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Our all−metallized premium line of film is available in varying degrees of thickness and shading to meet the needs of every customer. You know those Pittsburgh Steelers bumblebee throwbacks that look like a cross between 1920s prison uniforms and the kid in the costume from Blind Melon’s No Rain video? Remember last week when the very-few intensely color blind population were upset that the bright green Jets uniforms and bright red Bill uniforms were impossible to distinguish between? Also, you know how the NFL and Nike apparently didn’t fully think through those Jets-Bills uniforms, not just for the color blind thing but also because it looked like Christmas threw up on an NFL field?
Yasiel Puig is always a threat to make an impact on the base path, but he actually has to run for that to happen. This technology combines multiple, micro−thin layers of film to create a more impenetrable window film that bonds to the inside of your windows.

The unis that are pretty much universally regarded as the worst unis ever worn in modern NFL history?
If these were worn 25 years ago, back when people had to adjust the settings on their television, the whole country would have been messing with the tint, contrast and color.
Well, after about a half-quarter of play, the mid-70s temperatures and swamp-like humidity led the mustard-on-mustard uniforms to show every bead of sweat emanating from the bodies of Jacksonville players. He likes tennis and Bob Dylan more than you do, unless you're a huge tennis or Dylan fan -- then he probably likes them about the same. Well, the uniforms being worn by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night made those things look like a tailored Armani suit.
Mustard is a noun or adjective that should only be used to describe a delicious condiment or Dwight Schrute’s shirts, not anything relating to football.

I rocked it out.) Marcus Mariota looks like an a North Carolina football player who got confused whilst dressing, which for the past 10-20 years could have been about 80% of them. The darker shades decrease the amount of visible light transmission but they provide greater solar energy, fade, and glare reduction benefits.

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