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On average we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it is important that we choose a new bed wisely.
If your bed is tired and worn out, what chance have you got of getting the rest that you deserve? Sample TextThe Customizable Background and other options of Design Theme will give the WordPress Driven Site an attractive look. It seems like I have been celebrating my 70th birthday for weeks – what with visiting grandchildren and a big cake at the Family Reunion for all the Zero babies, but yesterday was my actual birthday, which I share with several friends, making it a joyous day indeed. Drew’s project took a lot of thought about design and engineering,  but Space in a Box is a 3-D experience.
Needless to say, we do a lot of reading, and a visiting friend who could not entice the boys away from their books, commented on their devotion to the written word.
This past weekend I was in Gilford, New Hampshire at a reunion of my mother’s side of the family. Before we started on our branch we got my five children, Philip (top left) and his lady Connie, Chris and Diane ( middle step), and Betsy and Kate with Kate’s newly fuzzy husband Greg together for this photo. It took more work to get the whole gang together, children, grandchildren, and my sister-in-law Joan on one end, and brother Tony on the the other. While Greg and his sons, Anthony and Drew went off geo-caching, Kate joined my brother and his wife, Tony and Joan, and me on a Lake Winnipesaukee cruise aboard the Mt. My cousin Erin came all the way from San Diego with her family including the youngest family member, Ethan, 8 months old. Last year I bought 3 golden Henryi lilies and 3 white Henryi lilies from Old House Gardens. The roses Terri Pettingill gave me from her mother’s house in Maine have never really thrived here, but this  one is sending roots out into the field as well.
Ryan left for home with his father last night – but not before a final flurry of activity.
Ryan and I went searching for adventure and visited the Rowe bog where carniverous pitcher plants grow right next to the road. Now that Ryan’s visit has ended, we start the final push before the Annual Rose Viewing.
With the Annual Rose Viewing only a week away, daughter Diane and her son Ryan came to help with preparations. While weeding we discovered that deer had eaten my beautiful Casa Blanca Lilies that won first prize at the Heath Fair last year. I nipped into Greenfield to buy  some daylilies at the Silver Garden Daylilies from my friend Richard Willard.
On the way home from buying daylilies I stopped at the new Charlemont Farmer’s Market held at the Hawlemont School from 10 am to 2 pm. It was hot work, and everyone was devoted to duty, so as the Sunday afternoon temperatures climbed we all headed out to Mohawk Trail State Park where there is swimming in the Cold River.
Saturday I went into Greenfield to buy plants at the Greenfield Garden Club Plant sale, but also stopped at the Greenfield Farmers Market to buy beautiful lettuce from The Kitchen Garden for Gourmet Club, and I bought a pot of beautiful double white petunias from LaSalles. The Farmers Market was full of vegetable starts, flats of annual seedlings, as well as the first greens of the season and huge bouquets of peonies from Hadley where spring has sprung to a greater degree than in Heath.
When I got home I had to face the reality that I am still weeding and planting madly – and it is not a pretty sight. It’s best built on stilts so you can make the best of use of the fold out porch area.
I got to see this post thanks to my friend Ryan Mitchell over at The Tiny Life although it was originally created by Roderick James Architect.

Any thoughts or suggestions regarding building two tiny houses as halfs so that when joined would make one larger one, eg, two eight by twenties joined could make a sixteen by twenty home.
Hi Nicolass, I have designed several cabins that can have additions built on later for more room. Slide-ins and bump-outs require more engineering because of the stress put on the house but can be done. The best security for a remote vacation cabin is to not leave anything valuable inside and bring your stuff with you when you are using the cabin. 1) Cables are a liability and could snag a small child or adult around the neck or catch even a tall person.
This design would be good to protect the windows from storm debris and would help keep critters out, definitely things to be concerned about if you leave a place unattended for a while.
The positive thing to get from this is if you are in a hurricane or severe weather area, having hinged, solid wood AWNINGS on your windows and doors would be a great idea. These hinged decks are not practical, as we’ve talked about in a previous post, because of the heavy duty hardware that is required, the extra construction that is required to sustain the weight of mounting those hinges, and the difficulty of raising and lowering them. I am really impressed with the design of drop-down decks on this cabin, the inside has a great cozy floor plan also. If you have your own truck and can pick up your mattress set, you save by not paying for delivery charges that most stores include automatically. We all know that a bad night’s sleep can ruin the following day and even start to affect your health and lifestyle. They’ve had a busy summer with a drive (geocaching!)  from Texas to New York for a Lawn Family Reunion, visits with other relatives, a quick trip back to Texas for another trip to North Carolina with their Boy Scout troop for camp, and back for the Larson Reunion. Its a cliche, I know, but this is the most important crop we raise, children rooted deep in family history, love and connection. A whirl to measure them on the door – and learn that Drew grew 7 inches in the last year and is now just a mite taller than his brother!
Whatever it is, it is thriving in a very wet spot and spreading by root into the adjoining field. Last summer I planted Thomas Affleck at the end of the Herb Garden in front of the house because the description of the Antique Rose Emporium said they were fragrant and should be planted where that fragrance could be enjoyed often.
There were big jobs like working with The Major to gett the tractor and wagon operational to fetch wood, and then be put out of the way. This market has just opened, but I not  only bought greens, radishes and snow peas and sugar snap peas from Pen and Plow Farm, I got some frozen lamb from Barberic Farm. Strolling among the Farmers Market booths my head is filled with fantasy visions of my own garden, equally productive and beautiful. Would love to read your thoughts in the comments on how a design like this would be beneficial in an off-grid or even survival environment. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
These can either be attached to an existing wall or you can design the cabin with a shed style roof so another secondary cabin can be built next to it in the same way a double wide or modular home is constructed. The decks when folded also act as security over doors and windows but they would add weight if this is designed to be transported. If someone is in trouble and needs a safe place to sleep and a meal leave them some canned food and some blankets and they won’t destroy the cabin and you might just save a life. For someone looking to break into a cabin, this place has “Break Into Me!” all over it! Too many of my friend’s in Michigan have had multiple break-ins, including their boats docked at the marina.

Of course, those are now prime pieces of real estate in urban areas now, but they still are popular builds in the country where the upper portion is for guests. With folding, drop down 4×4 legs the deck would have something to off load the weight when in the down to use mode.
Jane Wegscheider has not only tons of art materials and Beautiful Junk, she knows how to tease out an idea and project from a child’s imagination. Then off to a Mohawk Trails Concert with classical music, Broadway music – and Small Change joined by famous jazz French hornist (and Heathan) John Clark playing their special music. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
At 24×12 this cabin is already over the code limit for a dry cabin in most states (200 sqft).
Better to have an exposed window so a sneak-thief can peep inside, see that nothing of value is there, and walk away.
As someone mentioned above, if someone is hellbent on breaking into a place, they are going to do it, but if you limited access to living quarters by having it UP in the air, the sneak thief would really have to want IN, for the effort. I’d make an indentation in the leaves, pour in about a quart of soil and the seedling.
But they had a great time, diving, swimming and sitting in the rushing water of small waterfalls. Just my thoughts, maybe a solution for people who find a tiny house to tiny but like the concept.
If someone is determined to break into a cabin they will do it and the more you secure it the more they will think something is valuable inside IMO. And if you’re a person who favours guns, you’ve actually got to be AT your property to protect it!
The bulbous structure at the bottom is the carniverous part and is unlike photos I have found of other pitcher plants. We thought he had a good feel for handling the horse – and after only about 45 minutes actually on the horse! I hadn’t made even one pass through when daughter Diane arrived on Sunday afternoon for  a short visit.
They could be painted with glow-in-the-dark paint or otherwise flagged to be more visible, and I would add supports underneath. An instructor of mine once told our group of trainees, i can get into your house in a minute or two no matter what or how many locks you install. I’m wondering if I can make a kind of cage out of chicken wire to put over the annual seedlings.
I kept the twine around the haybales to hold them together, but managed to pull out enough hay to make planting holes for the seedlings. The chickens won’t be able to dig them up and the annuals (maybe cosmos?) will grow up through the cage and pretty much hide it. Doreen Pike, a low rugosa with bright green foliage and pretty very double little blossoms, who had sent runners toward the back of the bed, had totally disappeared to the back of the bed leaving a big empty spot in the front.
They stayed in the park (no Internet in the park!) camping after the official Sunday party, visiting and enjoying the park and the family. They met on a group date, went out together twice more before they had to part to their respective, distant homes.

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