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All in all, sheds are useful and effective solutions for people who need some additional space. Don’t forget about our affordable Rent-to-Own service that will put your storage in the backyard instead of across town at a storage facility! Even if you are simply looking for more storage space, a shed in the backyard is much more convenient than renting space in a storage facility at the other end of town. Stop by our new location at 8343 Route 20 in Pompey in partnership with Fleszar Woodworking to see our selection, or call us anytime at 315-552-8583. A great looking shed that will enhance your property's value and provide lots of light for your yard tools and equipment, this shed doubles as a quaint backyard studio. Superior to any Mini-Barn's, this "Shed and a Half" offers massive cubic footage for plently of overhead storage with optional lofts. The deluxe package adds the character and athestetic qualities that all other deluxe models share. Also known as a "Salt Box", this distinct storage shed gives and additional protection from the elements and a nice 7' front wall for convenience and additional head room.

Our top-of-the-line model with additional detail and trim, this popular shed is a head-turner, offering that "one of a kind" look. Gable roof sheds are functional and offer practical ways to store many things around your home, farm, or office. The first is that you can segregate the in-house items from the outdoor items and make sure they do not get mixed up. Since they are storage solutions, the interiors have many shelves and other designs which maximize the space utilization inside.
Being outdoor, they isolate the dirty outdoor use items from the rest of the in-house items which can then be stored in the garage. Our rent-to-own options keep the price comparable and at the end of the contract the shed is yours! Here are some configurations of three of our most popular shed sizes to consider before ordering. Inexpensive and flexible to suit your needs, our A-Frame is the ideal choice to securely store your valuables.

Maintaining lawns and gardens requires so many tools, accessories and a host of other things that the in-house garage may not be sufficient.
Things like rakes, mowers, plows and other gardening tools are best stored away from the garage. You can be assured when you get a shed from Amish Woodwork you are getting a quality product too.
Besides the tools, the shed is probably the perfect place to store fertilizers, grass seeds and other such organic gardening material.
With proper sheds you can ensure that rodents and vermin do not come and destroy them; however, even if they do, they are not in your house – they are outside.

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