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Rugged injection-molded polypropylene platform construction is corrosion resistant and easily cleaned. Optional additional handle allows cart to be pushed or pulled comfortably (sold separately). If you are concerned about the quality of the food you are feeding your family, perhaps building your own greenhouse in your back yard is the solution.
If you are like us, and you love the taste of fresh garden vegetables and herbs and hate paying crazy prices at the store for organic produce… this is what we did…now we have amazing fresh vegetables I our back yard all year long. We decided to grow tomatoes in soil and in aquaponics to see which  method will produce the the most plentiful harvest. I don’t know about you yet,  or where you live, however If you are like us and have to wait until mid summer to  enjoy fresh local produce, just know that that no longer has to be the case.
Learn more about growing in a greenhouse environment where you can feel confident that the food you eat is safe and delicious year round.  Join our  weekly webinars so you can harvest fresh veggies all year long in your back yard. If you have wanted to build a greenhouse in your back yard and have researched geodesic greenhouse domes, a website might appear that offers a book entitled “Eden Bio Dome Revolution”. Raising children on our own, and believing along the same lines as the author, we decided to build a greenhouse dome in our back yard. However, just like so many others who purchased Bio Dome Revolution, we got excited about the thought of growing our food in a dome. We personally know the Haines family has received over 1500 phone calls in 2011.  I am sure everyone reacts the same way when they are told that it costs $3000 for 2100 square feet of the greenhouse plastic, poly keder. The readers, just like us, realize that the information is a bit unclear, based on the fact the book states that one could build a bio dome for about $500.
When we did the math and understand the concept of replacing a greenhouse skin every few years, we called the Haines back ready to order a roll of the poly Keder. Then we went back to the web and continued our search for Poly Keder and found a company called “Made In America” that specializes in “keder” solutions.
Then with exasperation, we actually contacted the manufactures in Germany and have since become designated as the  sole US importers through our distribution center in California. The one thing that was correct in the Ebook about the greenhouse plastic, is that it offers more benefits than most greenhouse plastics on the market currently being sold in the US.
Now you can order SOLAWRAP greenhouse poly and not have to wait months to cover your precious bio dome creation with the one covering that allows for year round growing. When you consider the fact that you will not have to replace your greenhouse covering for about 20-25 years and Solawrap provides the maximum diffusion and light transmission and insulation for winter greenhouses more than anything on the market, you will save money in the long run. We are fortunate and honored to be the US distributors and look forward to serving commercial and personal accounts.
When setting out to build a greenhouse, it is important to consider different greenhouse plans.  There are many different types of plans. Whatever type of greenhouse you choose to build, greenhouse plans are an important part of the process, and the more accurate the better. Is our healthcare system seeking to keep people just sick enough to keep then coming back?  Why would doctors want to keep you sick? We, the people, we, the patients, need to educate ourselves on WHY this nation is so sick.  75% of money spent on medical care in this country goes toward treating preventable diseases (CNN, Escape Fire).  If these diseases are preventable, why aren’t we preventing them?
However, this instinct is alive in a world where preservative laden, months-old grains and refined cane sugar are readily and always available.  We are so removed from our food source that many children don’t even know that fruits and vegetables are grown out of the ground, not produced in a factory. Fresh, homegrown food is the answer to America’s “disease-management system.”  Join with us every other week to share your experiences or ask questions.
If you want to grow your own food, but feel overwhelmed by the size of the task and the time it will take, consider Aquaponics.  Aquaponics is the easiest form of gardening you will ever do.
Aquaponics is the marriage of hydroponics, growing plants without soil, and aquaculture, raising fish.  There are inherent problems in both of these systems that are eliminated when they are combined. In aquaculture, fish tanks must be cleaned frequently, which becomes a large expense to the fish farmer.  All that clean-out must be disposed of. The plants are anchored in a grow media, such as round river stone, expanded clay, sand, or expanded shale.  This media allows the water to get to your plants, and gives them a sturdy footing, but does not contain weed seeds.  You never have to weed in Aquaponics! If heating your greenhouse in the winter is a concern, then cover it with highly insulated Solawrap greenhouse plastic and build a mass rocket heater to keep the temperatures at a safe level so your fish will not die. SolaWrap Poly keder greenhouse covering has proven its success with the greenhouse industry through out Europe for three decades and is now being introduced to the United States. In New Hampshire, a converse climate where they received above average snow falls this year; a snow load test was performed. In Manitoba, Canada, where temperatures drop well below freezing, a trial has been in process for more than five years. Another testament to test of durability would be the greenhouses that currently have the original covering still in working condition after 29 years of severe weather, including winds in excess of 100 mph, hail storms, and heavy snow blown blizzards. In Alaska, while 130mph hurricane force winds where uprooting trees, destroying homes and neighbors standard greenhouses, the Geodesic Dome greenhouse covered with SolaWrap remained damage free.
SolaWrap comprises three layers of polyethylene film that encloses thousands of air bubbles.

The flexible nature of SolaWrap allows growers benefit from this highly insulating material year round, where they will require minimal heating from additional sources. Are there any viable solutions that will meet the growing demands for the arable land required to grow and produce nutrient rich food that we can implement now? With an increasing population, increased need for housing, increased demand for natural resources, limited clean water, and so on, will Mother Earth be able to accommodate these increasing demands with out suffering severe consequences, if we don’t act now to embrace sustainable options? Are there any farming technologies available that can remedy the dilemma we are facing with current negative trends that will enhance food quality, safety and security? What are alternative agricultural practices that have been implemented in areas of the world where similar problems have inflicted devastation and near starvation, that forced nations to discover successful solutions to feed people and farm animals that are processed for food consumption? With population growth inevitable; will the increasing amount of deaths occurring from natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, iatrogenesis, famine and diseases, instinctively balance things out, thus reducing the need to produce the projected amounts of calories, Koo sites?
Could global warming be contributing to uncertainty in crop and livestock production, adversely impacting the health of humanity and the plant? So many questions, so many concerns; do we have the time to deliver and implement resolutions?
Many people want truthful answers and viable solutions, NOW in order to avoid impending doom, for the children who already live such complicated lives with such challenges, of the likes that we have never experienced before.
Sustainable agriculture, along with the rebirth of local family farming will aid the problem enormously. Implementation of commercial hydroponic systems and production methods has proven to provide solutions to droughts, severe weather conditions, limited arable land and diseased and infested crops. What is the reality of implementing these proven sustainable local agricultural practices now?
Home owners can build a greenhouse dome and cover it with Solawap greenhouse plastic  for their back yard.
These are brand new !All of our items are 100% Authentic  Products purchased from licensed distributors.Limited quantity available! Case has been made from high quality plastic.It assures protection against dirt,scratches and shocks,easy access to all buttons and features,easy to put on your phone.
Europe : 20 to 25 days (depending on country duties and customs regulations shipping may take longer). Please check with your country’s customs if any added fees will be taken when receiving the package.
Returns accepted within 14 days of receiving the item,it must be in its as received condition,buyer pays return ship,customer will get money back or item exchange(buyer’s choice). Trademark Disclaimer : Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within this site are the property of their respective trademark holders.
It includes our solid plastic black and cream chess pieces with a tournament sized 3.75 inch king with two extra queens in the event you are a good enough player to promote a pawn into an extra queen.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Under the sola wrap greenhouse plastic we believe the plants will respond better to their environment than those we will grow in a traditional out door environment. The cool thing with a greenhouse dome covered with solawrap greenhouse plastic is that you do not have to wait till summer in order to enjoy delicious home grown vegetables. Protect your crops from harsh weather conditions and enjoy the benefits of growing year round with less energy. This is an E-Book that provides information about building a greenhouse structure in a Geodesic dome design. Initially after purchasing the eBook we were overwhelmed and like many others quite confused. Then went on a wild goose chase searching for the for a special greenhouse covering mentioned in the book that the author, Kacper, claims is the best greenhouse covering in the world, to cover a geodesic bio dome that his book tries to teache how to build.
He then provides the contact information of a Canadian couple that sells poly keder out of their barn in Manitoba, Canada. When we got the shipping quote of $800 + and realized that the cost is way too much to pay.
Quickly we realized that “Made In America” does not carry Poly Keder greenhouse plastic that we could use for covering our geodesic dome. You will see that SolaWrap will appear tagged with poly keder, because that is how it is referenced in the E book.
Solawrap is $3000 a roll, however we do not add any extra for shipping costs to most places in the mainland of US. If you are serious about having a greenhouse that will provide your food year round, then you will want to build a secure durable structure that will last the longest. We stand by the product and are confident you will reap an increased harvest and many other benefits. We know how hard it can be when you first begin searching, then building your own greenhouse kit. Aren’t doctors there to make us well?  Do insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device sales companies need us to open your wallet month after month after month to keep their high lifestyles in place?  The doctors do the best with what they have been given in medical school.

SolaWrap has many unique qualities.  Growers in the Mediterranean have reported tomato crop advancement of three weeks, during the winter months in an unheated greenhouse when compared to standard greenhouse coverings. 4000 lbs of an 11 ft high pile of snow was placed on top of a 6×6 piece of SolaWrap attached to a frame using the specially engineered interlocking system.
SolaWrap can be easily attached to drop down curtain and roll up curtain mechanisms, which allows for great sidewall ventilation.
One thing that never dawned on me though, was to view the production of the world’s food supply as “ total calorie production”. It is important to develop crop varieties that are adaptable under severe weather conditions. Research has been done; green technologies do exist in parts of the world that had no other choices when it came to providing their population with a healthy food supply.
Offset epoxy coated handle and 2 swivel, 2 rigid mold-on rubber casters help to ease the transport of materials.
It is more fun to build a greenhouse and grow food together with others; even if you meet online to discuss your project We are here to increase your level of success. Once you eat vegetables that have been nurtured in your own garden, or a garden that has been tended to by some one you know, you will have to agree the taste is completely different that grocery store produce. In it the author expresses his concern about our food supply where, he indicates that the quality of commercially grown food has become questionable. I’m sure that everyone that reads this book tries to contact the Canadian family with hopes to get their hands on Poly keder. With time they realize if they spent all the effort to build a geodesic greenhouse then it would make sense to invest the best greenhouse covering that will last longer and allow for a reduction of heating costs for year round growing. What they carry is keder beading which is actually the edging piece attached to vinyl signs, providing an easier way to affix a vinyl sign to a structure. We got our hopes up; only to find out that JKB Distribution, who owns the site, do not have any PolyKeder in stock and you will have to pay for your order up front. Its durability and longevity was tested in the extreme heat of Kuwait for a period of 25 years until the outbreak of war destroyed the testing facility. No damage was sustained to either the greenhouse plastic or the interlocking system that secured it to the frame. Strawberries are growing in this SolaWrap greenhouse in January, and the only heating occurs at night during the dead of winter.
Also, high tunnel or hoop house growers finally have a long term, highly insulated, solution to cover bowed greenhouses. In addition, all nations should develop a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent continuous global warming. Now is the time for communities to stand together, before the time comes when the food crisis is irreversible.
Businesses with cafeterias  or restaurants in cities  can build greenhouses with Solawrap on rooftops.
Our green and cream vinyl roll-up board with 2.25 inch squares includes algebraic notation for game analysis.
We placed an order, then we found out we had to wait till JKB has enough orders to purchase a full container from Germany, which could take months. In that 25-year period, the original SolaWrap covering withstood the elements and remained effective. The perfect chess set for tournaments and classrooms looking for a tournament size chess set and board at the lowest price on Amazon! When we dug even deeper we actually found out that JKB Distribution does not actually have rights to sell Poly Keder. Not until now could Americans have the benefits of high light transparency together with high light diffusion in the same greenhouse covering material. These plastic Staunton chess pieces are a perfect combination of beauty, price and durability. Every set is made of the best quality plastic and displays exquisite design and workmanship.
Normally, in the summer, thousands of dollars are spent on shade cloths, however, in Europe, due to the high diffusion rates; only 10 percent of SolaWrap greenhouses utilize shade cloths.
This set meets the World Chess Federation’s (FIDE) height, weight, and proportions standards for tournament play. FREE Shippin US $29.99 Triple-Weighted Chess Pieces They are easy to play with and their weight makes them perfect for tournaments or blitz play.

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