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This level 1 course teaches a full-body, 90-minute Thai massage flow, in addition to introducing all basic technique required for more advanced study.
As soon as the acute pain dies down, it’s going to be important to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles so that this problem never comes back. As a practicum student with Andrea, I have learned an immense amount about working with teens in a Transitions Plus Program. Sing the song through a few times with the group so everyone is familiar with the melody (found here). Academic Skills Autism Autism Spectrum Disorder Books Children ECSE Favorites Following directions Friday Favorites Inclusion Inclusion classrooms Language Minneapolis Minnesota music Music Therapy Music Therapy Groups Preschool Regulation Resources Rhyming School Age School Resources Self-regulation Sequencing Singable Books Song adapting Special Education Resources St. If you don’t own this book, I would recommend going and buying it immediately for your arsenal of singable books!!
This book addresses a number of goals like expressive communication, academic skills, focused play, sequencing, and joint attention. If you happen to have a tambourine, saxophone, electric guitar, snare drum, and upright bass, you could put the whole band together while you read the book! With each new month comes a new theme in our ECSE classrooms, and December’s just so happens to be one of my favorite things-food! 1) We’re Making Soup Today -This post recommends using visuals of different vegetables, but this activity also works wonderfully with scarves. 2) Today is Monday -This is a book that I’m sure many music therapists know and love, and is perfect for working on sequencing and short term memory recall. 3) I Had Some Apple Seeds-We like to do this song in our classrooms with a visual of a tree and various different fruits that kids can identify and place onto the tree.
4) Popcorn -This one is such a classic and I don’t think kids get so excited about any other activity that we bring for them.
5) I Went Walking Through the Store -Although this post describes this song in the context of a community helper theme, it can also be used with food.
It’s Halloween Eve, and we have had so much fun doing all kinds of Halloween songs and activities in the past couple of weeks in preparation! Clients of all ages love this song, and it can be accompanied by both instruments and visuals. Though we try to avoid it, sometimes recorded music can be a really beautiful and helpful tool.

Mondays have a bad reputation for being the worst day of the week, but what better than a fun music and movement game to make it a little bit brighter? First begin a simple body percussion beat that the group can continue to do throughout this chant, for example stomp clap stomp stomp clap and adapt the tempo to the needs of the group. Many different dance moves can be replaced for boogaloo; my favorites are sizzle like bacon, pop like popcorn, scuba dive, sprinkler. 5) There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog- This book was by far the most popular this spring. We used pictures of 5 colored monkeys (gotta hit those academic goals!) and set them in the middle of the stretchy band circle. Each time you sing through the verses, either bounce the stretchy band up and down, or think of a new way to move it each time to keep the students engaged.
Upon returning to his native Quebec, Shai was delighted to find that Kam Thye Chow, one of the original North American teachers, lived less than two blocks from his home in Montreal. This includes rest (take a little break from upper-body work), ice (20 minutes 3-4 times daily), and some sort of anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen is my go-to; always take it according to the recommendations on the label). With the appropriate exercises you can create enough space in your shoulder and generate enough strength in your rotator cuff for your body to heal stronger and with less pain. One intervention I was a bit nervous about but ended up going over extremely well was a song writing activity I did to the song “I Love the Mountains”.
If they need a little extra help thinking of things, putting up visuals of options is very effective. Like it says on the blog, this activity is perfect for teens- a hard age group to engage and entertain!
All of the books are easily sung with classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Row Row Row Your Boat. It’s fun for kids to tap, rub, and blow on the tree to help it grow buds, stay warm in the winter, and drop apples to the ground. Who doesn’t like an old lady that swallows frogs, gloves, and a rake before burping up a garden! If you have 5 or less students, they can each choose a monkey after each verse, otherwise you can have the honor! From that point on, Shai worked hand-in-hand with Kam Thye, learning the practice, teaching, acting as manager of Lotus Palm, and eventually developing curriculum and helping to write many of the books currently in use, including the Teacher Training program and advanced training courses.Over the past twelve years Shai has taught at some of the largest yoga centers in the world including the Kripalu Center and Omega Institute.

Some gentle stretching would also be indicated in your case; see numbers 1-3 on the printable exercise program below. Begin with handing out egg shakers for the clients to play along with throughout the intervention, and putting the words to the song up on the board in case anyone is unfamiliar with it. At each “stop” that Dan the Taxi Man makes, he picks up a different member of a rock band! The ranking of these books is based off the level of love from our ECSE classrooms this spring! Click on the title of each song for a link to purchase the book.
The mom gives them a direction, such as the birds singing, the beavers building, or the owls winking, and the kids follow that direction as well.
It’s also great for answering questions about the different animals that find the ladybugs on each page. Other times, we use an adapted melody from 5 Little Ducks with pauses for the instrument solos.
He brings a passionate and patient approach to his teaching, confident that anyone can excel at giving Thai Yoga Massage. In addition to those things mentioned above, we’re going to start with some of the resisted exercises listed below. I use the melody for Little Goblins 10, but it also works with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It’s a fun twist on 5 Little Monkeys, and the stretchy band is a great way to keep the kids working together and following directions! When he picks up each musicians, you also get to try to mimic the sounds of the instrument with your voices.
It’s very important that these  resisted exercises are pain-free, otherwise you could just be doing more damage than good. Most of my patients will report significant relief from these within the first week after we start doing them. I personally have found them so helpful that #5 and #7 (or #8) are my warm-up exercises for every day that I work my upper body.

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