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Individual instructors then have the responsibility to expand and enhance the basic curriculum by augmenting it with current resources and practices. Vein has been tectonically altered, generating a distinct fabric across the vein and obscuring inclusions. The curriculum is under continual content and quality review.A Academic ClassesCourses at American School of Leadership are offered in Math, Science, Literature, Composition A and Social Studies. Bioclastic carbonate siltstone containing dominant biogenic material and rare quartz, glauconite, opaque minerals, feldspar, and micritic cement. Students learn to manipulate and useA matrices in various formats to determine data relationships.
Calcareous sandstone with dominant organic material and common detrital quartz containing fluid inclusions.
Detrital quartz grains are anhedral and many record different generations of fluid inclusion trails that have cross-cutting relationships developed across the grain.
Functions are given center stage in thiscourse, delving into function types such as polynomial, logarithmic, quadratic, exponential and rationalA and periodic. Students are taught how to organize and meld geometrical and algebraic concepts through writing, analyzing and using proofs. Fluid inclusions are evident within detrital quartz grains, showing Type 1 two-phase (liquid + vapor [L + V]) inclusions with a high average degree of fill (F 0.95), plus monophase inclusions. An in-depth coverage of triangle relationships (similarity and congruency) and quadrilaterals enables a student to further hone such concepts as surface area and volume, circles and transformations. Trigonometry is given due credit with topics including tangent ratios and the Laws of Sine and Cosine. Only sample from Unit 4 is an intensely bioturbated and fissile muddy siltstone containing common angular quartz grains in a muddy matrix. Calcareous sandstone containing dominant bioclastic material and rare chert, quartz, and glauconite.
An exploration into the nature of graphsA (including the twelve basic functions) is provided along with nonlinear systems, polynomial and rationalfunctions. Fluid inclusions observed in detrital quartz are Type 1 two-phase (L + V) inclusions with a high degree of fill (F 0.90), Type 2 monophase inclusions, and Type 3 three-phase (L + V + solid) inclusions.

Detrital quartz grains are angular and contain Type 1 two-phase (L + V), Type 2 monophase, and Type 3 three-phase (L + V + solid [S]) inclusions. A brief section of biochemistry leads into an overview of ecology and the interactions of the environment andA populations of living organisms. Bioclastic carbonate grainstone containing dominant bioclastic material and rare quartz, glauconite, feldspar, and biotite. Rounded to subrounded detrital quartz contains Type 1 (F 0.80) and Type 2 fluid inclusions. Arrow shows a three-phase (L + V + S) inclusion where the vapor bubble is oval and the solid is rectangular. Beginning with a discussion of scientific measurements, and generalA properties of matter, a good deal of the course covers the structures of the atoms, the periodic table,A types of bonds and equations. Other topics involve students in states of matter, reactions and theA energy involved in chemical change. Sections on organic chemistry are also included as well as a briefA overview of nuclear chemistry. This course relies on the use of mathematics to represent and illustrate different phenomena, so students need to have a strong math background to be successful. Sample contains dominant bioclastic materials, common detrital quartz, and rare glauconite and opaque minerals. Two types of quartz in this sample: rounded detrital grains containing a network of fluid inclusion trails along annealed factures in the grain, and angular detrital grains containing few fluid inclusions. This course covers literary skills such asA Plot a€“ flashback and foreshadowing, Setting a€“ time and sequence, Characterization - dialogue, Theme a€“A universal theme, Style a€“ figurative language, and Narrator a€“ different types.
Calcite vein within a claystone containing very few, very small (<1 fluid inclusions in trails.
Students also learn classics such as Homera€™s The Odyssey and William Shakespearea€™s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Informational Text reading skills are taught using consumer, workplace, technical, and public documents. Fluid inclusions are Type 1 & Type 2 and occur both as isolated inclusions and as trails within the detrital quartz grain.

Each unitA contains an introduction to the time period using a timeline and background lecture that discusses theA philosophical, political, religious, ethical, and social influences of each time period.
History : Designed as a two-semester course, providing students with a concrete understanding of the timelines associated with the birth of the Unitei»?d States and its historic figures.
Cenomanian to Albian medium-grained grainstone to carbonate siltstone containing dominant biogenic material including foraminifer, calcareous nannofossils, and plant debris. In angular detrital quartz grains, fluid inclusions show Type 1 and Type 2 inclusions that are isolated or occur as a trail of inclusions along an annealed fracture in the grain. Medium- to fine-grained grainstone containing abundant rounded bioclasts and rare detrital quartz.
Fluid inclusions are observed as isolated inclusions and as a network of trails of Types 1 and 2. Very fine-grained sample of muds and fine siltstone showing slump structures and common opaque minerals. Detrital mineral grains are too small to determine the quartz or calcite composition in the thin section, and no fluid inclusions are detected. Also contains common bioclastic material, rare pyrite, feldspar, and rock fragments in a clayey matrix. Fluid inclusions in detrital quartz are mostly Type 2 inclusions and are developed in trails along annealed fractures in the grain.
Major mineralogy includes abundant angular detrital quartz grains, rare organic debris, and biotite.
Fluid inclusions are Types 1 and 2 and occur as isolated inclusions or as a trail of inclusions along an annealed fracture in the grain. Medium-grained siltstone containing abundant quartz and rare biotite, organic material, and opaque minerals.

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