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But even though Microsoft may have side-stepped that common term, it has to have a way of signalling a failure on the new console. Microsoft is surely hoping RDoD never catches on because its new machine is quiet, cool-running, and very, very reliable. Does the Xbox 360 Slim have a certain time for playing because someone told me that it will get wrecked in 1-2 yrs but the Elite one will stay for 3-4 yrs. It can’t happen, the lights around the round power button cannot turn red rendering the RRoD problem solved.

Really I am here to let everyone know the new 360 Slim is a piece( and i dont mean of art) After three days o purchase it has already dead on me and the 360 has been placed in prime conditions to run. I played 19 hours straight 7 days a week, and I have my ps3 slim for almost 2 and a half years now and still runs perfect.
Therefore we may have to get used to the new term called Red Dot of Death, or RDoD for short. The xbox is just a more fragile piece of machine, and honestly, i dont see the point of spending anything more than 3 hours sitting and playing.

To me, thats just too much, but i understand the consequences of the RDot (rrod whichever). Also, if you are playing with the xbox in the living room where lots of sun can get in, or a easily stuffy room, thats not the best place to put it.

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