the key clue.

There are many simple methods of detection of an inconsistency between subjective claims of hearing loss (e.g.
Another method of hearing testing that does not require cooperation is the auditory steady state response (ASSR) Attias et al, 2014. A regular audiogram was not very revealing -- often people forget that audiograms basically just test every octave -- if the ear is damaged somewhere other than the tone being tested in that octave -- the audiogram can be normal. However, a more careful audiogram that covered the frequencies around the tinnitus was abnormal.
Audiograms are subjective tests, and in theory at least, someone could pretend not to hear at this frequency.
From the combination of the tinnitus match, detailed and careful audiogram, and sweep OAE, it is clear that this patient has objectively confirmed inner ear damage. I remain very actively involved in the education of AuD students even though Ia€™m no longer fully employed as a faculty member at a single university.
Typically when teaching a course I combine one or two intensive 3 to 5 day periods of on-campus classroom lectures and supervised laboratory sessions with regular on-line chats and lectures throughout a semester.
The audiology community has an immense repertoire of procedures available to it to detect such behavior.

Predicting Hearing Thresholds in Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Auditory Steady State Responses. Rather a€¦ a€?The world is my classroom.a€? Here is a summary of courses I teach and a listing of my past and current university affiliations.
Doctor of Audiology students look forward to day-to-day interactions with a leader in the field who is also the author of books and articles theya€™ve read. We purposefully limit the information on this page, but it isn't difficult to detect malingering. The narrative is enlivened with a handful of photographs of AuD students from some of the universities. Someone who claims to be deaf on audiometry, but has normal OAE tests, is likely to be pretending.
And, I very much enjoy my time with students, both in the classroom and in casual after class discussions.

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