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I have been asked on many occasions over the years to what design code the Chilton was built, I tell people what I was told, in that the Chilton was designed to conform to the then (1936) full C of A requirements, however this is sadly of no particular help to those builders who wish quite naturally to acquaint themselves and possibly their own airworthiness authorities with the design code used to ensure the aircraft's structural integrity. Knowing Ward & Dalrymple's de Havilland Technical School background one can also be near certain that their guiding reference would have been Practical Aircraft Stress Analysis, authored by their lecturer at de Havilland, D. Air Publication 1208 categorises 'Civil Flying Machines' basically as Normal Category, Aerobatic Category and Special Category. Although I have yet to positively establish the actual certification category of the Chilton, I think I can safely assume that the Chilton was built to the requirements of the Aerobatic Category, but was, by the necessity of using a non approved engine, certificated in the Special Category but I hope to eventually be able to substantiate this assumption.
The four Chiltons were too small for impressment so spent the war years in storage in the Earl of Cardigan’s hanger at High Trees aerodrome. When I first saw the original Chilton Monoplane drawings, I noted some had been updated with dates just post war and bore the initials “FL”, when talking to Fred Luscomb (the original employee) in the seventies, I mentioned these drawings and his initials, but Fred said the “FL” were not his initials but those of Forester Lindsley who subsequently emigrated to Australia and in later years became involved with that Country's home built aircraft movement. There is a letter reproduced on this page dated June 1963 enquiring of George Cull of the Aeromodeller if he was aware of any Chilton drawings as he was at this time obviously trying to regularise the drawings situation.
However my own enthusiasm for the Chilton Monoplane sprang from an article on ultra-light aircraft published in the 1955 edition of the Aeromodeller Annual. However in June 1978 I finally realised my ambition to own a Chilton, when I exchanged my Comper Swift G-ABUS for the then Mikron II powered G-AFSV.
During 1980 I was contacted by Don Giffin from Canada, who subsequently obtained permission to build a Chilton from Mr. In 1984 I decided to restore the mortal remains of the prototype G-AESZ that I had acquired some years before, because of the extensive nature of 'ESZ's rebuild it was obvious that a comprehensive set of drawings would assist its rebuild, especially as it was my intention to contract out most of the work due to my commitment to ‘FSV.
As my re-drawing progressed, there came a point where my drawings exceeded the number of original drawings, as the originals were not numbered, it seemed logical to integrate both sets of drawings into one unified set.
However, these drawings can be made available subject to certain conditions being fulfilled on an individual basis, details of which are available upon application. The first new Chilton built to the drawings flew in July 1997 built by Tim Harrison and is powered by the 55 hp Lycoming engine removed from 'FGH.
The further purpose of this page is to show the various modifications that have been embodied to improve upon the original design. One area that can be improved upon is that of the wheels, those fitted on my aircraft are the original pressed steel wheelbarrow wheels fitted with 4 x 8 tyres, they’re quite heavy but I wish to retain them in the interests of originality. To try and quantify the potential improvement offered by this modification, ball races were fitted to one of ‘FSV’s wheels - see photo. Shown in the thumbnail to the right is the undercarriage leg assembly from ‘FGI that has been modified to take a Lambretta wheel with an integral axle. The original seat harness anchorage points were located on each side of the seat on the front and rear faces of the rear spar.
Recent thinking has outlawed this arrangement and the attachment points for the rear straps have to be anchored higher in the fuselage to restrain the pilot’s upper torso from moving forward in the event of a crash. Stuart Hoy of Anglia Sailplanes now makes original pattern Sutton harnesses primarily for the Tiger Moth market, however Stuart will supply whatever harness length is required to suit as he has done for me, see his website :- Anglia Sailplanes Website. When Tim Harrison built his machine, he locally strengthened the rear of the luggage locker and used each corner as the upper strap attachment point making the geometry of the harness conform to the current requirements, I have embodied this arrangement in each of my machines and it seems to work very well.

The aileron push rod was connected to the aileron actuating arm by an inverted ball joint of the type more commonly associated with engine controls. I recently noticed distortion in a portion of the trailing edge of the elevator centered on the longest part of the unsupported trailing edge. Chilton cut-away drawing This link is to a cutaway drawing by Jim Newman, how I came by it I can't remember but is very nicely done.
IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE ADDITIONAL PADDING:Laminates having pre-attached padding can also be installed over an underlayment. Practice makes perfect: Chilton County High School students practice for the annual Blast from the Past performance, which begins Friday. Complete with a hearth, back panel, mantelpiece and fire, our fireplace suites are perfect for those who want the whole fireplace package.
Our fireplaces include a hearth, back panel and mantelpiece – just provide the fire and leave the rest to us. The bedrock of a fireplace, our back panel and hearth sets provide the perfect starting point to creating your fireplace design. Your fireplace is a reflection of your personal design taste, so make sure you have an interior that really screams you with the Adam Southwold Electric Fireplace Suite. Q. What size are the screws that are used to fix the fire into the surround and where can I buy them? I have a 1937 edition of AP1208 and Practical Aircraft Stress Analysis and hope to obtain a contemporary edition of AP970 sometime. It was the partners intention to recommence production of the Chilton after the war but the redesign of the Olympia sailplane and the prototypes construction along with the Company’s diversification into electrical consumer goods meant that the Chilton’s re-emergence was fairly low priority. Ward continued to receive requests over the years and during the early sixties decided to at least complete the drawings that had been untouched since 1946 when the redrawing was started but not completed. As the two partners got it right first time, the nature of the mods are only minor or those required by safety legislation such as the repositioning of the rear straps of the seat harness. Thus the rear straps came straight up one’s back over the shoulder’s and connected with the two lap straps just in front of one’s stomach. Any slight play at this joint translates into excessive play at the trailing edge of the aileron so this item has to be kept greased and adjusted to overcome this. This is caused by the seemingly continuous shrinking action of the cellulose dope on the elevator fabric as my elevators have been covered for over 20 years. I have pulled the tube back out to its original profile for the photo, but this type of trailing edge was not used again and all subsequent machines had a ply trailing edges to maintain the curve. When doing so, Lumber Liquidators recommends the use of our Bellawood Premium underlayment or ECO Silent Sound underlayment. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. With its unfinished oak surround, you can paint, stain and lacquer this fireplace to your preference, giving you a huge amount of scope for colour coordinating with your interior. It is highly likely that those items are included but are in 3 pieces underneath the hearth.

The tragic death of Andrew Dalrymple on Christmas day 1945 no doubt dealt a shattering blow to the Company’s plans.
Edward Mole arranged for Chilton G-AFSV to be overhauled by The Collage of Aeronautical Engineering as a project for the students. This arrangement prevented the pilot from falling out but did not restrain the pilot’s upper torso from moving in an arc forward towards the instrument panel. The trailing edge had distorted both sides in exactly the same manner, it had pulled the outer edge of the trailing edge upward by about ?" midway between the two widest diagonal ribs. Blast, an annual musical and dance production by Chilton County High School students, will be held at 7 p.m.
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One of the employees did indicate to me that quite understandably, this accident was instrumental in Reggie Ward’s decision to withdraw from the aviation side of things and that he felt the future of Chilton Aircraft lay with the electrical consumer products market. Ward for racing, was instrumental with others in setting up the Ultra Light Aircraft Association, (later to be re-named the Popular Flying Association). I devised a simple fix to insert a slave rib to help support the trailing edge in this area.
The Chilton was looked at as a very promising aircraft for the post-war enthusiasts to build and Reggie Ward was approached, but because of his involvement with what had by then become the highly successful manufacturing company of Chilton Electric Products along with Chilton Engineering that manufactured the tooling and carried out sub contract work, he understandably declined to entertain any further aircraft production for which no obvious market existed.
Ward’s possession, had by this time become faded to such an extent that it was impossible to produce a legible print. Note in the photo on the left that the Carden-Ford mount is still in place with a tubular sub-mount bolted on to mount the Lycoming. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased by any cast member, at the office at Chilton County High School during school hours. However, concurrent with this it was proposed that the students of The College of Aeronautical Engineering at Redhill, as a design exercise, design and build an updated version of the Chilton to be powered by 50hp German Zundapp engine that had come into the Country as war booty.
All of the proceeds from the event will be used to fund various school projects, including the current seat renovation project for the auditorium.
Ward lives on her seven thousand acre Scottish Estate, the Kinniard Estate, centred around Balmacneil House a large mansion built in 1770, the estate has been in the Ward family since 1927 when it was purchased from The Duke of Atholl by Sir John and Lady Ward.
Unfortunately the Chilton drawings that were borrowed were not all returned, inquiries made on my behalf at the College some twenty five years ago regarding the drawings were unsuccessful, as they had no knowledge of the drawing's existence. Ward advised me of the problem of the missing drawings, but kindly offered to let me have prints from those drawings that existed.

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