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Here you can see some images of wonderful looking hammocks from Hatteras Hammocks with wooden and metal stands that you can set up in your garden or on your pool deck.
Garden structures such as arches, trellises, gazebos and pergolas separate the exquisite garden from the mundane.
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Heavy steel bands and steel tubing are welded together and subsequently galvanized by hot-dip at 860° F.

Now that spring and summer are here, you can enjoy spending relaxing time under the sun or in the shade. Imagine you can spread the hammock wherever you want and just curl up with a book and a cool refreshing drink?
If the weather is too hot, you can enjoy the shade and if you may like to soak the sun, well that is also a great choice!
A better option is to get a garden hammock with a stand that can be set up anywhere in your garden!

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