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Unevenly worn tires can be caused by a range of issues, from a defect in the tire to bad alignment, a worn out suspension system, or not having the tires rotated on a regular basis.
Tires are not molded perfectly round, so wheel weights may need to be added in order to help balance the rotating mass. Bubbles occur when the belt on the interior of the tire breaks and the air pressure pushes directly on the rubber. As far as flat spotting, this issue occurs when the car sits for too long (about 10-20 days or so).

All of these sounds can be a bit difficult to hear at first, but if they go unchecked for some time, they can turn in to more of a thumping noise. If you find a loose lug nut (or two), check the lug holes on the wheel; a loose lug nut can cause these holes to widen, which means the wheel might (eventually) need to be replaced.
A loose lug nut can also cause the studs of the car to break due to the repeated force with which the wheel strikes against them. A visual inspection and running one’s hands along the tire is a good first step to seeing if there are any obvious signs of uneven wear.

Make sure to check along the edges of the wheel as well as the middle section and compare it to the rest of the tire to see any discrepancy in its physicality.
When you have this done, make sure to check the suspension of the car, as well as its alignment, to ensure this problem does not happen again.

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