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I met up with Tinashe at the Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square while she was in town prepping for her performance at the Knicks game, and working on her debut album, slated for 2014. It was called Cora Unashamed and I died, it was so dramatic, like Academy Award death scene in my first movie. I was about 18 when we disbanded and I knew Mike Nazzaro, who's now my manager, we had worked together at Universal Republic. I was like the first project that he was going to manage and I like people who can commit and you know, really have a really vested interest or passion behind my project and my work.
I had already been telling my fans that I had a project, or that I was going to come out with my album this year. What was the song that made you decide you wanted to throw together a mixtape in a month all on your own? Actually I write a lot of it in my car, that's just a very inspiring place to listen to music. I produced a couple of the tracks but it was produced by a variety of people: Boi-1da, Legacy, Dev Hynes, Ryan Hemsworth.
YouTube tutorials helped me figure out the structure because production is really complicated structurally with the different layers of like drum passages. Can We Stop, for a Minute, and Talk About the Britney Spears Live Medley at Last Night’s Billboard Music Awards? Aside from her musical prowess and acting chops (Two and a Half Men, Polar Express), the part Zimbabwean songstress also has a fun sense of style that we love to gawk over whenever she’s spotted.
Whether it be a candid Instagram shot or magazine spread, Tinashe is never afraid to show off in sexy designer gear.
To complicate matters, the 23-year-old singer has not only revealed that she feels the album is done, she embarked on and completed an American tour in support of the project – which, of course, is still not out. Chris Brown has hit back at Tinashe following her comments about about his conduct towards her and Kehlani. Now, after his label-mate voiced her view on the matter (in a rather politically correct manner), Brown wasted no time clapping back. On Her Debut Aquarius: This year has been a crazy year for me and my life has totally changed. On Making It In Music: There are small moments, but I always have really high expectations so I continue to push for the next level. Tinashe stopped by The Breakfast Club and Ebro In The Morning to promote her debut album Aquarius.
Breaking TWENTY SIXTEEN SALE TWENTY FOUR SEVYN BE YOU CAPSULE RELEASE IT'S ALL ABOUT DON BENJAMIN BABY! Tinashe has one of those names like Beyonce where you aren’t exactly sure how to pronounce it at first but before you know it, you’re saying it just as much as your own name. We got the opportunity to shoot the triple threat and asked her a few quick fire questions to get to know the real Tinashe.
BYC: So once you’re back from Australia and London and everywhere else what are you going to do your first day back at home?
BYC: To the untrained eye, you’re a new artist but what people don’t realize is you’ve been in entertainment since you were a child, what was your first official job?

BYC: Would you be able to pin point the exact moment you felt you started living your dream? Tinashe: Hmmm… I never felt I was fully living my dream until I released my first single and started hearing it on the radio.
BYC: Tinashe is said to mean “God is with us” what does your whole entire name (Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe) mean?
Exceedingly eclectic, unpretentious, and refreshingly talented, Dacoury Natche is all of the above.
Tinashe’s debut album Aquarius is in stores now and today the beautiful singer hit up The Breakfast Club and Ebro In The Morning to promote her new project. She probably won't make your year-end lists, and you may have just been introduced to her from her latest single with Travi$ Scott. When I was really young I got into acting and that was sort of just my way of appeasing the entertainer in me until I was old enough to pursue music full-time. I wasn't really a Justin Bieber fan because I think I was already a little too old by then, I was like 16, I think. He ran Top 40 department at Universal Republic and when I like disbanded we had been like cool, we were friend. Around October of this year I was realizing that it wasn't going to come out this year. For me, the main point at the end of the day is to get quality music so while I’m working on my debut album if someone comes to me with a song for example, or some ideas that are just awesome. Ryan remixed one of my songs from my first mixtape and that was how we had established a relationship. With Wondagurl and Crystal Caines, who both got huge placements this year, there's more women breaking into the production world, which is amazing. Muddying the waters even more is the fact that the LP has thus far spawned several songs including ‘Player (ft.
Breezy was pummelled by the press after claiming Kehlani’s suicide attempt was a publicity play. In the spread, the 21-year-old beauty, who released her debut album, Aquarius, this year, rocks a body-hugging black dress in one photo and a sports bra in another. I think one of the best moments this year was when I turned on my local radio station and I heard my song and then I turned it to the next local station I listen to and I heard my song. The girl can sing, the girl can dance, the girl can write and at the risk of shamelessly stating the obvious, she’s about as attractive as attractive gets.
I am constantly on the move performing shows and meeting new people… I can’t go places I used to go all the time without getting recognized… fans wait outside of my hotel for pictures… it is really incredible.
Jorgensen is a Danish, Norwegian name meaning “Son of Jorgen” which is my mother’s mother’s maiden name.
In addition to tempting, talented and too on, after this interview we feel compelled to add witty, mature and refreshingly articulate to Tinashe’s resume. So in October, once she realized her debut album on Sony RCA wasn't going to be ready this year, she locked herself in her home studio and created the 13-track EP, Black Water. When I was 15 I really backed away from the acting thing because I wanted people to take me seriously as a music artist.

I definitely got a lot of experience in working in major recording studios, and the recording process, and just touring—because we went on tour with Justin Bieber. He really jumped at the opportunity when I told him I was starting a solo career, he wanted to become a manager and take it to the next step. At the time, I had sort of established a small fan base from The Stunners so I wanted to give them a taste of kind of more of who I was as an artist, because the music was different than The Stunners' music. Around the time The Stunners disbanded, I just had some money and I spent it all on putting together a really nice studio at my house, just so I had the ability to record whenever I wanted. Trust as an artist is a big thing, because you need your fans to trust you and I didn't really want to go back on my word and like not put out anything. I just love songs that sound like a little crazy, I think it creates an interesting juxtaposition between my voice because it is so bright, and soft, and like pretty, and sweet that I don't want my music to come across sweet or nice.
I just want to do another thing to appease people over the rest of this year because I'm not planning on putting out the single till the top of the year. It didn't happen right away, but they just all sort of just came to fruition however they did. This lady has given us no dude drama, rumors or bullshit and even aced our rapid fire questions.
You know a lot of other concerts people may skip the opening act—every time we performed the stadiums were packed, which was such an amazing experience because there are just so many people there and the energy is incredible. I do like the opposite, so I think of something that's dark and heavy and then I put like sweet and light on top.
Sometimes really easily, and then sometimes I'll have a melody for a week before I come up with any lyrics so it just kind of depends. A lot of times when you first start working with somebody, you can cut a song that they're into just because you need to get the vibe right. All of the love in the world to her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to shoot with us and lend us a preview inside your hard working mind. The whole girl group experience was a really great learning experience, and then I went solo almost three years ago. That's why I took it upon myself to create two projects in 2012 and I just made them in my home recording studio. That was how I was able to do that because I woke up in the morning, recorded, and would record all day, work on it all day for a month. I've taught myself to use a camera, use Final Cut, cut things up andmake my own videos and put them online.
So I'll cut a couple of the more pop songs and then we started to make some, just darker, club sounds. It taught me about professionalism at a really early age and how to conduct myself in the entertainment industry and those types of environments.

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