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Currently, her vocab extends to hi (which she says 1,000 times a day) and bye and mama and babah (what we call Rich instead of dad). If I had a dollar for every goong-goong-cheetz-uh we greet and wave away from behind our opaque first-floor windows, it would begin to seem possible that I might pay off my student loans in time for my 1-year-old to start college. Last night we bought a Christmas tree and brought up the boxes of ornaments, and so when Emmy entered the living room this morning there was not only a decorated Christmas tree but a a jingle bell on the front door handle.
Also kind of neat, in studies where babies were shown silent films in which people spoke different languages, 4-month-olds could tell when the language being used changed, but around 8 months, monolingual babies stopped reacting, while the bilingual kids stayed engaged. This mother horse could barely be bothered to guide her baby toward the downier patches of lawn, or around the neighbors’ crushed beer cans.
Which Rich likes to remind me of, generally at moments when I’m making his ears bleed, clumsily repeating sounds to the point of making them other words. Last week we took a better-late-than-never summer vacation in the Outer Banks, and she actually got to ride in one. Maybe more than a drama queen, we can hope that while drama may find her, she’ll move through it with smiles and ease.
Believing that language both opens a door to a culture and shines a soft light on its nuances, I had a hope of learning Italian and speaking it to my baby daughter as my Chinese-American husband spoke to her in Mandarin. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

We spent last New Years at the cabin so we decided to do it again this year and I think it may just become a tradition.
The thing about Suburban Estates is that once you get to the parking lot it can still take quite a while to get to your campsite. Hank and Boomer were not allowed to go to the fireworks at the mud hole specifically because, the hate fireworks. We stayed at the mud hole til around 1:00AM and then headed back where we all passed out pretty quickly. This entry was posted in Camping, Dogs, Family, Holiday, Random, Vacation and tagged ATV's, Holopaw, Mud Trucks, Muddin, New Years, Suburban estates, Vacation by flowerjovia. No worries, I totally understand but I’m glad you came by so I could wish you a Happy New Year! We keep it on her high chair, and while she eats we’ll flip through it, her pointing at things she knows she knows, or me asking her where things are and her very insistently stabbing at each box with her little index finger.
Amazingly, she was much more interested in banging and ringing the bell than she was in investigating the tree. An Italian tape taught me to greet friends and ask the price of a yellow skirt in the window. It’s a very humbling thing to realize, a beat too late, that one has pointed to the sky and told a toddler, “Look!

Emerson clapped along with our singing, occasionally hid her face in faux modesty, and loved the strawberries even more than her first bites of cake. Airplane, car, sippy cup, baby, chair, ball, flower, apple, cheese — she nails everything I know how to ask her for.
Sometimes when I take Em for a run in Prospect Park we pass a few lethargic horses dutifully toting riders along a path. Her head was turned the wrong way and so she wasn’t falling into position, and when I finally pushed her out, after 36 hours of labor, the room was packed with doctors and nurses and medical residents (who rushed in to see a forceps delivery, which the doctor had threatened). By the time we pack the ornaments back up, God help me if liing isn’t securely in the bag.
Second-grade Rich apparently blew through those (while I counted on my fingers) thanks to Chinese math, which consists not of this but of getting rid of all extraneous words.

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