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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. The 1932 L-00 True Vintage, with its narrow waist and shoulders produces a focused, resonant, remarkably full sound with a rich low end. The rosewood fingerboard of the True Vintage features traditional binding over fret ends and genuine mother of pearl classic dot inlays. The Phantom of the Opera (French: Le Fantome de l'Opera) is a novel by the French author Gaston Leroux.
The Phantom of the title is an extremely talented but hideously ugly man who hides his ugliness beneath a mask and calls himself Erik. The novel deals primarily with Erik's relationship with Christine Daae, a beautiful and talented young opera singer with whom the Phantom falls in love. The Phantom of the Opera opens with an introduction that says that the ghostly goings at the Paris Opera House in the 1880s are well known but that the Phantom responsible for them was not a ghost but a flesh and blood person. For many years the Phantom has been extorting money from the Opera House management and demanding that box number five be left free for him at all times, he threatens severe consequences if his demands are not met.
When Christine learns that Raoul and the Persian have been taken prisoner by the Phantom, she agrees to marry him on the condition that he frees them. Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera has been adapted numerous times for the stage, film, radio and television. In 1925 Universal Pictures released a silent movie version of The Phantom of the Opera, directed by Rupert Julian and starring Lon Chaney as Erik. Hammer Film Productions, the British film company famous for its horror movies made between the 1950s and 1970s, including several based around the characters of Count Dracula and Victor Frankenstein and three different movie versions of Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Brian De Palma's 1974 movie Phantom of the Paradise is a loose adaptation of the novel, updated to the world of 1970s pop music, which also references Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Robert Englund stars as the Phantom in a 1989 movie version of The Phantom of the Opera directed by Dwight H.
The 1986 musical, with music by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and book by Lloyd-Webber, Charlie Hart and Richard Stilgoe, is the most successful stage adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. Item# SBA rare and unusual folding wooden box made exclusively by Puffer Hubbard Manufacturing Company.
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Crafted from solid mahogany and a thermally cured Adirondack red spruce top to best recreate the vintage tone and performance. The guitar sports the tapered dovetail neck joint design which is one of the oldest methods of joining the neck to the body of the guitar. It was first published in book form in 1910, having originally been published as a serial in the newspaper Le Gaulois between September 23, 1909 and January 8, 1910.

Erik lives beneath the Paris Opera House and is able to move freely around the building because he is believed by most people who work in the theater to be a ghost that haunts it.
Two new managers have recently taken control of the Opera House and refuse to give in to the demands of a ghost.
His initial plan is to keep the young woman with him for a few weeks, in the hope that she will fall in love with him during that time. He explains that he was a police inspector in his own country and that Erik is an old adversary of his. Three weeks later a Parisian newspaper carries an announcement that simply reads, "Erik is dead". Other authors have written novels that serve as prequels or sequels to Leroux's story and provide a more detailed backstory for some of its characters. Singer and composer Winslow Leech is cheated and framed for drug dealing by record producer Swan. It has been performed in one hundred and forty-nine cities in twenty-five countries, is the longest running Broadway production in history and the second longest running production in the history of London's West End. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. Aztec and other calaveras or skeletons can also be Day of the Dead poems written to make fun of the living. Jack Eidt argues the only way to do this is to reform our regulatory agencies recently captured by industry, in particular the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
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We will not dispatch any orders made outside of the EEA and they will ultimately be cancelled. Special Next Day Delivery is also available upon checkout (Ordered before 4pm, Special Delivery items will be delivered the next WORKING DAY before 1pm).
Interlink are a popular service with many advantages, one of them being their handy 'one hour time slot' notification which sends the customer an SMS specifying the hour in which their parcel can be expected. Finished with an original vintage sunburst pattern and a hand-printed antiqued silk-screen Gibson script logo.Enhanced upgrades include the thermally aged top that allows Gibson to replicate the aging process on the cellular level for that legedary Gibson Acoustic vintage sound and appearance, and a finer grit sandpaper and polishing compounds have been used for the high gloss finish. The J-45 True Vintage is hand made in Bozeman, Montana using the same materials, design, and tone of the original model produced in 1942. The process done entirely by hand allows the body and neck to become one solid piece of resonating wood without metal to interfere with vibration.
Erik does not appear to know the difference between right and wrong and is prepared to use extortion, intimidation and murder to get what he wants. Christine, the daughter of a talented violinist, is born in Sweden but moves to rural France when she is six. When Christine asks the voice if it is the Angel of Music, it tells Christine that it is and offers to teach her some heavenly music.
As a result, La Carlotta the prima donna appears to croak like a toad during a performance (the sound is really coming from Erik who considers himself to be the greatest ventriloquist in the world) before a chandelier comes crashing down into the audience. Christine finds herself becoming attracted to the Phantom but everything changes when she takes off his mask and sees that he has a face like a rotting corpse. Raoul and the Persian set off to rescue Christine from Erik's underground lair but are captured and imprisoned in a torture chamber.
Some adaptations have played up the horror aspects of the novel, others have placed more emphasis on music or romance. The silent movie's plot follows that of Leroux's novel quite closely but it is given a more dramatic ending.
The Phantom in the 1943 version is originally a violinist at the Paris Opera House named Erique Claudin. Leech escapes from prison and breaks into Swan's studio, where an accident with a record press leaves him with a disfigured face and without the ability to speak. A supernatural element is introduced into the story, in which the Phantom, Erik Dessler, sells his soul to the Devil to become a famous composer. The front of the box reads the following with green print: "MIRACLEAN CLEAN-AS-THE-BREATH-OF-SPRING KALAMAZOO LAUNDRY CO. While the law is far from perfect, it remains the gold standard of environmental protection in the US.

In total, Schultes would collect more than 24,000 species of plants including some 300 species new to Western science.
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This 1932 L-00 True Vintage also has a premium setup utilizes state-of-the-art German-engineered Plek technology to create the finest playing surface possible.
The round-shoulder dreadnought body design of the True Vintage has a top constructed of Adirondack red spruce while the back and sides are of pattern-grade Handuras mahogany. The Phantom of the Opera was out of print for much of the 20th century but was adapted numerous times during that period. She does not know that Erik was listening to her conversation with Raoul and has become madly jealous. After the release of Raoul and the police inspector (not a Persian in this version), Erik abducts Christine again and leaves with her in a stolen carriage. After twenty years, Claudin is forced to leave his job as a result of pains in his hands which are affecting his ability to play. The masked Leech terrorizes customers and staff at Swan's nightclub The Paradise, until Swan, who is revealed to have sold his soul to the Devil so that photographs of him age while he remains young, offers to make a deal with him.
Dessler is told by the Devil that people will love him for his music but only for his music and he immediately becomes horribly disfigured.
A movie based on the musical, directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Gerard Butler as the Phantom, was released in 2004. The 1932 L-00 True Vintage is hand finished for the finest feel and playability, and its smoother hand rubbed and oiled fingerboard and bridges will help them last longer and maximizes the wood's natural vibrancy.
The best known adaptations are the 1925 silent movie which stars Lon Chaney as the Phantom and the 1986 Andrew Lloyd-Webber stage musical. He is running out of cash because he has secretly been paying for Christine Dubois' singing lessons for several years.
The movie begins in present-day New York where an aspiring Broadway singer named Christine Day sings some of Erik Dessler's music at an audition. The bracing of the True Vintage features a variation on the Gibson standard X pattern behind the sound hole. Erik decides to make Christine stay with him forever but allows her to leave after two weeks, providing that she wears his ring and promises to remain faithful to him. He tells her that he has hidden explosives beneath the Opera House and will blow up the building, killing everyone inside, if she refuses to marry him.
They drag Erik from the carriage, beat him to death and throw his body into the river Seine. Each brace is hand scalloped with a set of tall thin braces for the back and another set of scalloped braces for the top.
Raoul, now the Viscount of Chagny, is in the audience and remembers his love for Christine.
Largely as a result of the success of The Phantom of the Opera , Universal continued to make many more horror movies throughout the 1930s and 1940s, including adaptations of Bram Stoker's Dracula (1931), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1931) and H.G.
He approaches Lord Ambrose D'Arcy for help in getting his music published but the aristocrat tries to pass Petrie's music off as his own.
Christine returns to the present at the end of the movie and finds Erik Dessler, wearing a prosthetic face, still alive.
Hearing his music coming from another room, Claudin wrongly believes that the publisher has stolen his work, attacks and kills him.
Petrie breaks into the printers that is publishing his music under Lord D'Arcy's name to burn every copy. A fire starts, Petrie throws what he thinks is water, but is really acid, on the fire, Some acid splashes back in his face and scars him. The 1942 movie is the first adaptation to introduce the concet of acid disfiguring the Phantom's face, now a standard component of the Phantom of the Opera legend.
The river carries him to a cavern beneath the opera house where a nameless mute dwarf cares for him. He does not kill anybody, the dwarf assistant, who the Phantom says he has difficulty controlling, carries out all of the murders.
The Phantom's entire face is covered by a gray mask which leaves only one eye visible in the Hammer version. His face, which is revealed shortly before the end of the movie, is not as ugly as his mask.

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