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An alert whitetail deer buck looks to his right from behind weeds (Virginia white-tailed deer in habitat).
Caption: An alert whitetail deer buck looks to his right from behind weeds (Virginia white-tailed deer in habitat). You may contact us for a quote by phone or email, but the most efficient method is via our quote form, which will guide you in providing minimal information required for most quotes.
If you are a deer hunter, you know the excitement of tracking down a big buck and the adrenaline rush that comes when you actually take it down. If you are looking for some of the largest bucks you will find anywhere, then Iowa is a must-visit destination.
Another great state for big bucks is Ohio – although you are only allowed to shoot one buck every year. Kentucky is one of the five top states for white-tail, and produces the second-largest number of trophy bucks of any state.
I have just been informed that this whitetail was an enclosed ranch deer that had been fed special food to grow it's antlers, therefore it is not eligible to be entered into Boone & Crockett.
Please take a look at some of the big wild Ontario Bucks taken in the last couple of years from the menu above or check out my Black Bear Hunting and Moose Hunting web sites. Despite being less accepted than it was in the past, deer hunting is still an incredibly popular sport.

The deer population is not as big as some other states – about 200,000 – but you’ll be astounded by the size of the white-tail deer there.
Ohio’s program for managing deer is conservative, but this does have an advantage – because the number of kills is relatively small, the bucks can grow to extraordinary sizes there.
Not only is this a great place to find large bucks, it is also home to some of the nicest deer hunting scenery in the nation.
Good places to visit in the state include Livingston County in the west of the state, Bullitt County in the center of the state, and Breathitt County in the East. Make tour reservations to the best hotels, compare rates, check out reviews and get discounts in one unique search engine.
Shooting this deer in a cage and then having your picture taken with it is like having your picture taken with a hot hooker and telling everybody it's your wife. Images and all content included on this website are protected by United States copyright law and the Berne Convention. In fact, in rural areas hunting white-tail is an institution with many families, and making a first kill is a rite of passage for young hunters.
According to Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), one of the reasons for this is that there is plenty of forage for deer in the state, and the relatively mild winters let them grow to extraordinary sizes. In fact, over 6% of the area of the state – more than 1.6 million acres – is designated as game land, creating plenty of space for big bucks to grow.

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You probably have your own favorite hunting spots near to where you live, but it can be exhilarating to go hunting in other parts of the country – the experience is incredibly varied, with each state having its own particular character. In fact, the Iowa DNR actually maintains a registry of big game that has been shot in the state, and will award you a certificate if you bag a deer with a trophy-sized rack of antlers. You agree to our terms of use by continuing to use this website or by downloading any image from this site.
The state is also friendly to hunters – because the economy in Iowa is so dependent on farming, the state wants to keep deer populations under control to prevent damage to crops. Website design, images, textual content and trademarks are registered internationally and with the United States Copyright Office. Significant penalties apply to all copyright infringements, including penalties to $150,000 per image, plus payment of legal and usage fees.

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