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From playhouses to sheds to gazebos, find the plan that works for your outdoor space, and then build your own backyard retreat. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. We reserve the right to delete any comments and block any commenters.LegalThe contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. I really like the top two, but the gray one in the feature photo: Beautiful flowers + Candles in the windows + Colonial charm = Favorite. Evan Sagerman and Marci Riseman needed extra space for a guest room and entertaining area, and they found it in an unlikely place: a tiny, ramshackle shed in the backyard of their San Francisco Victorian home.
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While an addition to your already existing house may be expensive, adding a shed in your backyard might be the answer you were looking for.
When it comes to building a garden shed for your backyard, you may need to know these important things first! After choosing the style, design and size of shed that suits your requirements the most, then it’s now the time to apply for a building permit. Well, now that your yard is completely ripped apart we have to start putting it back together.  At this stage we will be installing the components that make your yard work – the Infrastructure.
Soil and Amendments:  Your soil is one of the most important pieces of a successful project and healthy yard.
Irrigation: One of the other pieces of infrastructure that is crucial to a successful project and a healthy landscape. Lighting:  Lighting is important to think about at the beginning a project you can easily plan for pre-wiring if your budget does not allow for all the light fixtures at the beginning of your project.
Power: We always need to be mindful where your power is and how that relates to your irrigation trenching and tree locations. Proper Base Material:  Depending on your hardscape choice, your base material could change as well as the depth of the soil we need to remove for that ideal base material.
Retaining Structures: Whether this means large concrete walls, segmented block walls or stacked boulders we need to accommodate for the proper access, backfill, drainage and staging for those structures. This will get you thinking about the beginning the stages of your new landscape and all the little tasks in-between.
One issue that is always on a contractor’s mind is going to be the other unforeseen problems. Remember the demolition process is only a phase in the construction of your new landscape and will end soon.
During demolition and during the course of the entire project, a good contractor will clean up the site as best as it makes sense. Depending on the complexity of the features in your landscape you may wish to have the designer develop detail drawings of specific features or a digital 3D model to assist in the visualization of the feature. After the design process has been completed there may be some final changes with guard to materials and cost or a phasing plan. Looks like Oregon is in for another successful Christmas tree season, still reigning as the #1 supplier of Christmas trees, despite a national shortage as reported by CNBC. Using a traditional reservoir type stand is the most effective way of maintaining freshness and minimizing needle loss. As Oregonians, we are proud of the Christmas tree industry and support local growers and suppliers. Many Portlanders believe winter is the time to hide indoors, hibernate, and wait out the long, long rainy season. Whew, now that that is all done, head indoors for a nice warm cup of apple cider and prepare for the holiday season. We feel like a broken record saying this year after year, but it is really true, winter gives both you and our landscape design team more than enough time to develop a one of a kind landscape for your Portland property. Cooking outdoors is a favorite pastime of many Americans, especially Oregonians, and so is Thanksgiving! Prep your turkey however you like, stuff it, wrap it in bacon, shove herbed butter under the skin. Start up the fire pit and be sure you have plenty of coals, you will need enough to thoroughly surround the bird. Once you have a good amount of coals glowing, use a shovel to create at least a 2 inch thick bed in the hole. Go enjoy your family and cup of apple cider, then be sure to check the fire pit occasionally to be sure it’s still hot and moving along.
If you’d like to try another way of cooking with wood fire, take a look at this video, though we would not recommend soaking your spit in a chlorinated pool.
Or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, take a look at A Campfire Thanksgiving Dinner! for a full menu of thanksgiving dishes that can be cooked over a fire. If you plan on cooking some of your Thanksgiving meal outside over a fire pit or in your outdoor kitchen, we’d love to hear about it. With millions of birds living in the Pacific Northwest it’s easy to think that all of the vast tree friendly neighborhoods in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Sherwood, West Linn, Aloha and more would be home to a bird population far more diverse than our human population. The most important thing to remember when trying to attract new birds to your yard is that new tactics will attract new birds.
Bring in the birdhouses – While a bird house seems like the 3rd grader idea to bring new birds to the backyard, the reason why birdhouses work is commonly misunderstood.

Make a bird buffet – One of the easiest ways to attract new birds is to add new foods. Even birds like waterside dining – Not all birds won’t eat from bird feeders, but all birds need water. After you’ve tried one or all of the above, be patient and watch your yard closely. Despite loving the new food and water, they may still be in and out of the backyard at first. All Oregon Landscaping provides native plant expertise, water feature design and build, and any other landscaping to help you enjoy the birds in your backyard. Long before the pumpkin spiced latte became the fall drink of choice, the beverage that signified the start of autumn was apple cider. Line a strainer with doubled up cheesecloth and pour the mixture through it into a large bowl. We procrastinated for years, putting off replacing the shoddy deck we inherited with our new home. We have enjoyed being customers of All Oregon Landscaping for over 11 years, which has included the full design, implementation and maintenance of landscaping for two custom homes with highly manicured lawns and gardens involving high quality plant material, elegant lighting, accent boulders, well-sculpted hardscaping, water features and swimming pools. We really like the Premium sample better than the Natural grass (which seems to have too much of the brown blades of grass).
All Oregon’s excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and knowledgeable employees helped us to create a truly unique outdoor living space that is enjoyed year round. Trimmed with cedar shake siding and a cozy porch, this handy shed’s exterior exudes rustic charm.
You can see more photos of it on Flickr, read the complete story on Shedblog and Shedworking. Whether they’re decked out for work or rest and relaxation, backyard spaces are the perfect place to hide away and be yourself. Even Riseman, a real estate consultant and developer, didn't see potential in the neglected, 280-square-foot structure.
Whichever design you have chosen, remember that better opt for one that comes with strong and durable structure as well as high quality materials. To be cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly it is always a good idea to balance the removal of soil on site (cut) and the areas in the yard that need soil (fill). Your power points from the house are also important because we need to have a place for your irrigation controller and your lighting transformer. This will be the construction document that will be used by the builders to construction your yard. After all the kinks have been ironed out and the budget has been accepted, it’s demolition time.
While we are all for bringing a bit of the outdoors in, there are a few things everyone needs to remember to celebrate the season safely. We’ve seen many types of irrigation systems in Portland, but one thing never changes, if water is left inside then freezes and expands, you are in for a costly repair bill. Popular Portland plants like hollies, azaleas and other native species often stay green year round. A lot of Portland landscapes take advantage of how well hydrangeas and other flowering plants grow in the area. In the fall, the Portland area has so much to offer in the way of creating your own mulch, that we don’t even recommend buying it.
See some of our past designs for inspiration, then give us a call to speak to a designer today! Be sure not to put a lot of ash in or you will be sorely disappointed in a few hours and your Thanksgiving blunder will no doubt be talked about for generations. A good, large water source, or many smaller ones, will give birds or all types a reliable place to find water. To make plants even more effective, choose trees and shrubs with seeds and fruits the birds will enjoy as a natural food source.
The longer food, water, and shelter are available, the more birds, and likely uncommon birds you’ll see for longer periods of time. It dates back to at least 55 BC when the Romans first arrived in England and discovered the people there enjoying a drink made form the apples that grew plentiful in the region. Be sure your pot is big enough to hold everything with about three to four inches of space at the top.
The All Oregon Team delivers a high quality landscaping experience with excellent recurring customer service.
You can use a garden shed as a simple garden tools & equipment storage area, a workplace for potting, a perfect playhouse for children, a small office, or even a micro-home for partying or private relaxation zone.
It’s the cohesive vision of the designers understanding of the site and your ideas and needs for the landscape. Look for cheap LEDs on Black Friday, or seek out an estate sale, I’ve found Christmas decor galore via estate sales, usually in spectacular condition. There is plenty you can do to winterize Portland landscaping, making everything in your yard healthier and prettier come spring. Consult your specific irrigation system or let us send Chewbacca (AKA: Teo) out to help you winterize it. For these plants continue the usual maintenance, like pruning branches that are growing across each other. Collect leaves, grass clippings, and other fall yard debris to make your own mulch – here’s how.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up the Thanksgiving feastival, and have a few extra layers of warm clothing, fire roasting your turkey will surely give your family and friends something to talk about. Expect to see a robin, crow, starling or sparrow, and probably not much else unless you put in some real effort. On a budget – an old Christmas tree makes great shelter for birds if you have a place to keep in the yard. Give us a call to talk about your backyard plans, or tell us how you’ve been able to attract new birds in the comments! This beverage is made from the juice of apples that have been crushed in a cider or fruit press, a machine that is rarely seen today but was once commonplace.
Ultimately, it’s up to your personal taste, if you like sweet cider, use all sweet apples or if you have only tart apples and don’t want to buy extra, you can always add sugar. If you don’t have a pot big enough, you can cut the recipe in half or do it in two batches.
With property that required extensive renovation, we’ve contracted everything from plumbing and electrical work to major excavation over the years. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted. This may require a range of meetings and site visits depending on the complexity or hands on nature you may wish to have on the design. If by chance during construction process has begun, you feel something must be added or removed at which time your final construction cost will change.
The outer layers of the wood are the best at soaking in water and should not be removed no matter what. We are experts in plant care, maintenance, landscape design, and more; working in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Gresham, and more. As our go to irrigation system expert, he can “blow out” the system and ensure no lingering water is left behind. Portland soil often contains a lot of clay which can put a damper on drainage and cause some plants to drown.
Treat any insect problems, and keep an eye out on the amount of water it’s receiving – you know just in case there is a long dry spell in Portland. Don’t mulch until you’ve completed the first 6 steps, it helps protect the soil better that way. Below is one of our favorite ways of cooking a turkey in a fire pit and requires minimal maintenance once it’s roasting. If you have a dutch oven big enough you can always throw the turkey in there with some potatoes, onions, garlic and anything else that you like, provided it fits with the lid completely closed. Fill in the sides and completely cover the turkey with more coals and insulate the top with a layer of dirt or a lid if you have one. Many reasons impact where certain birds can be found; not all birds call trees home and many of those that do are territorial and migratory. While it’s certainly easier to head down to the local market and pick up a jug of cider, there is something satisfying about homemade cider and if you happen to have an apple tree, it’s a great way to use those apples before they go to waste.
Placement of doors and windows indicated that the space had once been divided into four tiny rooms, and it had a sewer line.
This way no matter what your budget is you can add on and stay on track instead of having a piecemeal yard.
Short grass will let all the rainy moisture escape a bit sooner, thus avoiding lawn problems associated with too much moisture. Soil test result will allow you to research the best way to add compost and other needed nutrients to your soil. Think of mulch like the insulation in your house, it offers a protective barrier, evans temperatures, and helps keep invasive weeds and such out. Try and use all wood in order to impart the flavor into the turkey but you can always supplement with briquettes if needed. While birds that typically nest on the ground find the city and suburbs dangerous, lurking with pets and people. All of the urban development in Portland isn’t helping either, it destroys bird living and nesting areas and forces many species to move elsewhere. Here is an easy and fun way to make your own, with equipment you already have or is easy to find. The company sells off-price home fashions through HomeGoods chain in the United States; and HomeSense chain, which are operated by Winners in Canada. Luckily, there are a few tactics you can try to increase the diversity of birds in your backyard. The French doors open to a new miniature kitchen, making it a great party space that flows easily into the yard.High function in a small spaceVery limited square footage forced Marci Riseman and Evan Sagerman to squeeze the most use out of every inch of space.
A wide board on top of the foundation footing makes a shelf and extra seating.Wall-hung desk.

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