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When eardrum perforations do not heal, they can cause repeated ear infections and hearing loss. Hearing loss or deafness may be due to a variety of causes but most often it is seen in the elderly as the hair cells with the cochlea of the inner ear degenerate.
There is now an effective way of treating Eustachian tube dysfunction using a balloon to dilate the tube. The ear canal is narrow and curved and can easily become blocked with ear wax, dead skin and sometimes an infection. Everyone makes ear wax and this is normal and healthy, although some people make more than others.
Hearing specialists for all hearing tests and assessments, hearing aid fittings and repairs.
Please contact us for an appointment on 0800 522 422 or use our online booking system to start on your path to better hearing solution today. Our qualified Ear Nurse offers a unique EAR WAX REMOVAL SERVICE using a microscope and low pressure suction technology to remove wax build-up from the ear canal. The ability to hear sounds, perceive and understand speech and appreciate music depends on various functions of the outer, middle and inner ear, the brainstem and the brain.
It may cause a sense of ear blockage, hearing loss and sometimes irritation of the ear canals. Outer ear infections or otitis externa may occur following beach holidays or with the use of cotton buds. This is especially so in this day and age when people fly often and also take up hobbies such as scuba diving.

This is a simple procedure with few side effects but has to be performed under general anaesthesia. The inner ear is a complex balance organ that detects the position of one's head and any movements. Deafness due to the blockage will be corrected and will allow us to examine your eardrum in detail.
Our Audiologists are registered for all government subsidy work, including ACC, War Pensions and Accessable.
Tinnitus is often experienced "somewhere within the head" but may sometimes be heard in only one ear. Tiny hairs lining the ear canal remove the ear wax very slowly so that when you clean your ears you are removing wax that has moved far from where it started.
Also, when the ear canal is full of debris repeated courses of antibiotics are unlikely to clear an infection. There are various conditions that may affect the ear and cause hearing loss and balance problems. People who have ear canals blocked with debris, infection or ear wax should have a suction clearance.

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