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DIn 9021 washers DIN 1598 dome acorn cap nuts panel nuts DIN 935 castle nuts pool covers Brass anchors s.s. Barbados British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Guyana Jamaica Puerto Rico St. From 1st January the personnel access door supplier to Hi-Tech Steel Buildings will be Doors4Security. We are also able to offer our unique multi point locking six panel door powder coated white RAL9010. All Abbeylawn steel garden sheds and garages are made from a galvanized steel frame and sheeted with pvc coated cladding.
Our designs include three standard widths 6a€™ 6a€™a€™ (1950mm ) 9a€™ 6a€™a€™ (2850mm) and 12a€™ 6a€™a€™and eleven standard lengths ranging from 9a€™ 6a€™a€™(2850mm) long increasing incrementally in lengths of 3a€™ 3a€™a€™ (975 mm) up to 29a€™ (8700 mm). All Abbeylawn sheds have 6a€™ 6a€™a€™ (1950mm) high sidewalls, with an a€?a€™Aa€™a€™ roof going up to 7a€™ 6a€™a€™ (2250mm) on 6a€™ 6a€™a€™(1950mm) wide sheds and 8a€™(2450mm) on all others. All Abbeylawn sheds come with a standard door, which is 3a€™ 4a€™a€™ (1025mm) wide and 6a€™ 5a€™a€™ (1925mm) high. All Abbeylawn sheds come with at least one clear sheet of fibreglass in the roof to allow natural light into the shed. We also offer the option of a tile effect roof, gutters and 3a€™ x 4a€™ (950mm x 1150mm) windows. Hi-Tech Steel take away the headache of designing your building and will even support you through the planning process if required.
As a fully licensed CSB distributer for Northern and Southern Ireland, our own unique software will give you an insight into how your building will look prior to ordering it giving you additional piece of mind.

Hi-Tech steel structures are built using extremely strong high tensile steel combined with portal frame methodology.
Buildings constructed from the cold-formed steel Portal Frame method have many advantages over the more traditional hot rolled steel buildings. With cold-formed steel there is no need for welding as the joints are bracketed and bolted together and delivered direct to site from the factory already marked, cut to length and holes punched. Reduced transportation costs are also achieved due to efficient stacking of the steel sections and cladding sheets. All our galvanised cold rolled steel and cladding products meet the requirements of the CE marking which became mandatory for many construction products in the UK & Ireland from 1st July 2013. Butterflies are now already in abundance, and a few times I’ve had to rescue them from the windows of sheds and especially from a polytunnel. The clear nights are still relatively cold, but warming day-by-day, and more and more moths are being enticed to the lights of windows. If you are in Wicklow then now is the time to get out there into the countryside, and if you’re thinking of visiting Ireland, then this is almost certainly the year to do it. This pvc is a thick plastic coating on the steel, which protects the steel from the weather and gives the shed an attractive look. Double doors are also available giving a total of 6a€™ 10a€™a€™ (2100mm) when both doors are open.
Every shed is made to order, so it is possible for you to change any detail of your shed no matter how big or small. Buildings are constructed in bays and are joined together by attaching purlins and rails horizontally between the sections.

Our buildings require no painting as all of the structure is pre-galvanised giving the inside of your building a clean, almost clinical feel. Our structures are engineered site specific to comply with the mandatory building codes and regulations.
Only a few days ago I was paying a visit to the East Coast Nature Reserve with my brother, Trevor, when he spotted a large male Viviparous Lizard (Lacerta vivipara).
Especially interesting was a newly hatched out Speckled Wood, whose wings were still drying after having emerged from a crysalis. Sometimes they resemble petals from flowers, and appear to be falling on the wind, possibly a clever illusion to throw predators off the scent. You stand a very good chance of finding a lovely fawn-coloured moth called the Common Quaker during March, and I managed to photograph one earlier in the week. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! This is due to the fact that cold-formed steel technology utilises significantly less steel than hot rolled steel sections. Lizards can be approached with a camera, so long as you move slowly, and that’s what I did when taking this macro at 20cm distance. The usual length of a male is about 18-20cm from nose to tail-tip, but I have actually found one measuring 23cm long.

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