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Our garden Sheds are built from the finest timber, and are available in our full range of finishes. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Please note this product is excluded from the 30 day money back guarantee due to being made to Order. The shiplap doesn't match up on adjoining sections which makes the shed look odd; the shiplap on the end sections end flush with the top of the framing so there is no chance of the shiplap on the gable ends slotting onto it. The floor is in two parts, two 6x4 sections that you have to nail together, its unfortunate that the manufacturers have chosen to use 12mm sterling board for the floor and the roof sections to save on costs. The roof is even more bizarre in that it has 6 sections which you have to nail together with 12 half rafter sections. The only saving grace is the opening window sash which is well made, much better standard than the rest of the shed. This shed took over 5 hours to put up and was still quite unstable in my opinion; I had to call on an extra pair of hands in the end as it is too flimsy to attempt on your own. I have no idea why Shire can't produce 8ft panels for walls, roofs or floors; it seems very odd. While this is a large shed with a very low price some of the best materials have still been used in its construction. You might also like to see the top 20 shiplap sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed shiplap sheds awards league table. We were very impressed with the look of the tongue and groove shiplap cladding and even more impressed with how Windsor were able to make it 12 mm thick and still keep the price as low as it is.
Much like the wall cladding, the frame that has been used here is of a very high quality, more high quality than we would expect from this price range. As we would expect from Windsor the floor is made with the same good quality boards that the roof is. You will be given a ten year anti rot guarantee with the shed and we are more than happy with a guarantee like this. The single sized door is 5 feet 5 inches high and 2 feet 4 inches wide which is we feel is enough room to get even large items into the shed. One very large anti styrene window is included with the shed and wow does this window allow a lot of light into the shed. The door and actually the rest of the shed is very sturdy and to keep that door closed the shed comes with a pad bolt. We already mentioned that the included window was large so that does make this a shed which does lack privacy.
Manufactured using Pressure treated hardwood, guaranteed to last 10 years rot free.Fast and easy to use, providing a stable foundation for sheds.
Purchase this kit which will aid all shed building and installations.Features Brushes for painting and timber preservative treatments.

Put the base down, screw the wall sections in place and hoist the roof to hold it all rogether.
The floor sections are slightly longer than the walls sections so a bit of carpentry is required to trim the edges to make it fit. Being 10 x 8 gives you plenty of room to store a number of different things like tools, gardening equipment both small and large, few bikes or even things like children’s outdoor summer toys.
12 mm thick tongue and groove shiplap cladding gives the shed it’s very attractive design, but it also is up to the job of keeping water out and all your items rust free.
It slopes to the back so there is no worry about having water getting into the shed or pouring onto your head as you try to get into it in the rain.
This type of cladding is just the best when it comes to offering your items the best protection from the rain. The frame is a rounded edge, 28 mm x 28 mm frame and that we can tell you is going to last for many years and make sure the shed stays robust and is able to take a little bit of abuse over the years.
These are very impressive boards in their own right, but what really makes this such a sturdy floor is the pressure treated floor joists which are backing up the floorboards. The wood that is used here is fantastic, but you will have to coat it in wood treatment shortly after construction. We really do love the way this single braced door looks and those heavy duty hinges are not going to allow the door to sag after a few years like cheap hinges do. We really do like what Windsor have done with this window and to see a window so large is rather unusual and it does give this shed its own personality and make it look different from the other sheds on the market. This pad bolt is great and it does have a place where you can easily add a padlock to it so you can keep the door securely locked. It is not a huge deal, but if you do like your privacy then have a look at adding some curtains to cover the window. One thing that makes them even more amazing is that you can choose where on the front of the shed the door and the window goes. Honestly we would not be surprised if this shed lasted 20 or more years as long as you look after it. This treatment produces a stunning Red Cedar finish, allowing for a garden style to be continued.
Produces a all round great resistance to weathering as well as beautiful Light Brown finish. The wooden shed also features x6 fixed styrene windows, double doors and a solid sheet floor and roof.
The manufacturers advise putting the panels together with a silicon based sealant as its not waterproof - it could be if the panels were made in one piece and probably cost them less to make as well. If it wasn't for the fact that the customer was desperate to get the shed in, and had chosen this shed out of the catalogue, we would have advised returning it to the manufacturer as unsuitable. This is a shed which because of its large size will allow you to use it in pretty much any way you desire.

The flooring has been made so that you feel comfortable in storing heavy items inside and this is because of the floor boards which are supported by pressure treated floor joists.
You will have plenty of room for storage or even to work inside this shed as there is right around 10 feet of width and 7 feet 8 inches of depth which we can tell you does give you a lot of room to make use of. The roof is made with 8 mm thick, solid sheet boarding and then covered with some very robust roofing felt.
We are sure that you will be able to fill this shed up with whatever you want and the floor is going to be able to take it. We love when a company does this as it means you can put the door and the window in the most convenient location for you. But when you can pick up a padlock in most pound shops these days it really is not that much of an issue. The materials use have been carefully selected so that the shed is low cost, but also high quality in its design.
The shed has been designed so that it will fit right into any garden and thanks to those good looks will be a very positive addition to your garden. This is a shed which is high quality, has a great design and will be ideal for those with a strict budget. The shed is also a very good height where even at the lowest point at the back of the shed there is, 5 feet 7 inches of height and at the front of the shed at the highest point it is, 6 feet 6 inches. As well as this you may want to give the shed a coating of coloured wood treatment to give it a bit more of a flashy appearance. Also the shed really does have one very eye catching design so it is going to be something you are proud to have in your garden. Lead times to be used as a guide only.For postable items, goods will be sent Royal Mail or courier. We really do like this shed and are sure it is going to be very popular and if a large shed at a good price is what you are after then we highly recommend this. They consolidate deliveries based on postal code which determines how soon you will receive your item. In most instances the carriers will contact you to book an available delivery day based upon their schedule. Their contact numbers may appear as withheld and they do not always leave an answer phone message.
Please note: Customers outside UK may also be liable for any customs and import duty, quotas, permits, product restrictions and other local requirements.

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