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At a One Direction concert you could practically pinpoint who a person’s favorite member was based on how they were dressed. October 15, 2014You guys, I saw Ed Sheeran again a few weeks back and I think I’m even more in love. The show lasted almost two hours and Ed performed around 17 songs with a few random bits mixed in here and there. Ed always jokes that he’s just a short, chubby ginger, with a lazy eye, who can rap, and plays guitar.
The more bass driven tracks unfortunately had a little too much feedback in places due to where I was sitting close to the speakers, so be warned when you listen to them. All photographs and content on Kati Rose Constantly Seeking Wonder are sole property of Kati Rose unless otherwise stated. I was much too excited and amped to get to SunLife Stadium and embrace my inner fangirl that I completely spaced taking any fashion pics. I’m not sure if this was intentional, or if certain personalities flock to similar personalities. As soon as it got pointed out to me during the show, I totally couldn’t un-see my channeling of Harry in my concert outfit choices. I knew I wanted my outfit to fall within my indie rock vibe I love, but I had my practical reasons too.
At that point it was a battle of shorts and a top or a dress and with how draped the kimono is it made much more sense to go with something tight and formfitting. However, I had to coat the back of it in clear nail polish as when I was outside in the 90 degree temps of Miami it left a green mark around my wrist. He uses it by creating layers of sound using his voice whether this be melodies, beatboxing, or just random sounds he can make with his mouth layered with how he can use his guitar – from string plucking to even hitting various parts of his instrument to make a drum like beat.
He’s known for his clever plays on the English language in his run of the mill songs. It takes his quiet one man stage presence and turns it into an engaging act that really feeds off the audience.

From the slower songs full of emotion to the faster songs where Ed just went nuts with energy.
There’s a reason why all the big legends (Elton John, Paul McCartney, and the list goes on) have a soft spot for him. The way he works the loop pedal and creates his songs from scratch is work checking out alone due to the neat factor. I along with my friend Domingo decided to trip it down to Miami, Florida for the boy’s final show of the Where We Are tour.
Rest assured this is what I wore (hopefully recreating the shoot at a later date doesn’t count as cheating) as I was much too excited about my final outfit to not post about it. While I love all the boys very much (like fiercely love) it is Harry who has a special place in my fashion heart.
That alone means as much as I like the look of it, I probably won’t wear it very often.
I can’t wait until I can rock it on an average day and not for concerts only next summer.
This was the 7th time I have seen the British singer-songwriter since his 2010 debut (am I officially band-aid status yet?) and WOW. It’s really fucking wicked watching him build the entire rich complex song from nothing in front of your eyes. It’s what makes him so likable because he does just seem like an average lad living his dream.
In a world where music integrity is often questioned, Ed proves that there are some quality artists still changing the music game. Maybe one of these times my ultimate dream of interviewing him or somehow even finding a way to work amongst his tour crew may even come true.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. I think in my case, it’s more than just favorite member syndrome (even if I do love Harry and his cupcake endearing ways) due to the fact that I acknowledge Harry is a huge fashion inspiration for me outside of just who he is as a member of One Direction.

I wanted a pair that looked like real black leather (aka not cheap looking) but didn’t cost me a fortune.
What was neat about this year’s X tour, was Ed finally headlining massive arenas by himself. I had enjoyed the singles played in the UK, but I wondered if it was due to the help of John Newman and I found it was. There was a mixture of old favorites and new hits that every fan would leave pleased with the selection.
It’s mainly Ed, his series of guitars (which are all aptly named) and his loop pedal.
I also only linked to a handful of tracks here (they are all new songs off X) to see all videos simply go to my YouTube page HERE.
Rudimental was electro rock and my biggest complaint was they were too aggressive and intense.
No matter how many shows I go to, I still enjoy the simple act of deciding what the perfect outfit is for each artist and venue. I go to plenty of concerts and never once have I felt uncomfortable from the bass level until their set. I know there are plenty of people who are fine throwing on jeans and a tee, but that’s not me.
I feel like I really need to stock up and invest in a few more pairs to last me with how much I’m wearing these babies. Planning my perfect concert outfit was up there in my top priorities before departing for Miami. I also LOVE them for flying because of the stretch panel on the side they are incredibly easy to get on and off while going through security.

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