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This personal story was one of my most memorable migraine experiences when I was only 12 years old. In my practice, we joke about having a “Headache Club” which consists of patients, and of course myself, who have not had one migraine since they started care. Upper neck subluxation can affect health to any part of the head region including ears (children with ear infections), nose, throat, face, and even circulation to the hands. The health of the upper cervical portion of the spine is also imperative for proper brain function. At first, I thought it was from the pressure of the hair tie around my left wrist that was cutting into my circulation. I truly believe that no one can understand the severity of a true migraine headache other than a migraine patient. Many headache patients, like me, have subluxation or misalignment to the upper cervical portion of the spine. Every nerve in your body must pass through the upper cervical portion of your spine so it is imperative to the health and communication of your nervous system to make sure it is well aligned. You see, your brain is mush when you are born and movement in your spine allows the brain to grow.

However, if you have tried other treatments and have had no relief, it could definitely be stemming from problems in your spine. Share this blog with your friends and family to teach them that there is a natural solution! Upper cervical subluxation is most likely caused by birthing trauma or any type of hit to the head at a young age. If you have had a traumatic birthing process or impact to the head, your headaches are most likely due to subluxation. Category you want to view and backgrounds that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project.
Shortly after, my eyes got sensitive and I started to feel a pulsating pain at my right temple. My parents started taking me to a chiropractor when I was about 14 years old, but didn’t know it could help me with my headaches. This subluxation interferes with the blood supply to the brain which can lead to migraine headaches. Subluxation prevents movement in a joint and thus interferes with the healthy brain stimulation.

My best friend looked at me, knew something was not right, and told the teacher she was taking me to the nurse’s office. The chiropractic treatment, called an adjustment, will affect the blood supply to the brain.
This is why I see amazing results with children who have neurological disorders such as ADHD, speech delay, and even Autism. This is the process that Migraine medications try to mimic but of course with side effects. I am so lucky that I fell out of the vicious cycle of pain medications that have rough side effects and simply did not work; even better, dietary modifications or “triggers” that did nothing.
I had no idea what was wrong with me and unfortunately the doctors didn’t help much either. I remember having two bottles of prescriptions: one for catching it in the beginning and one for when the headache occurred.

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