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To make your own LED light bulb, you will need a soldering iron and some solder, some LEDs and a pre-drilled circuit board. Using the image below as a guide, start solding your LEDs together in rows of 4 starting with the Plus lead and connecting to the next LEDs Minus lead, then Plus, Minus, Plus, Minus. Look at the second photo to see how to bend the LED legs over to make contact with each other. To prevent any problems later and to make sure that the homemade light bulb is coming along well, connect the circuit board to a 12 volt power source (or battery) periodically to test the circuit. In the photo below, the voltage is only set to 10 volts and the few LEDs on the board are already putting out a nice amount of light. Test your new DIY LED bulb again on the bench to make sure all the solder connections are good. Fill the socket with epoxy or hot glue to secure the wires and be sure they never break due to vibration or stress. LED light bulbs are great for autos, RVs or campers because they last longer than incansescent lamps and they are not fragile. For this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make and attach the black wood frame to a light pendant kit after you make and put on the faux (wax paper) capiz shells. Continue nailing cornersA until you have made 2 separate boxes from your 8 smaller pieces of trim. Once allA 4 of the longer trim pieces are attached, turn the frameA over to attach the other square frame. After the glue dries, spray paint the entire light fixtureA frame.A  Let it dry thoroughly.
When you cut the strings of shells different lengths, you’ll get different looks too.
I would think that you’d want to be careful of the heat generated by a light bulb with this project. Copycat Crafts is the place to find DIY tutorials to create designer-inspired home decor, accessories, clothing, recipes and more. For those of us without a green thumb, succulents are a great way to go since they don’t require too much care. The Pro LED Modules is a thin, water resistant unit that contains twelve powerful and long lasting LEDs. There is any easy way to create your own unique lighting decor at home - and, no, we aren't talking about the soda can lamps from middle school shop class. Developed by Jason Krugman and Scott Leinweber, the Splyt light works as a puzzle only limited by how far one’s imagination can stretch. A Kickstarter campaign a long time in the making offers the first chance to own a Splyt light, which is available in three different kits: Starter Kit, Smarter Table Kit, and Expansion Kit. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

Each row should have four LEDs connected together in series from + to - to + to - and so on. This will ensure that all the leads are soldered together well and there are no shorts or bad solder joints. In the photo, you can see that the LED lamp is giving off enough energy to light up even the work surface below the LEDs. Now you will recycle an old, burned out incandescent light bulb to use its socket for your new LED light bulb.
To mount the new LED bulb, simply press the bulb into the light socket and twist it as you would a normal incandescent light.
LEDs are not susceptible to vibration or shock, so they outlast standard light bulbs in harsh environments such as traveling in a vehicle or trailer. I was looking through my pins the other day and saw this one of a stunning (and I’m sure expensive) light fixture. For a step-by-step of how to make the shells, see my post on how to make a wax paper capiz shell chandelier and follow the instructions on how to iron together the wax paper and sew them together. Eight of them will be the same (shorter) length and 4 of them will be the same (longer) length. These are available at the home improvement store for about $25 and can be used for a lot of different projects.A  Insert two of your smaller pieces into each side of the clamp, making sure the ends line up.
Clamp one of the longer pieces into the miter corner clamp and hold one small frame on top. If you leaveA spray painted objects outside for a few days (covered on the porch for example, or in the garage) it will help mostA of the odor go away.
I like toA glue the shorter ones on first, so they will be seen from the outside of the fixture and the longer ones in behind them. You can secure the cord to the wall with Command strips or cable braces, both of which can be found at the home improvement store.
We have this one on a wireless light switch, since we don’t have any switch-controlled outlets or overhead light. Be sure to select one that you don’t mind looking at, since the capiz shells might move around a little with the breeze. Stop by daily for new project ideas or subscribe to our weekly emails- because you shouldn’t have to break the bank to show off your swanky-style! All components for the Build Your Own Panorama Aquarium Lighting Fixture are sold separately.The sleek looking, easy-to-install housing features efficient vents for heat dissipation. Splyt Light's nifty modular design allow anyone to easily piece together lighting fixtures that double as works of art. Elaborate chandeliers or simple table-top lamps come together with a few twists from Y-shaped plastic connectors. Each collection comes with bulbs and the appropriate connectors to create a truly unique piece.

If you wait until the whole lamp is finished to test it, then it will be harder to find the trouble spot. Wrap the old light bulb in a rag, layers of paper or, better yet, an old bubble wrap lined mailing envelope. Then secure the circuit board with a bit of double sided tape to keep it in place in your lamp.
This is equal to roughly 100 Lumens, which is the equivalent of the output of your standard 15 Watt incandescent light bulb found in most autos, RVs and campers (first photo above).
You can make your own LED light bulbs for a fraction of the price as the retail versions and they can be tailored to your own needs. It’s how to make your own light fixture using just wood trim and wax paper, and I promise it will look great in any room in your house.
I instantly thought how easy it would be to DIY that light and set out getting my supplies ready. A CFL (pictured) might be OK but personally I avoid using them because they contain mercury. Because the Splyt light can accommodate most bulbs, users get to decide the shade of light and brightness their creations emit.
You can find them out of China now for about a dollar with free shipping for a hundred LEDs. To save money, we will not be using a voltage regulator or current limiter for the LED light bulb. Using these calculations, the vehicle or RV average 12.5 volts to 13 volts is perfectly in the range of our LEDs, so no limiting resistor will be needed. Zoom in on the photo to see how the LED legs on the outside rows are soldered together along the edges. Now attach a piece of wire from the positive terminal of your new LED circuit board and run it to the center wire of the light bulb socket. Make sure your 8 smaller pieces are the exact same length and same goes for your longer ones.
An LED bulb would be better but I would not recommend an incandescent bulb because they get quite hot. Then connect the negative terminal of your LED bulb to the other wire of the bulb socket, the one that connects to the outside of the socket.

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