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So how can you trust that the 20 big sheds featured in this league table are the best you can buy?
The number one shed is hard to follow, but Waltons have succeeded with this impressive 10’x6’ Tradesman Tongue and Groove wooden shed.
Considering its low price, we’re surprised to see that its entire construction is thick tongue and groove. The third spot on our top 20 big sheds list is presented to the outstanding Lifetime 11’x11’ apex plastic shed. There are so many things we love about this shed that it would be hard to list them all here.
If security is your priority when shopping for big sheds, the 12×8 Traditional Apex Shed is highly recommended.
Security bolted hinges, along with a shielded padlock protector add to the shed’s security. The Mercia Ultimate shed comes in various sizes, with the 12’x8’ model the perfect choice for those looking for high quality big sheds. Even the floor and roof of this building is constructed from thick 16mm tongue and groove Shiplap Plus.
Designed for multiple storage uses, this 10’x8’ Hipex Shed is a superb model offered by Taylor’s Garden Buildings. If height isn’t much of a concern for you, then don’t worry, there’s plenty of other features to get excited about. This shed really does have it all, making it a worthwhile addition to our top 20 big sheds list.
We usually recommend the windowed version, but this windowless design makes it a brilliant choice for those seeking privacy. Due to its extra-large height this is also one of the best big sheds to keep taller tools inside. In our search for big sheds, Waltons definitely came out with the biggest selection of high quality models. Another plastic model to make it onto the list is this brilliant 8×10 Suncast Tremont 3 Apex Plastic Shed.
It is constructed not only with quality in mind, but also with privacy and security in mind too.
So we’re extremely impressed with the quality and style of the building but there’s one more thing we really love.
If your garden has more width than it does depth, this great quality reverse apex shed is exactly what you need. It’s most distinguishing features that we love include two opening toughened glass windows and extremely strong double doors. When you take into account all of its tough, long-lasting benefits you soon realise you are getting exceptional value for money.
We’ve featured a lot of apex models in this top 20 big sheds list, but what if your garden has height restrictions? The pent roof offers most of the benefits of an apex roof, just without the tall height in the middle of the building.
Another reason we included this onto the list is because it comes with a free installation service. We really wanted to cover all bases when looking at big sheds, which meant looking at all construction types. If quality and affordability are your main priorities, the Waltons 10×6 Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed is an excellent choice. Large, tall double doors provide convenient and fast access in and out of the shed; enabling you to transfer large, bulky items. This shed has received many positive customer reviews and comes out as one of the lowest priced tongue and groove sheds on the market.
We were surprised by the amount of great metal constructed big sheds there were to choose from. Vented gables ensure air is constantly circulated around the building, helping to prevent problems with rust and condensation. Perhaps its most significant feature is the 6 styrene glazed windows added to the side of the shed. We featured a fairly impressive, extra-strong pent shed earlier, but what if you’re just looking for a basic pent shed?
The shed also comes with a strong pad bolt which allows you to add a padlock to keep your storage secure if required. Here we have the great value 8’x12’ Wickes Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed with double doors. It also offers plenty of natural lighting thanks to the six large fixed styrene glazed windows. So if you prefer wooden big sheds to metal or plastic models but you don’t want the typical maintenance that comes with them, this is highly recommended.
We’ve featured a few metal construction big sheds on this top 20 list and this is the best budget-friendly model we could find.
We also like that although the standard features are fairly basic, you are given the option to upgrade. With such a wide variety of high quality big sheds on the market, selecting the very best was no easy task.
Storage Sheds For Sale from the AmishA Two Story Shed for Sale from Sheds UnlimitedWhen it comes to SHEDS FOR SALE in PA, make sure to check out Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster, PA. A Prefabricated Car Garage built by Sheds UnlimitedWhere to Buy a Detached and Prefabricated Garage in Maryland and NCWhen it comes to buy a Prefabricated Garages in Maryland or a Detached Garage in NC, look no further than Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster, PA. Custom Built Large Wood ShedsSheds Unlimited of Lancaster County is a premier builder of large wooden sheds and garages in PA.
Buy a Prefabricated Car Garage in Lancaster, PAPrefab car garages from Sheds Unlimited come in all sizes and shapes and list of finished projects continues to grow. One, Two and Three Car Garages in North CarolinaBuy prefabricated Car Garages in NC direct from Sheds Unlimited LLC. Outdoor Storage Shed Ideas GalleriesMany of us know the challenges of finding just the right storage shed for the backyard. Backyard Office ShedsAt Sheds Unlimited INC we are always looking at ways to expand our line of products. Prefab Storage Sheds and Prefab Garages on Sale!Just what you have been waiting for all year! This Premier Garden Building answers the question of "Where to buy a Storage Shed in PA"If you live in the Northeastern part of the USA you know that there are dozens of shed and garage suppliers all around.
A Classic Expressions Poolhouse Shed from Sheds UnlimitedIs it to early to be thinking Spring?
Sports field dugouts and concession stands are a part of nearly every sports field and they are now available from the Amish in Lancaster, PA.
Sheds Unlimited INC, the premier Amish home shed builder of Lancaster County, PA, announces three new promotions for the fall season. Home Storage Sheds for Long Island, NYFor over ten years storage sheds from Sheds Unlimited INC of Lancaster, PA have been finding their homes all across Long Island, NY. Are you aware the glue used on tennis balls causes the enamel of the dog's teeth to disintegrate?
Well, we’ve spent hours researching hundreds of big sheds available across the top 10 UK retailers. In fact, several upgrades have been made recently such as a tongue and groove roof and cladding. One of the main things that has truly impressed us with this model is its incredible affordability.
This means not only is it exceptionally durable, but it is also suitable for heavyweight storage.
The stand-out features for us include a high density polyethylene construction, a powder coated steel frame, shatterproof opening window and a full length skylight.
Absolutely every aspect of this shed’s design has been created with security and quality in mind. No matter what it is you want to store, this shed will provide a solid, reliable and safe place to keep all kinds of garden furniture, tools and equipment.
The glass windows measure 6mm rather than the common, thinner 4mm windows you find on most outdoor buildings.
Redwood pine Shiplap tongue and groove cladding helps to give it a warmer, more modern design compared to most big sheds out there.
What is truly superb about this model is not only does it already come with some unbeatable features, but it also has plenty of extra options too.
Firstly, the main one that stands out to us is the option to upgrade to 18mm thick Premier Shiplap cladding or 19mm thick log lap cladding.
Available in several size variations, the 10’x8’ model is great for those seeking stylish, top quality big sheds. Once the large double doors are open, you’ll have plenty of light to see inside so the lack of windows doesn’t affect your ability to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something unique, that will add real character to yoru garden then this is definitely a good choice. This 10×6 Groundsman Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed is one of the best the site has to offer. Thanks to 12mm thick tongue and groove exterior cladding and a full tongue and groove interior, this shed is capable of handling all kinds of storage.
This may be a small feature, but it actually plays a very important role in maintaining the durability of the shed. Its floor has been reinforced so that it can easily support the weight of machinery and even a tractor! A pressure treatment applied to the timber means not only will you never have to treat the shed, but it also comes with an incredible 15-year anti-rot guarantee. Well for those who have to account for low hanging trees, or if you would prefer to assemble the shed against another building, this 10’x10’ Pent Shiplap Wooden Shed from B&Q is the perfect option. This 10’x12’ metal shed from Rowlinson definitely stood out from the majority of metal sheds out there.
So no matter what the elements throw at it or if by chance someone decides to try and set fire to it, the shed is going to ensure your storage is kept safe and dry. These save on space and ensure you can transport any size item without the fear of having the doors blowing shut on you.
It is fitted with 4 styrene glazed windows to supply a good amount of light into the shed and also improve its aesthetic design.

This 10×8 model is part of the great Store More collection at Shed Store and it comes with an exceptional design.
Add to this the metal construction is crack and fade resistant and requires no regular maintenance and you have a very good value for money building. This 10’x8’ Shiplap Double Door Shed simply had to be featured on the list for its excellent value for money. This means no matter what it is you are trying to transfer into the building, you won’t encounter any problems. Designed to fit most people’s large storage needs, it is one of the best value big sheds we could find. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new shed and you require a large amount of space, this is the model for you. If all you need is a basic, large storage area then you won’t find a better, more affordable model. Another factor that set this model apart for us compared to other pent big sheds available, is the fact the front panels can all be changed around. Its strong, stylish look, along with its affordable cost is what makes this really stand out for us. Not only is the Yardmaster Apex Roof Metal Shed 10’x13’ affordable, but it also comes with some great, useful features. The 12’x8’ Waltons Windowless Overlap Apex Wooden Shed is a private, basic shed with a very low price tag.
For example, you can improve its durability by upgrading to Superior roofing felt, as well as creating an even sturdier floor with the extra-strength floor support pack. Therefore, we congratulate the 20×10 Billyoh 5000 on taking the top spot on our big sheds league table. Their decades of experience combined with a wide range of possibilities makes their storage sheds for sale from Lancaster, PA the best place to buy a storage shed.Why Buy Sheds For Sale from Sheds Unlimited?1. We offer both standard detached garage designs as well as customization according to the wishes of the customers in North Carolina and Maryland. Peruse our website and you will find both small and Large Wooden Sheds for sale direct from our manufacturing facility in PA. If you are looking for the latest in our garage building projects, stay tuned on Facebook or visit the one car garage ideas galleries or the multiple car garage idea galleries to see our hundreds of garage photos online.One Car Prefab GarageOur single car garages are prefabricated in our Lancaster, PA facility and delivered to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, VA, WV, MD and a few other states on occasion. Our car garages come with many standard features but also have the option of countless customizing options. Take a look at the Sheds Unlimited Economy Equine Shelters built from our standard Economy Saltbox Sheds or our Classic Quaker Buildings. Visit our manufacturing facility on Memorial Day and peruse the many outdoor storage sheds and prefab garages on our lot.
Some of the best discounts on PREFAB SHEDS and PREFAB GARAGES that Sheds Unlimited has offered all year.
So when entering the market for a backyard storage shed you may wonder where to buy a shed. If you take a look at the Pool House Cabanas and the Classic Expressions Backyard Poolhouse Sheds at Sheds Unlimited you might agree that it is not!
Nearly every month a load of prefab sheds and garages are carefully manufactured in the Lancaster, PA manufacturing facility and loaded onto special storage shed hauling trailers for the long ride to Long Island under unusual circumstances.Buy a Poolhouse Shed for Long Island, NYBuilding and delivering storage sheds on Long Island is no normal task.
During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience. From top quality wooden big sheds to zero maintenance plastic and metal big sheds; we’ve got something for everyone in our top 20 list below.
There are an outstanding number of customisation options designed to ensure you get everything you want and need. If you’re looking for big sheds that won’t break the bank, this is by far the most superior out there. When you’re looking for big sheds, you often need them to hold a large range of various weight items. Being plastic, the shed is naturally weather resistant and it requires absolutely zero maintenance. The construction in particular is impressive as it ensures the shed will never crack, fade, peel, rot or chip. So if you have the money, this is definitely one of the big sheds you should be considering. Every shed in their range is built with Redwood tongue and groove Shiplap and focuses on exceptional quality. Credited for its extreme durability, style, security and value for money, you’ll struggle to find better quality big sheds than this one. Benefitting from a two-tone finish, the shed boasts plenty of character, making it a fabulous choice for any garden. It offers total security thanks to a lock and key door and the thickness of the cladding is 15mm, with an option to upgrade. With its incredibly tough construction, this impressive looking building comes with more than a few great features. It is also one of the taller models on the market, offering extra-high eaves and overall height. You’ll notice they come with a thick, wooden frame, giving them a much more stylish design compared to many other big sheds out there. Instead small panelled windows are added to the top section of each door, as well as six great skylights. Long lasting resin has been used in the overall construction of the building, known for its excellent resistance to dents and scratches. Whatever your storage requirements, this is one of the best big sheds o the market to meet them. This Shed-Plus 12’x10’ Champion Heavy Duty Reverse Apex Double Door Shed is one of the best big sheds we could find. Maintaining big sheds is hard work so the fact you don’t have to worry about it with this shed is a massive benefit over its competitors. Created from softwood, this great pent shed comes with 12mm Shiplap tongue and groove cladding; promising a strong and durable construction. Putting up any garden building can be tough, but when you’re dealing with big sheds it can be a nightmare trying to install them.
It’s low maintenance design also means you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on annual treatments. They are also lockable so if you add a padlock you can ensure your storage is theft proof too. One of the more basic looking big sheds on the market, considering its thick tongue and groove construction, this shed comes at an unbelievably low cost.
Created from hot dipped galvanised metal, it is the striking Anthracite finish complete with a white trim that really sets this shed apart.
It is the lowest priced of all the big sheds featured on our list, yet it still provides some pretty great features. The styrene glazing also makes them totally shatterproof; good news if you have small children or pets!
The second Windsor model to be feature on our top 20 big sheds list, this model has been designed to offer maximum storage space at the lowest cost. Its zero maintenance benefits will no doubt appeal to most, but it’s the unique features such as pad-lockable sliding double doors which really stand out at this price level. So if you’re looking for a strong, long-lasting, big storage shed that you will never need to maintain, this is definitely the one to go for. Out of all of the big sheds we looked at, this proved to be one of the lowest priced 12’x8’ sheds on the UK market. It also features something not many budget sheds do and that’s strong, braced double doors.
We Assist you in Designing the Perfect Shed for your home and deliver it directly to your home. We offer one car garages, two car garages, three car garages and even four car garages all custom built in North Carolina to meet your specifications.
These buildings include a 6x6 pressure treated perimeter and have the option of kick board to protect your horse run-in for years to come.10x14 Economy Horse Run-in with Tack and Feed-roomNew Prices on Large Sheds and GaragesAt Sheds Unlimited we are continually updating our website to serve our customers and enable people to find what they need online.
We are finishing out our first set of office shed models now and they will soon be ready for delivery anywhere in PA, NJ, NY, MA, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Buy Prefab Amish Sheds or prefab car garages before December 31, 2014 and get a 5% Discount. Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days. However, we’ve included a range of sizes in this league table so there’s bound to be something to fit your preferences and storage requirements. So you really can be sure that the big sheds on the list below really are the best off the shelf.
It is worth noting that it is available in many different sizes so whatever your definition of ‘big’ is, this shed has it covered.
The tongue and groove floor ensures whatever you need to store, it will not compromise the safety of the structure. There are plenty of windows added to the shed so you’ll always be able to see what you need. This model is unique in the fact it features small, glass windows towards the top of the building.
It isn’t the aesthetic benefits that made this shed feature in our top 20 big sheds list however.
A great reverse apex design gives the building more character compared to the average apex shed.
This means not only will it last longer than your average big shed, but it will also easily hold heavy machinery and equipment.
So if you’re looking for a shed you can walk comfortably around in, this is a brilliant choice.
They allow you to get both a good level of light into the shed, whilst also ventilating the building to prevent that ‘muggy’ feel that can sometimes present itself in wooden sheds.
As mentioned earlier, you don’t typically associate plastic sheds with quality and style, but this one really breaks the mould. Like all good security sheds, this one comes with small windows located at the top of the building. If you have a lot of plastic garden furniture and light to mid-weight items, then this is the right choice.

One of its more unique features that you will not get with any of the other big sheds available is a full width entrance and exit ramp. Styrene is shatterproof so if you’re choosing big sheds for your family garden, this is one of the safest out there. You will need to provide your own padlock but for this amazingly low price, it’s a definite benefit considering most of its competitors come with a flimsy pad-bolt. It’s actually pretty impressive to see that it features Shiplap tongue and groove cladding. Come rain or shine, the pressure treatment applied at the factory will keep it fully resistant to any potential weather damage for up to 15 years.
These allow great easy access into the building without the worry of them ever blowing shut as you’re transporting items in and out. Created with traditional style overlap, it is the perfect option for those seeking a light-medium weight storage solution.
Ensuring they won’t sag over time, this feature adds real stability and durability onto the building. Whether you are searching for a new garage, wooden storage shed, playhouse or any other type of garden building, our comprehensive reviews can help. Whether you live in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA or WV, when you buy a shed for sale direct from our manufacturing facility, we offer plenty of free advice on what is best for your building.2. Our prefab car garage delivery and setup area includes PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, ME, VT, NH and even a few other states. That is why you will find prices for large storage sheds in both the Classic Sheds and the Large Outdoor Sheds in the Premier Line.
First, we offer an economy one car garage for sale direct from our Lancaster County garage building shop. Choose your prefab car garage line and then request a free garage estimate today!One Car Garage in North CarolinaOur single car garages in NC are a beauty to behold. Our newest pages include Large Storage Sheds and Large Single Car Garages in the Classic Line and our Premier Garden Shed line. On our website you will find close to a dozen shed and garage photo galleries with hundreds of ideas for a backyard storage shed or prefab car garage.
They simply visit the closest storage shed reseller lot and buy a storage shed at a higher price than could be bought direct from the manufacturer. Our newest Classic Expressions Pool House has offered customers a brand new beautiful backyard pool shed option which many have been delightedly enjoying this summer. First of all, it requires special storage sheds hauling permits if the Long Island sheds and garages are wide loads. For example, we especially love the fact you can add guttering and shelving, as well as choose from a wide selection of colours for both the trim and the walls. So if you’re looking for durability, quality and a shed you can really make your own, this is definitely the model we would recommend.
All in all, this is a superb shed and definitely one of the best big sheds available in the UK today. It comes with a high price tag, but out of all of the big sheds on the market, this one offers one of the best value for money in the long term. Offering plenty of interior space, this shed can be used as a combined storage are and workshop.
It features a delightful barn design and comes with stylish shingle-style roof panels created with reinforced metal. These allow light inside the shed, while eliminating the possibility of anybody peering through. However, it also comes with a few additional unique benefits that you just don’t get with wooden big sheds.
So if you’re on a budget and don’t want the hassle that often comes with wooden big sheds, this is a fantastic alternative.
As it comes with interchangeable sides you can also choose exactly where you want to windows to be. Being able to padlock them also gives you peace of mind if you need to store anything of value.
Another unique advantage of this model over its similar priced competitors is the fact that Waltons throw in a free tub of treatment and an additional floor support pack. The featured photo is our Premier Garden Garage built in our manufacturing facility and delivered as a unit to your area in North Carolina. Visit the Garden Shed Ideas Gallery to see more.Shed and Garage Ideas Catalogs FREEIf you are the kind of person who likes to have a book in your hand rather than peruse garden shed ideas online, we have the perfect gift just for you. Now you can find a way to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life at home and do your work in a quiet home office shed from Lancaster, PA.Turn Key Office ShedsThis (above) is a 10x14 Premier Garden Office Shed with 15 light glass door, 30x36 windows, six transome windows and much more.
The Classic Expressions Poolhouse offers a wide front overhang with the option of a serving window and dining bar so that both friends and family can enjoy a leisure evening in the backyard pool.A 12x24 Portable Pool House Cabana From PAWe are even hoping to expand our backyard pool house line with a fully finished Premier Pool house model during the winter months.
Then the load of storage sheds headed to places like Islip, Ridge, Brookhaven or Shelter Island might also require special escort arrangements.
A RIM lock completes its fantastic design, ensuring whatever you use it for, you can keep the shed fully locked and secure at all times. Designed with heavy use in mind, this tough building is capable of withstanding high levels of daily wear and tear. For nearly three decades, Sheds Unlimited has been offering prefab garages and sheds for sale from their manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, PA. Step on up and you will find our popular Premier Pre-Built Garden Car Garage with all the fancy designs to make your prefab one car garage not only pleasing to the eye, but also more roomy in the inside due to the really steep roof pitch. The featured portable garage for North Carolina has an optional shed dormer, cupola and weathervane. Fill out the free estimate form on our website and under normal circumstances you should have your estimate, including shipping, within twenty-four hours.
Request our FREE Storage Shed Ideas Catalog or our Car Garage Ideas Catalog with dozens of pages to get your mind going. The building comes fully insulated and wired so it will be ready-to-go when it arrives at your home.
This Premier Garden Pool house will offer some fascinating and very attractive features that you will not want to miss!
Ask any Sheds Unlimited driver about the challenges of maneuvering a wide load through the New York City streets and you will easily discover that this is no easy task!The difficulty of the task is highlighted by the fact that many portable storage buildings must be taken through the city streets at night to avoid heavy traffic during the day. From our facility in PA we offer garage design and build services to folks in PA, NJ, NY, CT, ME, NH, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC and beyond. If you want even more, take a look our full two story one car garages which can be delivered as a modular prefabricated one car garage and allow for a small second floor apartment, an second floor art studio or backyard getaway.Two Car Prefab GaragePrefab two car garages also come in various styles and with many options. These full color catalogs offer thirty to forty pages of garden shed and prefab garage design ideas beginning with the basic ECONOMY SHEDS and going all the way to the Premier Garden Shed Designs and much more.Even if you are looking for more than the normal garden shed ideas, then our ideas catalog offers even more.
Call 717-442-3281 to learn more about our TURN KEY OFFICE SHEDS that will be available for delivery in the next few weeks.
Stay tuned to see what rolls off the line in the coming months.We would love to have your ideas on how we could create the perfect backyard poolhouse that would be both attractive and practical both inside and out. If you want to save and get a cheap two car garage in NC, then consider our economy prefab garages. There we showcase the two story sheds and garages as well as the Sheds Unlimited backyard studio and home office shed ideas, pool house design ideas and much more. Things like an outdoor shower stall might be an option coming through the woodwork in the coming months and a fully insulated and finished pool house model is on the discussion table. These buildings are prefabricated in our manufacturing facility and delivered in two sections. All of this packed into two catalogs pages make our free SHED and GARAGE IDEAS CATALOGS valuable tools in helping one choose the right storage shed design or car garage design for their home.REQUEST A FREE Storage Shed or Car Garage Catalog today! Again, just stay tuned to the latest additions to our line of swimming pool houses and backyard poolhouse sheds and we think you will be delighted with what you see!Buy A Pool House CabanaCall us today at 717-442-3281 to find out more about the options available to you in a backyard swimming pool house from Sheds Unlimited. Whether you want to save hard earned dollars on a shed for sale in PA, or spend more of a storage shed with some fancy features, Sheds Unlimited has many choices.4.
Within hours, these two car garages can be in place and ready to use.Next, we offer a workshop two car garage built on a concrete pad with many customizing options.
Or call 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our sales staff to help find your way in choosing the right building from among all the ideas! As with all of our garages, the prefab two car garage can be customized to meet almost any number of needs or looks.
Our team of Amish Garage Builders and Amish Shed Builders works up a sweat day after day to provide some amazing designs.
Our three and four car garages can be built as a garage with attic space or a detached car garage with a second floor.
This 10x16 Pool House Shed comes in the backyard STUDIO line meaning it is fully finished on the interior with an electrical package and all! From the simple economy three car garages or detached four car garages, to the upgraded and highly customized three car garages, we offer value, quality and a great design.
It comes with large windows, an outdoor dining spot and two posts to accent the backyard swimming pool area.
We even have a specially designed trailer to get these amazing garden sheds for sale, into your backyard. With the purchase of every three or four car garage comes a free set of garage plans so you can visualize the design and a set of plans to take to your township for approval. See our Garden Storage Sheds For Sale in PA Gallery.Premier Garden Sheds For Sale from Sheds Unlimited5. We offer four car garages with attic space, two story two and three car garages, garages with lift space and much more.
If there is a problem with a shed or garage from our Team, we come to your location and fix it for you. If you really want to get a feel for the cost of a prefab garage, simply visit our site to get a free garage quote. But we do cover places like Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, Long Island, NY, Washington, DC, Atlantic city, NJ, Toms River, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Princeton, NJ, Doylestown, PA, Dover, DE, Easton, MD and many other cities and towns in between.

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