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I installed it completely by myself in 10 hours (including disassembling the walls and floor once correct a mistake.
I believe it can be done for Model #6446 (8' X 15'), although I had a couple of helpers for a few hours that made the job much easier and faster. I have the extension which gives it the DIMS of 15' x 7' and is 7' tall (I can walk without bending over no problem.
I was a little hesitant when I was shopping for a shed like this especially since I was not able to see one in person.
After 5 days, the only thing I have been able to assemble is the floor (which takes all of 5 min.).
I had also ordered the 30" extension, which had its metal truss, but was missing the hardware package. Initial shipping company communication was good, but when product was delivered, they only had 3 boxes. Poor, poor, poor control on Lifetime's end for not making sure boxes contain all the proper and matching product (came direct from Utah's warehouse), and incredible negligence from the shipping company in not making a complete delivery, and now not staying on top os situation to make sure product is delivered.
Not sure how this is going to finally turn out, but certainly not impressed with not getting resolution. After researching many various types of sheds, everything from pre-built wood panels that you assemble to drop shipped assembled sheds I settled on this. Shipping: Orders for the 60075 Lifetime 8x15 Storage Shed generally leave the warehouse the next business day. Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and reinforced with powder-coated steel, this attractive outdoor shed is built to weather the storms. However, it would be much easier in most assembly steps to have a second pair of adult hands to help. The walls are diificult to install as you need to raise the floor slightly to insert the wall pieces. But that being said, we do have an employee who has assembled an 8 ft shed by himself, so it is possible. Keep all your tools and garden equipment conveniently stored where you use them—in the yard. Accurate Tracking: Tracking information is automatically emailed to you just as soon as the order ships out. Keep all tools and garden equipment safe, dry, and conveniently located in the yard, where you use them.

The shed is designed to put together from the inside, which is a real plus because I had two of the four walls right up against my house and no one could fit behind them to help me in any case. But I took a chance and ordered it any ways and since I received it and the free shipping was an excellent selling point to me too. The only part of the job that absolutely requires another person is to hold the little window shutters in place from the outside so that you can screw them on from the inside.
But now that I have put together the shed and have see what it looks like and how easy it assembles I am so happy that I purchased it.
Several shelving units and peg strips are included to help you keep your tools organized and right at your fingertips. For instance, the Ariens Zoom XL 42 riding lawn mower has assembled dimensions of 52 inches W x 69 inches D x 42 inches H. I also love the idea that I can purchase extra extension to make the shed bigger, which I definitely will be getting. The night after I put together the shed it rained really heavy and combined with real heavy blowing wind.
Note: This shed must be built on a flat level foundation of wood or concrete (not included).
Storage shelves are no problem with one 90-inch wide shelf, 2 30-inch shelves, and 2 corner shelves. I figured this was the perfect test and the next morning I came out and there was not a drop of water at all inside the shed, and the wind had no effect on the shed either.
These sheds work great to store your garden equipment, lawn mower, ATV, or swimming pool equipment.
I will never buy another shed from anyone else ever again, the lifetime sheds are the best I ever had and you never have to worry about it rotting out or rusting and you never have to worry about painting either. The only thing I would recommend is if you live in places where you have a lot of bad weather and a lot of snow, I suggest purchasing the heavy weather kit, it makes the shed virtually indestructible from extremely bad weather. One other really positive selling point that I like was if you do need to move the shed for any reason it is easy to take it apart to move it. Which was perfect for me since I am renting and will be moving it in the future when I get my own home.
The hardware was all included and we only run into one problem-we assembled in the afternoon and ran out of daylight. This type of delivery means the customer must be present to sign for the delivery and help the driver unload the product.

If you do need to assembly yourself you just need someone to hold those roof trusses in place for you.
The customer is responsible to move the product to the desired location and the delivery address. A delivery appointment will be scheduled before the delivery company will bring the package.The total package weight for this shed is about 750 lbs. It was nice, because it told us how many two by fours we needed and how much plywood so we didn't have to measure and reason where we would likely have erred. We put it on a wooden platform, because the neighborhood Association did not allow "permanent" structures and this one could be completely disassembled just as easy as it was put together. We did use cordless drills and I definitely recommend that, but don't put the setting on it too tight where you strip any of the hardware.
When all was said and done it is a beautiful looking shed, well-built, simple to put together. The plastic is also stain resistant and is easily cleaned.Can Lifetime sheds be painted a different color?Polyethylene plastic does not take paint well.
I'm not sure what other customers ran into with instructions, but I would imagine if you start in the order it recommends you can avoid running into other issues. Customers in the past have painted Lifetime sheds, but had to frequently repaint.What building restrictions are there for Lifetime sheds?Building codes and covenants vary by state, by city, and sometimes even by neighborhood. Meaning, if we would've started with the wall pieces we would have had to start over since the core goes down first. The most frequent concern customers have with their cities is dealing with the square footage of the shed. In these cases, when an exterior structure exceeds a certain square footage, a building permit may be required.How are warranty claims handled?In the event you need warranty help, the warranty is handled through Lifetime Products, the manufacturer.
Many times, Lifetime will request pictures of the affected area you are wanting a warranty claim.

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