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Serving the high performance computing market since 1994, RAID, Inc. has deployed end-to-end HPC solutions for leading corporations and government entities, including customized solutions with Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012. The new software designed storage technologies available in Windows Server 2012 help transform an existing IT infrastructure into a modern datacenter at an affordable price point via the virtualized storage feature called Storage Spaces. Storage Spaces – Provide virtualized storage pools and virtual hard disks that are configured with specific provisioning and allocation attributes, and can leverage failover clustering for high availability and resiliency.
Enhanced SMB protocol – Enables file server support for applications needing high performance and availability. Data deduplication – State-of-the-art data chunking and compression for individual servers as well as branch office extension.
Enterprise Clustering – Storage Spaces includes a failover clustering platform to achieve High Availability (HA) clustered storage.
Cluster Shared Volume V2 (CSV2) – Shared file storage solution for consolidated storage and application clusters in non-Hyper-V environments. Live storage migration – Supporting high availability while moving virtual hard disks between hosts. Support for VMware and NFS 4.1 – Enabling VMware virtual machines and other third-party platforms to run with NFS while gaining Windows continuous availability.
At the conclusion of its testing, ESG stated, “These technologies enable enterprise IT to simplify services and management, while quickly supporting process and application deployment, scaling, and integration. This ESG report helps to educate IT professionals and provides an analysis about storage and networking capabilities of Windows Server 2012.
Q: Can I create a software RAID volume in a Storage Space with Windows Server 2012 on a USB-connected drive? This fully-updated master class gives you 12 hours of detailed instruction on all aspects of a Hyper-V based virtualization environment.

You'll explore current capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2 and look to the future with Windows Server 2016. You mention Dell VRTX but everything I can find says that clustered storage spaces is not supported on VRTX (although it sounds like it works).
Hi, I have found suggestions that a minimum of a three storage enclosures are required to cover individual storage outage. Setting up a Dell VRTX with two nodes to be in a small Hyper-V cluster with 2-4 VM’s each. WaiverAnything you do to your IT infrastructure, applications, services, computer or anything else is 100% down to your own responsibility and liability. Aia?iai a?aiaie nooie!Naaiaiy oioaeinu au iaiiiai iiaiai?eou i iiaie oe?a a Windows Server 2012 — Storage Spaces eee I?ino?ainoaa Aaiiuo.Ii nooe yoi iaeioi?ue iaoaieci ae?ooaeecaoee aeneiaie iianenoaiu, eioi?ue aano?aae?oao ian io oece?aneiai o?iaiy aeneiaie iianenoaiu.
Iiaua eo?nu ii Windows Server 2012 ia ii?oaea MVACa iineaaiea ianeieuei iaaaeu ii?oae Microsoft Virtual Academy iiiieieeny ianeieueeie iiauie aanieaoiuie eo?naie ii Windows Server 2012.
SMB Scale-Out a Windows Server 2012A Windows Server 2012 iiyaeeanu aicii?iinou ia?yao n eeanne?aneei oaeeiaui eeanoa?ii nicaaaaou oae iacuaaaiue Scale-Out File Server — oaeeiaue eeanoa?, eioi?ue ?aaioaao a ?a?eia Active-Active. Ia MVA ainooiai iiaue eo?n ii Windows Server 2012A i?aaaaa?ee aeiaaeuiie ainooiiinoe Windows Server 2012 ia ii?oaea MVA iiyaeeny eo?n «Iiaua aicii?iinoe Windows Server 2012. Aeneiaue iannea HP EVA — ana i?inoi!A i?aaaaa?ee auoiaa iiauo iiaaeae aeneiauo ianneaia P6000 EVA, y oi?o iieacaou ianeieuei i?inou e yooaeoeaiu yoe ianneau a ?aaioa. We have been a proud partner of Microsoft since 2011, witnessing first-hand the development of a truly disruptive technology.
SMB Direct provides RDMA hardware support for high performance storage capabilities without high cost.
Storage space integration with failover clustering also provides continuously available service deployments.

Iaiaei, aieaa eioa?aniui aa?eaioii ?aaeecaoee aaiiiai iaoaiecia yaey?ony Eeanoa?eciaaiiua I?ino?ainoaa Aaiiuo (Clustered Storage Spaces). Yoe eo?nu aieaa aaoaeuii ?anniao?eaa?o ?ya aii?inia, cao?iioouo a oaoie?aneii iaci?a iia?aoeiiiie nenoaiu.
SMB Multichannel facilitates network bandwidth aggregation and fault tolerance for multiple paths between SMB clients and file servers. And if you have enough data, or will have enough eventually, you should put in the number of JBODs required for your mirroring to get FT (3 for 2-way or 4 for 3-way). Please independently confirm anything you read on this blog before doing whatever you decide to do. But couldn’t I instead present each physical HDD’s as a separate disk with a 1-disk RAID0 to the Hyper-V nodes in multiple assignment and use Storage Spaces? In each of my two servers, I have a dual-port 6Gb SAS HBA, which I use to connect to the storage enclosure.
Make sure a cluster has been created for the multiple nodes that are connected to the storage enclosure.
It's a fix for manageability for storage enclosures, and it adds a Windows PowerShell Get-StorageEnclosure cmdlet.
Note the output shows the firmware version of the enclosure and you should check if there is a firmware update for the storage enclosure and apply if needed. Also make sure the storage enclosure shows the disks as JBOD and don't configure disk sets within the enclosure as this would stop Storage Spaces being able to manage each disk.

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