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I have made a BIGA mistake when I was trying to get the front windows in place.I have, that I said earlier in this thread, made new windows in 1 mm a€?lexana€? and mount them in a upside down Plastruct U-channel. If I understand you correctly Bo, you want the letters to remain as they are and paint the background they're on white? Hi Cato!No, I would like to have the raised numbers in black.I have looked at reference photos and most of themA have black numbers.
Thata€™s a way to go, but I have considered Catoa€™s suggestion and I think I go for that.I probably mess all up if I try to put a a€?black stripa€? over the BMFA Back to the seat, I think it was too much a€?BMF chromea€? on the bottom plate so, I put a small piece of leather over the most part of it, just for a test. It's not easy but I would do the following; get acrylic flat white (this will dry without brush marks) and hand paint it in with a fine point brush and a toothpick for the really tight areas.

Sorry if IA?m unclear.A OK then I would still paint the white as I described being careful as you can.
I have to take that a€?rima€? away somehow and take a small part of leather to cover the chrome plastic in the dashboard, and get a nice fit against the window.
Then I would have applied the BMF and trimmed just to be on the bottom part of the ribs.A  It would be tough but it is doable. If you get any on the letters and assuming they are raised slightly, you can rub any white off them with toothpick. One way might be to use thin strips of BMF and applu them at the bottom of the ribs.But at this point I agree with Cato - at this point leave them chromed.

Then dip the flat surface in black acrylic and gently and evenly touch all the letters with it. When complete and dry, you can spray over with clear acrylic gloss.I don't know what else to tell you Bo, it's a tough one.

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