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I am not a qualified electrician, plumber, or hot tub engineer, and therefore I do not recommend you attempt to copy anything you see on this site. July 25, 2011 By David Marciniak Leave a Comment What is a Concrete Turndown Edge on a Patio, Anyhow?
When installing a patio, you want it to have a slight pitch so water doesn’t pool on the surface. A turndown edge lets us build up the edge of a patio without the expense of having to build a retaining wall under it. The resulting raised floor makes the house look much better than when the is slab poured basically flat to the ground.
The rod chairs hold the rebars off the bottom of the footing, and keep them aligned properly. Short sections of 2x8 lumber are used to form 8-inch steps in the footings where the grade slopes. You can find a wide range of coating applications, which can satisfy the most complex floor projects. What could be better than sitting in a warm spa sipping a cold beer (or glass of wine!), whilst the powerful hydrojets massage your aching muscles. In early 2004 we decided to build a do-it-yourself hot tub and so here you will see what steps we took to achieve the finished article, and what obstacles we encountered along the way. I have a few projects underway that need one, and it’s a simple concept that sounds more involved than it is.
If we’re lucky, the grade slopes away from the house at a similar pitch as the patio, so we can prep the base and pour the slab on grade.

We simply form up the edge, shape the gravel under the slab to create a shape similar to the image, and pour the concrete. Wire ties, with a loop at each end, are used to tie rebars to each other where they overlap, and to tie the rebars to the rod chairs. This allows the footings to step up or down in 8-inch increments, which work with 8 inch high concrete blocks. You may know someone who has a hot tub, but have been put off by the cost of buying an off-the-shelf package, so you think to yourself, "why don't I just build one myself?
It turned out to be not quite as easy as I first thought, but it was certainly a rewarding experience.
Hot tubs consist of a potentially lethal combination of water and electricty and therefore should you decide to undertake a project of your own, you should always make sure any work is completed to local and national safety standards in your country. If there’s a massive difference in grade, we may need a retaining wall at or just beyond the edge of the patio.
Now you know what a concrete turndown edge is, should it come up as part of your northern Virginia landscape design. They both are two great options.Perhaps you prefer to choose a low cost method such concrete sealer or concrete paint. It is an expensive and impractical solution.The second option is to level the old concrete floor.
In fact, it requires the least preparation of the concrete surface.Concrete sealer is great if you want to protect your concrete surface from chemicals and traffic.
In addition, concrete sealer enhances the colour of acid stained floor or colored concrete floor.Concrete StainConcrete stain is an inexpensive way to change the look of your old, gray concrete surface.

2)    Using a level on a straight wooden board sweep, the floor surface and mark every high spot and dip. Read more Leveling The Subfloor In The Bathroom How To Refinish Ugly Stairs Got A Bad Batch Of Behr Paint Prepping The Kitchen For Paint How To Install Baseboards With Rosettes Install A Small Ceramic Tile Floor Working With Different Grades Of Plywood Build A Shed Floor With Pressure-Treated Wood Replacing A Damaged Baseboard Kitchens Bathrooms Heating & Cooling Doors & Windows Roofing Outdoors Painting Flooring Plumbing Electrical Walls & Framing DIY Projects Interior Spaces All Articles Roofing Videos Kitchen & Bathroom Videos Flooring Videos Door & Window Videos Wall & Framing Videos Painting Videos Fence & Deck Videos Heating & Cooling Videos Outdoor Videos Plumbing Videos Electrical Videos Other Project Videos All Videos Home · Terms Of Use · Privacy Policy · About · Sitemap · BlogCopyright © 2016 DIY in a hour.
Using acid, you can add colour improving the aesthetic look of your basement or garage floor.Better than acid stains is water based stains.
Water based stains is easier to clean and offer more colour options than acid concrete stains.Concrete DyeConcrete dye is in many ways similar with concrete stains. 5)    Mix the concrete leveling compound according with the manufacturer instruction, until to a creamy consistency.
Do not forget that the compound hardens very quickly; therefore you need to work gradually, until the entire area is covered. NOTE: Make sure you will have a smooth concrete surface without any bumps, therefore mix properly the leveling compound, until a homogenous consistency without any lumps. 10)           Even if the compound concrete will level itself, you should break the concrete tensions.

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