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Listening Earth - Nature sounds for tinnitus relief, ringing in the ears, white noise background. They may especially be appropriate for those managing the symptoms of tinnitus, as they feature 'white noise' soundscapes.
It is worth noting that as these recordings are from nature, and hence have an organic flow to them, as sounds ebb and flow, rise and fall. Atmospheres - Distant OceanSoftened by distance, surf is heard from afar, rolling in on a sandy beach.

Atmospheres - Evening BreezesEvening falls, and a steady breeze moves through a pine woodland.
Naturesimilar videosThose Relaxing Sounds of Waves, Tropical Beaches with Ocean Sounds, 1080p HD Video4 Hours Ocean Waves Sea Waves Stunning Sound - Paradise At Last!
Professional audiologists recommend such broad-frequency sounds to mask the disturbing symptoms of tinnitus, particularly at night. Hence they are likely to create a more natural - and we hope more beneficial - experience than mechanical 'white noise' generators.

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