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If the dimensions do not suit your requirements, simply email the dimensions you require and i'll gladly sort you a quote and make the box to your choosen style. High quality hinges are fitted as standard and with some products options to upgrade the hinge to a full length piano hinge. Gas struts are available with most top loading boxes and are recommended but not 100% necessary. Metal is a great material to use in homeware and interior design, not least as it provides a different texture and is very hard wearing, and we see it cropping up in all sorts of ways. We stumbled upon this vintage storage collection and can’t help but love these old style metal locker boxes, which actually have quite a modern and funky feel to them. The shiny aluminium metal provides an interesting surface to look at when the box is popped on a shelf or on the floor near your TV, as it shines and glints in the light, and the locker-style opening is a nice added decorative feature.

Made from 3mm Aluminium throughout, this tool box is durable, rigid and secure and features two flush fitting, lockable, heavy duty compression latches on each door and full length zink hinges. This box in particular is sold with a view to being the perfect size for storing all your DVDs (there are others available for CDs), but we’re sure it could be used for umpteen other storage purposes too. Full set of Cross bar roof rack system has:2x 48" roof rack cross bars, 4x plastic base feet.
48" Universal Car Wagon Aluminum Roof Top Rail Rack Cross Bars Luggage CarrierBlowout Prices! A car top carrier is a must-have for the times you want to be able to bring all your goodies along with your family on a big trip.
Aluminum Upright Car Roof Top Foldable Bike Bicycle Cycling Rack Carrier SUV VANBlowout Prices!

This secures luggage, sporting gear, or camping equipment without being large or conspicuous. This model does not cover your items in case of rain or other inclement weather, so if it is important that your things stay dry, you may want to consider a waterproof travel bag or an older-model hard-shell carrier. Many luggage bags are soft-sided, which makes them lightweight and flexible, while the hard-shell car top luggage carrier is a bit more cumbersome but provides ample room and protection from wind and the elements. If a day trip to the river is more your style, consider a car top kayak carrier that secures your vessel to the roof with sturdy metal hook mounts and foam pads to protect your paint job.

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