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Over the years, developers have released numerous crossovers to varying degrees of success – Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter vs. In this feature, I'll take a look at various franchises I would like to see cross paths, which genre said crossover would be, and the likelihood of it ever happening based on the developer's previous collaborations.
Unfortunately, such a crossover is very far-fetched since Disney owns Marvel, and rival Warner Brothers owns the rights to DC-based videogames.
Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea series has developed a cult following since its initial inception on the PlayStation 2, while Fire Emblem has been around since the 8-bit era. It’s quite likely as in recent times NIS has had titles such as Disgaea on DS, and Phantom Brave on Wii. A fighting game mix up is perfect for both sides, as it gives their respective characters a chance to face-off one-on-one or two-on-two and see whose side is more balanced. Moreover, Capcom and NetherRealm Studios haven’t collaborated in the past, so it would be a first.
However, NIS America remains mostly PlayStation exclusive, preferring to publish Gust, and Idea Factory titles developed for Sony platforms, over developing its own. In addition, they created the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series - so a platform game crossover is entirely possible. On the other hand, Lara Croft runs around jungles murdering animals and numerous islanders in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. It would be an interesting mix of the most recognisable faces in gaming, though, and when hasn’t mixing stealth and action worked? DAMN I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTERHistory:So I bought my used (new to me 2007 Sentra) after my car was stolen.
2007 Spec V (Traded)"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. The reason behind this is that unlike audio mods which for the most part I can do almost in my sleep. You may be forgiven for thinking Transformers would win hands-down due to the sheer size of someone like Metroplex.

With all their special abilities at their disposal, who knows which side would come out on top?
Considering the trouble at the beginning for finding mods I hope that this thread will help those of us who do not have Spec V's or B15's.
Mortal Kombat would be a blast with either Street Fighter 4's or Mortal Kombat 9’s visual style.
However, My Little Pony has Cerberus – you know, that same beast you fought on Devil May Cry 3, numerous dragons, and Rarity - the dragon slayer. You would fight through animals, aliens, and islanders using the best aspects of both characters, swapping between Lara and Duke at the push of a button. After the meet I fell asleep thinking about blowers and custom tubing, so that engine mod might happen sooner than later. It was low to the ground and if you didn't know, the suspension on those cars are actually pretty good and they are light.
He'll probably end up with a new name after my modifications, but for right now he's Chris. Type of Modifications:My modifications for all of my cars have usually been slight of hand modifications. The goal here is to maintain the look, but add power, slight mods to the suspension, wheels, vision, and review the sound system. Since I'm likely going to change wheels and adjust the drop to the car these should save a lot more money in the long run.
Experience doing Modifications:My modification experience usually stopped at custom radio modifications, but I know enough about cars to know what things are. However, Chris will be a learning experience for me considering I'm adding more than I have previously. So I figure as you follow me through my trials and tribulations we'll all (ok the people like me) learn together. Maybe later when I buy another, but for right now this car needs to be economical so that means some heavy schooling to get the power I want but maintain something that doesn't drink fuel like a Viper.

I'm going to go over what parts I buy, where I got them from, and how it went installing them. For whatever reason finding performance parts for this model unlike Spec V's, is a royal PITA. After having Edna i got used to her baggage i.e she had more after-market parts than Johnny 5. Anyway I'm planning to go over where I get stuff from because the research even now on a 2.0S B16 seems a lot harder than it should be, which means this thread should be helpful for those individuals like me.
I went to Best Buy picked up Erykah Badu, Rhianna, Daft Punk (to replace the one that was stolen along with Edna), Taylor Swift, and Janelle Monae.
For Chris I was staring at the Aux in but I don't want wires in view to clearly show I've got an MP3 player in the car. I removed the cover over the stick shift-- it pops out, the AC controls, it pops out too and the bracket supporting the stereo. There is one port, which probably goes for the XM controller that I left unplugged because I didn't have that.
I cut the mat in the armrest first to match the width of the plug then used that as a template to cut the bottom of the arm rest assembly. Sometimes it locked the iPod during initial fiddling and setup was kind of odd with the presets. However, considering I've got more storage than Edna had, and I still have the steering wheel controls intact and display of what's playing I really am satisfied.

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