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Unless otherwise indicated, all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with Frodoe LLC. If a structure that is innervated by (or being monitored by) the sympathetic system becomes injured, then it is the job of the sympathetic system to react to that injury.
Diagnosis can be difficult, especially if the treating physician is not familiar with the disorder.
Medications, physical therapy and sympathetic blocks (nerve blocks directed toward the sympathetic system) are all used to restore physiology to normal and relieve symptoms. Traditional and pioneering assessments using leading-edge technology help uncover diagnoses faster. Infrared Light Therapy, to treat the entire body for neuropathy, brain stimulation, arthritis, sinusitis, back pain, fibromyalgia, Tinnitus, diabetic foot, Bell's Palsy and more. In 2010 the results of a randomised, controlled, rater blind clinical trial was published that concluded neurofeedback was an effective treatment for pain, psychological symptoms and impaired quality of life associated with fibromyalgia.
This explanation allows to understand why Neurofeedback may be effective in helping in fibromyalgia.

To find out more about how Neurofeedback may help you with your fibromyalgia, please call us today on 0207 978 0186. The main treatment options for fibromyalgia are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and medication, such as antidepressants (SSRI’s) often used for treating depression, anxiety disorders, and some personality disorders. Call us today on 0207 978 0186 to discuss how we can assess if your fibromyalgia symptoms respond to neurofeedback as the research has shown they can. The answer lies within the sympathetic nervous system (a portion of the autonomic nervous system) that monitors and regulates various activities that occur independently from the rest of the nervous system. In the case of Barre-Leiou, the Posterior Cervical Sympathetic Chain forgets to stop monitoring the injury site; like a car engine that diesels, it forgets to shut down. People with persistent head and neck pain, such as after a motor vehicle accident, or with persistent migraine associated with blurred vision, numbness or tinnitus, should consider Barre-Lieou when looking for help.
These could include antidepressants, painkillers, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, anticonvulsants and antipsychotics. It improves the regulation of the central nervous system which makes Neurofeedback a natural opportunity to reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia with no side effects.

For some these options bring relief, for others there is minimal or no improvement in symptoms at all. Examples include pupil accommodation to light, equilibrium within the inner ear, and respiration. Treatment should be directed toward restoring normal sympathetic nerve function, enhancing blood flow, and reducing total load (the total number of things that do not allow the system to heal).
The exact cause of fibromyalgia is not understood, but one of the most likely causes is thought to be a problem with the way pain messages are carried and received in your body by the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves), which may explain the constant feelings of pain and sensitivity to pain.
More traditional studies include MRI (to rule out structural problems in the head and neck) and electrodiagnostic studies (to check for nerve damage). The nervous system might create the experience of pain when there is no offending stimulus or it might amplify and extend the pain response to a minor stimulus.

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