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Our experienced team can engineer a quality kit barn to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your prized animals. Sufficient airflow is another important factor in any animal stable, badly designed indoor buildings can become unhealthy in the summer and dank and oppressive in the winter. Additionally, good ventilation will also help deter any contagious infections that can spread rapidly in a shared airspace. The midsections of our barns are supported by internal columns spaced at 4.0m intervals to provide room for the fitout of horse stables.
South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania. The largest selection of Amish barns, sheds, and gazebos along with modular, stick built, or custom built garages in the Hudson Valley are at Brada€™s Barns.
Also be sure to visit our ebay store to view more quality buildings by clicking on our store link.
We design our barns with higher ceilings to help achieve greater circulation of air to aid in ventilation and be beneficial to your horse’s wellbeing.
To ventilate most barns quickly, large sliding door are also added to assist in opening the barn up quickly and ensuring easy access by all occupants. We design our barns with many factors in mind and work with specialist stable designers Durastall to ensure that you get the very best fit-out for your animals.

Our calf barns are built with post & beam construction from rough-cut oak for superior strength and durability! Available in 6-stall, 9-stall and 12-stall sizes, our calf barns feature a treated 6x6 sill, upright post and optional wash board lining for easy cleanup! We also recommend having a safe gap of at least 3.0 meters between stable fronts opposing each other. NO WOOD USED EACH PIECE IS COMPUTER-CUT FOR EXACT FIT & LITTLE WASTE We Now Can Finance Up To 100% in most cases! Please be sure to include the ebay item number so we know what building your question pertains to, as we have many buildings listed. ALL BRAND NEW MATERIAL IN ALL OUR KITS You are bidding on a brand new 6 car all galvanized steel garage. The building includes 6 - 8' wide x 7' high Clopay steel residential square panel woodgrain look garage doors. The roofing is 26 gauge pre-painted steel PBR panels with 26 gauge vertical PBR used for the walls, too. No need to hire an engineer to stamp the concrete plans when we provide it in all 49 states.
We do not use a tubular steel or 2-4" lightweight steel framing members in any of our buildings!! Our multi-faceted manuals explain every possible detail, even what simple tools you'll need before you get started.

ALL GALVANIZED steel construction, not just the purlins and girts, but the whole frame is galvanized steel!! Our roof fasteners are patented - eliminate roof leaks - better and stronger than stainless steel. All buildings supplied with wet stamped engineered plans for your building and your foundation! All buildings supplied with a detailed assembly manual - don't pay others for instructions. FREE shipping cost to lower 48 states or any port or border - can ship further if needed for an extra cost.
If you don't want to erect your building yourself, call us to see if we have a builder available in your area. Our steel building technology began in Australia where galvanized steel construction is most common, even for homes. If you have any questions regarding this building, please email us at the at the following email address, and we will answer your questions promptly. Please be sure to include the ebay item number so we know what building your question pertains to as we have many buildings listed.

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