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Commonly called ?hay fever?, pollen allergies are among the most common chronic conditions. Several of us are working in an upcoming structures for a spiritual organisation voluntarily. Since June 2015 sneezing begins and its coming and going after an alternate week ; corner of eyes irritates and nose itches insideā€¦ Hand towel gets wet completely while clearing nose. I m suffering from cold allergy problems regular from past 8 months & yet not get relieve even after using allopathic medicines. I have been suffering from continous sneezing more than 10-15 times in a day since 6 years during winter season usually early morning and late night.please help me by suggesting homeopathic medicine .
I m always suffering from sneezing in morning more than 10 times n m suffering from tonsilitis too.
My son 5+ years is having dust allergy please suggest us the best homeopathy doctore in bangalore. Sir, my wife is suffering from food allergy detected one year past, Dr told she has allergy from wheat, potato, yiest, Rajmah and some other products, that time she was suffering from frequently breathing attacks but now she is stable, she is taking anti allergy medicine bi-weekly below tongue since past 10 months but looks like no improvement and also other lot of medicines, Her age is about 30 years, is there any provision of her treatment in homeopathy. Sir, I am 30 yr, I am suffering from persistent allergic rhinitis since 18 year ,relief in coll ,ac place and sleeping ,allergy agrevate in humide and hot place ,allergy repeat every 2 or 3 days, heavy nose itchinging ,lagatar chinkeaati he ,after allergy my body feal energy less and body pain.already used homeopathy,aurvedhy ,allopathy nasal spray-azeflo ,tab-odimont LC . I am facing the similar symptoms of allergic rhinitis, but i am tired of using Cetrizine and sometimes it does not work.
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Our products are completely safe for all age groups, and even pregnant women can take them. Chronic sinusitis is a condition in which the sinuses inside our skull become inflamed for months and years together. Yellow greenish discharges may also be present from the nose and also from the back of the throat. Symptoms of Chronic sinusitis resemble those of acute sinusitis, but usually last much longer and cause more fatigue.
As homeopathy is a symptom based system of medicine, the prescription is based upon the symptoms presented by the patient. At times the treatment of underlying allergy may also require a totally different set of medicines. Sir i am sunil achharya i am 31 years old now.I am having allergy from dust since childhood and it is turning towards asthma now. My son, aged 25 years, has been suffering from chronic sinusitis as per the report of ALLOPATHIC DOCTORS for last 5 to 6 years.

I am suffering fungal sinusitis in the nasal maxillary and had an operation that removed the fungal (ash and black discharge) but it recurred again.
I am suffering from cronic sinusitis from 12years green discharge from nose and feel allergy every time take many of madicine but not cure please tell me perfect and accuring homeopathy medicine for this please i really thankfull to you.
I really fedup of this its 13 months now really dont know what to do… little exercise feels me better some times, but most time the dizziness is real problem which i notice when i have some fruits like watermelon.
I have chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps, I usually take a homeopathic remedy to treat the sinusitis. I (Sita Verma age 30 Years) have suffering from Sinus last 10 years Always I has some problem in taking breath, severe pain in head nose and forehead and having pain in the face and pressure in the areas of forehead, cheeks, and nose and behind the eyes, discharge of a thick yellow discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat, obstructed and difficult breathing through the nose, diminished sense of smell or taste, frequent Headache (especially in morning), Teeth pain, Fatigue, Cough, and Sore throat. Starts with a heavy head for 2 days, with runny blocked nose, sore throat by day 3-4, when I usually have to start antibiotics. Sir Ian suffering Sinus last 6 years Always I has some problem in taking breath, head ache, severe joint(Knee) pain, cough, lazy ness, My nose get blocked and white liquid discharge all times and Ian suffering chronic Allergy,, polyp in Right nose, nose is choked most of times but during sleep it is more.So please suggest me best Homeopath treatment natural remedies, and abstain. I have sarcoidosis and a sinus infection, pseudomonas, enabled by the sarcoid’s negative influence on my immune system. My wife have the problem of sinuses in left side of Nose and we did 3-4 operation for it but the operation are in vain.
Pushing the envelope is one way that Hollywood and the video game intudsry like to attract attention. When you’re troubled by tinnitus or other minor ear irritations, Tinnitus Relief is the safe solution to quickly restore quiet comfort.
If so, you may be suffering from allergic rhinitis and also you are among the estimated 25 per cent of the Indians affected by one or the other form of allergies.
The perennial type occurs all throughout the year and is not affected by the time of the year.
Just as the country?s defence forces are trained to identify the enemy and attack it, our immune system identifies the body?s enemies like bacteria, viruses, etc and eliminates them. Many such allergies can be treated permanently, though it may take one or two seasons before it is completely wiped out. When i asked that dr for permanent solution he said only precaution is permanent solution but its not possible for me as i do job. My tonsils are enlarged in size n white pus occured in my tonsil whenever i get little cold n cough. Most of the mornings I wake up normal and within half an hour sneezing and runny nose activates. In the months of March and July (specially in rainy time), I feel problem in taking breath.
If someone touches her hand at any particular area and leave it, then within few seconds that area of the hand start itching and swells up like a mosquito bite. And every 1 or 2 months he will be suffering by severe cold n cough that he can’t breath while sleeping. In most cases, this kind of chronic inflammation in the sinuses is caused by underlying allergic reactions to pollen, pet dander, and dust mites, smoke etc.
Other reasons that trigger inflammation in the sinuses are infections like flu, common colds etc.
The main symptoms of chronic sinusitis are pain in the face and pressure in the areas of forehead, temples, cheeks, and nose and behind the eyes, discharge of a thick yellow or greenish discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat, obstructed and difficult breathing through the nose, diminished sense of smell or taste, frequent Headache (especially in morning), Teeth pain, Fatigue, Cough, and Sore throat. Prescription based on the detailed study of the patient’s physical and mental makeup (which is also called as constitutional prescribing) is at times required to cure the allergy from the base. I am a computer professional and used to sit around 8-9 hours daily in front of computer screen. Two times surgery have been done because of nasal polyp and now polyp again increasing day by day. I am five months pregnant now and am wondering if there is a safe homeopathic remedy to take while I’m pregnant.
The condition is such that when i stand outside during nidht for 2o minutest i start sneezing and from next morning cough and cold starts.
By day 5 of antibiotics, I still have a cough and chest congestion, which take another few days to go. I also have several other autoimmune problems, but the sinus infection and accompanying inflammation is most concerning to me.

Always she has some problem in taking breath, head ache, body pain, severe joint pain, cough, lazy ness, some times fever, lack of digestive power.
My nose get blocked and greenish liquid discharge and I get headache and feever when it becomes more. Almost 2 month passed that we did the operation from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad Pakistan. But earlier it persists for some weeks but from last 4 months it becomes severe and I have severe pain on nose and upper jaw on the right side. The country?s forces never attack our civilians; similarly, our immune system ignores useful substances like food and drugs and useless or harmless substances like pollengrains, dust and animal dander.
Allium Cepa leads the homoeopathic table in treating this acute phase of allergic rhinitis. Every alternate day I am compelled to take Cetzine to control the effects of sneezing, runny nose etc which gives tremendous drowziness for hours.
Patients suffering from chronic Sinusitis complain of difficulty in breathing from nose, headaches, pain and tenderness in the face. Homeopathic treatment of chronic sinusitis is very effective and has a strong edge over the conventional treatments. But i am facing lack of concentration and feel extreme dizziness whole day but it is very severe during morning to afternoon. Thrice times surgery have been done because of nasal polyp and now polyp again increasing day by day. Now though i am feeling better than my childhood days, still suffering with frequent throat infection, continuos sneezing, nasal bloackage or congestion, heaviness of head, feeling the fluid accumulation in frontal area and while sweating, getting severe head ache, followed by vomitting, tiredness, loss of appettite, nasal congestion. However, if the immune system goes awry and reacts to such useful or harmless substances, then the person is said to have developed an allergy.
This is because homeopathic medicines along with the treatment of sinusitis cure the underlying allergies too. The main homeopathic medicines used for treating chronic sinusitis are Hydrastis, kali bichrome, Silicea and Merc Sol.
Actually I m suffering runny nose, mucus cough and also feeling tired and weakness after doing outdoor work. The most violent games are also some of the most straightforward (save for horror puzzle games, but horror games tend to be violent regardless of whether or not they sell well), which also explains why they sell so well. Such substances, called allergens, may be inhaled, swallowed or may come into contact with the skin.
You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor.
Actually I m suffering runny nose, congested chest, mucus cough and also feeling tired and weakness after doing outdoor work. Some times she gets relief in joint pain but next two days she again is suffering from joint pain and other pains like breathing problem , head ache, body pain. They also require much less of a commitment than games with in-depth stories and puzzles (which also sell well, including Skyrim, the GTA series, L.A. It is also very effective in treating morning attacks of sneezing that come during the months of autumn.
Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your condition. Skin problen arising due to fungal infection which appears to be side effect of steroids as it aggravates when I start any steroid.
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If symptoms match, one dose of Allium Cepa 30c daily can be used to treat the condition, which occurs during this period of the year.
It is usually when this opening gets blocked by swelling in the nose due to common cold or allergies that the symptoms of sinusitis develop. Hot flushes always with it and sweating , affecting my vision this time worse on left side of nose and eye.

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