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Our ATC Classic Series window tint film is manufactured by Llumar, one of the leaders in the industry. Window tint keeps your car cooler in the summer which reduces how much use your air conditioner gets. The main benefit of any window tint is to reduce the effects of the sun, which of course means heat rejection. The sun can fade the fabrics in your car, regardless of whether they’re made of leather, vinyl or cloth upholstery. Please give us a call at (763) 535-2181 for further information or to schedule a no obligation installation appointment.
At US Tint Company, we tint hundreds of vehicles each month, including cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, boats and more. Auto Vehicle TintAt US Tint Company in Frisco, Texas, we tint each and every car with the highest standards to ensure you only get the best tinting job you can. Whether your goal is privacy, style, heat rejection or UV protection, at Automotive Concepts, we will handle all your tinting needs.

This film features all of the benefits of the ATC film, but with an added key benefit of premium heat rejection, reducing your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 29°F. That leads to less stress and strain on your car’s engine, increases your fuel efficiency, saving money on gas. Tint helps reduce the sun’s glare during the day, helping you to see easier with less squinting, which makes it easier on your eyes. Some varieties of tint can reject nearly 50% of the sun’s heat resulting in a cooler car, even if it is sitting in the sun.
With your windows tinted, you won’t be as vunerable to the bright headlights of cars traveling behind you.
State, Canadian Province and Puerto Rico has tint laws governing the darkness, reflectivity and colors allowed on vehicles. As the largest aftermarket installer of auto customizations in the Minnesota, we work with over 8,000 vehicles every year. It also has a scratch resistant layer to make it the most durable, long lasting film on the market.

Ultimately creating a more comfortable ride, while decreasing the strain on your vehicles air conditioning system. This means that when you work with us, your vehicle will be handled by experienced, well-trained window tint professionals who make flawless window tint installs their #1 priority.
Llumar is the only manufacturer that adds Ultraviolet(UV) protectant to all 5 layers of the film to prevent discoloring and bubbling, which are both results of UV failure.
CTX ceramic film also provices a 99% UV rejection, protecting your interior from fading, and preventing your leather and vinyl from aging and cracking. Consult your local law enforcement for laws regarding the correct use and legal installation of any aftermarket window film that will be applied to your vehicle. ATC window film also provides a 99% UV rejection, protecting your interior from fading, and preventing your leather and vinyl from aging and cracking.

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