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For the most part I followed the instructions at Martha Stewart but I did make a few changes in the hopes that this will last for a number of years.
I procrastinated in making this, and then last Wednesday I realized that December 1st was only a few days away and I really had to do something.
That’s such a lovely idea which you could adapt for so many things and it looks like fun to assemble. Ha Ha – ours is made almost entirely from Leopard matchboxes but I do have a couple of Kuku boxes thrown in and I found out too late that they are not exactly the same size.
I’ll love to see what you come up with and yes I was also happy that there was recycling involved.
I put ribbon on both sides of the boxes (instead of just the numbered side) to make it easier to turn them around again for next year. I have been guilting my own mother because growing up we had this Avon wall calendar where you could move a little plush mouse from day to day until you got to Christmas. I remember the advent calendar we used when I was a kid – a fabric calendar with pockets of candy for each day.
I had to empty out a number of matchboxes since I didn’t start saving them up early enough.

Hop over and grab an I’ve Been Featured on Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk button to proudly display on your post! I’ve been searching online for DIY options and found a matchbox advent calendar from Martha Stewart.
It would have made more sense to glue one length of ribbon across the bottom of the box but I didn’t have quite enough ribbon for that so I used two shorter lengths.
I’m collecting saltana boxes to use in a similar way (although match boxes would be a lot more sturdy). It is perfect for us because it is small enough to pack when we travel and I love that as you pull out a numbered box and turn it around a picture is slowly revealed.
After making the chest of drawers I covered cardboard from a cereal box with fabric and used that to cover the sides and back in the hopes that it will be a little sturdier.
She was in a panic until I explained that these were pretend earrings that don’t hurt.
I didn’t put the numbers in order because I want it to take as long as possible for the girls to guess what the picture is.
Now she is all about them and doesn’t understand why anyone would put holes in their ears when pretend earrings are sooo beautiful.

It is so much fun to see how much joy this pretty simple home made advent calendar is bringing my girls and an unexpected bonus is that Boo is getting a lot of practice with recognizing double digit numbers.
I googled easy snowman coloring pages and copied (to the best of my ability) one of the designs at Kids’ Turn Central. I can’t wait to see how they react when they realize there is a snowman behind all those drawers. I drew it in chalk first, then painted and then added the black permanent marker outline and hat which helped cover up any mistakes. Today it was 39° C (102° F) in the shade so this in the only snowman I expect to see for quite a while.

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