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James Hearing Limited is a team of exceptionally trained and fully qualified Hearing Specialists. Specialties: Works autonomously to diagnose and treat all ear conditions from simple ear wax to post-operative care of major ear surgery patients. Bernadette also works as a lecture practitioner teaching nurses in primary care how to examine and diagnose simple ear problems and is an advocate for aural care nursing nationally as a forum committee member for the Royal College of Nursing ENT forum. Background: Jessica has had intensive customer service training with previous experience in childrena€™s services. During the course of her research, Johanna has used a wide range of techniques to investigate her research questions.
He is currently Clinical Lead and Head of Audiology at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and a dispenser of private hearing aids in Oxford and Oxfordshire. Extensive medico-legal audiometry, vestibular system assessment and noise protection work performed.
Periodically, Amjad returns to the Middle East to contribute to the development of Audiological services.

Having worked and gained a great deal of experience within ENT at the John Radcliffe, Oxford.
She is currently working as a senior audiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
She is developing a questionnaire to assess listening difficulties in children suspected of auditory processing disorder.
For her PhD at the Bionic Ear Institute, she investigated speech development in Cantonese-speaking children using a cochlear implant. These have included play audiometry to look at lexical tone perception in young children, psychometric tools to probe cognitive skills, psychophysics, electrophysiology, and functional magnetic resonance imaging. Amjad left the NHS in early 2014 to take an exciting opportunity in the Middle East as a lead clinician across sites in Abu Dhabi (Al Ain) and Qatar (Doha). These groups were either typically-developing or had various language, listening or literacy difficulties. Questions underlying all Johanna's research interests are: What is the relationship between perception and higher cognitive skills?

Lee has a great wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with specialist products for example, custom made electronic and passive hearing protection for industry, shooting and motorsport. How do these skills interact with each other to determine language, listening, or literacy outcomes? Lee also deals with our musicians hearing services which include custom made ER filtered plugs and in-ear monitors. These interests form the basis of Johanna's involvement in NIHR Nottingham Hearing BRU where she is investigating the impact of mild to moderate hearing loss on auditory and cognitive development.

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