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Four of the boards will have the notch in the bottom of the board, like the top board in the picture below. Four of the boards will have the notch in the top of the board, like the bottom board in the picture below.
It would be good to tack a heavy fabric to the top four boards and then pin your quilt or blanket to the fabric. Isobel MorrellMarch 20, 2013 at 9:59 AMHaving a frame like this would have been a boon for me in my quilting days - I gave up, because the big ones were just getting too heavy for me to cope with. Memories made here - It's the gathering point for big family meals and small family moments. Mix, Match and Marvel - If they style you love doesn't have the options you need; no worries- you can Design Your Own. A small table that thinks big - All of our beautiful island tables feature our ball bearing slides which open length-wise and expose a central butterfly leaf, quickly transforming a rectangular island into a square-top table for six. Put your good taste on display - You’ve spent years assembling the ultimate collection. Absorbs clutter - Exudes beauty - From nostalgic country pie safes to beautiful linen cabinets, we offer classic storage solutions for hiding the clutter of everyday life.
Designed for dining rooms on a diet, our studio leg tables are perfect for a small breakfast nook or extra seating for a big family event. When there’s just not room for four legs, plus all the other legs at your table, our beautiful studio pedestal tables provide an elegant, small-space solution.

Start with four legs, add one creative imagination, and there’s no telling where you might go. The double-pedestal table offers one of the most unique looks available for the dining room or kitchen. With its rustic beam and pin construction, the trestle table is reminiscent of the beautiful gathering tables you’d expect to see in a Bavarian lodge on a classic English keep.
At Amish Haus our builders pay special attention to this essential element of the home; providing tables in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Whatever the size of your dining room, kitchen or family; we can help you create a table that's the perfect fit for you. Not to mention sturdy construction in chairs that are built to stand the riggers of everyday use. Allow us to assemble the ultimate display, with options including integrated halogen light systems designed to put your objects d’art in the perfect light. To begin designing your own leg table, check out the following page for inspiration, then turn to the next page to create the table that’s just right for you. Using the examples shown here for inspiration, turn the page and begin creating your own double-pedestal table design. All at once, or a piece at a time, these collections take the look you love throughout your entire room..
With countless styles to choose from, you’ll be sitting pretty, no matter which look you choose.

Again, using the examples shown here for inspiration, turn to the next page and create your own unique table design. If you are actually hand quilting a quilt, then you would definitely want to pin your quilt to fabric as opposed to just tacking in onto the boards.
Today we offer more than 4000 types of furniture, supplied by more than 50 Amish shops scattered throughout the American heartland. If you are on a budget, and would like some inexpensive quilting frames, then this is for you. Apply a color varnish, or use a contemporary hardware on traditional furniture to give it a bold new twist. This year we are proud to include the original 1979 Series barstool in our catalog, hand-crafted by son George Kauffman—the latest generation of Kauffmans to build on the family tradition. The tables are hand stained and then sealed with three coats of a catalytic finish that makes it practically impervious to water, nail polish remover and alcohol.

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