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Security deposit starting as low as $250 (on cabins) plus first months payment gets your new cabin delivered! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and after viewing these photos of our 2-story barns you’ll know why. Imagine the possibilities with structures of this size, beauty and function in your backyard.
Amish Barn Company has brought many customers designs to life and is excited to start on yours!

These same buildings can be constructed as a housing shell to N.Y.S code and go up on your property in days*! Build process of a 14' x 20' arched cabin on a skid - youtube, This video documents the process of building a 14' x 20' arched cabin. After viewing our slideshow of photos Contact Us with your design ideas and start building your home or 2-story structure today! Our recreational single wide – one story – modular cabins go in quick and are very affordable!

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