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Donald Trump's tax plan, which he debuted Monday, is, shockingly, not the most carefully crafted document.
Second takeaway: For all of Trump's bluster about making hedge funders pay more in taxes, his plan is just another massive gift to the rich.
The fashion-crazed Russell Westbrook was in New York City recently to revel in all the NYFW hoopla as he was seen in a monotone get-up highlighted by the Air Jordan V Doernbecher. This year’s Air Jordan entry into the Doernbecher line appears to be a particularly heart wrenching one.

Mostly, it looks a lot like the arch-conservative proposal Jeb Bush rolled out earlier this month, but with even more implausibly low rates for all—sort of like when a high school kid copies his homework and then changes a few details so the teacher doesn't catch them. But at least attaching some actual figures to them should stop famous television journalists from doing so. Nonetheless, Citizens for Tax Justice, which previously crunched the numbers on who would benefit most from Bush's various reforms, has taken the information Trump provided and worked up a rough estimate of what its effects would be. In some sense, this is more progressive than Bush's plan—the top 1 percent would take home more than half the income gains from his blueprint.

The average 1-percenter would get a $82,000 cut with Bush, but would upgrade to a yooge $184,000 cut with the Donald.

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