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Hasn't it been found yet?I've been sat on a VERY high stool with knee-high wellies on for about 3 weeks now!
Back in March, we had a snake very similar to this one in our garden in Brighton(he didn't pose that professionally, though).
I used to have snake pets when I was a kid and my nieces had a couple of quite big ones recently.
The snake has been with me for just under two years now.I initially assumed the snake was on the plump side but now I am not so sure as it has come out of hibernation and still has this deposit. A swe have all sorts of slithery nasty things, you are told to keep well away and call the Parks and Wildlife service.The snake is likely to hide under things, rocks, in grass - could it have gone into the compost or under a wheelie bin etc? Holding them down with sticks etc can result in broken bones, as the skeletons are fragile.

I searched online and the site say that it is a fatty deposit that occurs in female corn snakes. Albino House Snake, HAL.Harlequin Crested Gecko HARLEYAlbino Horned Frog WAKAChilean Rose Tarantula TRIXIE. Pythons are generally non agressive, as they are constrictors but I would be cautious as it may be scared. It has been on newspaper, it drinks and defecates on a regular basis and it also is a vigorous eater and has never refused a meal (even when it has been about to shed).The snake is relatively old (perhaps ten years old the person I got it from said they had it since 2002). If you are tempted to catch it, make it in the early morning when it will be groggy from the cold. This time I managed not to scream quite so loud.Thank goodness I have finished getting rid of the long grass.

It does not enjoy being handled so I keep handling to a minimum (only touching it to inspect and move it during cage cleaning).
Put the head into the bag, then still holding on, take your other hand on the outside of the bag and replace the one holding him. You then just have to put the rest of the body in the bag, tie it up and you can then let go of poor snakey.

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