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If you want to send your phone in or request a repair quote, visit the official iPhone support page. Vehicles are usually described as 5 or 6 “speed” meaning then have that many gear ratios to allow the vehicle to travel at the full range of speeds required and to make use of the engine’s output power as efficiently as possible.
Visit our what people are paying page to see what people like you have paid or been quoted recently to have their transmission fixed.
The cost of transmission repair varies widely based on a number of factors, the most important of which is the type and extent of the repairs being performed by the mechanic. Considerably older or rarer cars are harder to find parts for, which also increases the cost. Finally, the driver’s location will contribute a great deal to the overall cost of the procedure.
As mentioned previously, when deciding whether to rebuild or replace a transmission it is important to know that either option can be more cost effective, depending on how complex and extensive the issues are (it can take a long time to troubleshoot and repair some problems, in which case a replacement would save you money). There are a number of symptoms of a damaged or worn out transmission to watch for, some of which are listed below.
In the event that a transmission does begin to fail in some way (or fails completely), mechanics will often recommend a replacement, a rebuilding process, or other smaller repairs to ensure that the car will function properly and reliably. A full transmission replacement is one of the most expensive procedures a mechanic can perform on a vehicle. Rebuilding involves removing the transmission, opening the case, inspecting and cleaning all the components and replacing the “soft” parts that are damaged or worn out. Generally speaking, there are three different aspects that must be checked before any transmission rebuild. Next, the mechanic checks the vehicle’s computer system that controls automatic shifting (for automatics). After a number of diagnostic tests including test driving the vehicle and a comprehensive inspection, the technician will remove the transmission from the vehicle and disassemble it.
A typical powertrain warranty is for 10 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first), but they vary widely depending on the manufacturer and can range anywhere from 4-10 years and 50,000-100,000 miles.
A warranty will cover the cost of repairs (parts and labor) if the damage was caused by poor workmanship or a manufacturer defect. Parts that experience significant wear-and-tear and are expected to be replaced at regular intervals such as CV joints and boots and clutches are excluded from most warranties.
Due to their complexity and how difficult they are to service, choosing the right mechanic to handle your transmission can make the difference between a long-lasting repair and one of questionable quality. Consider getting friends or family to recommend a mechanic who repaired a transmission for them and did quality work.
Due to the wide range and severity of problems that can occur and the variance of costs involved, it is advised to get mechanics to explain exactly what is wrong with your transmission and what has to be done to fix it. Please sign up and then post it in the forums so that we can discuss your situation directly.
I paid $2100 a couple of weeks ago to have my Chevy silverado’s replaced by Mister Transmission in Toronto. I have had two bad transmission experiences, and the larger chains were always the rudest and the most overpriced option (next to the dealerships). I have the same problem with a 1997 jeep grand, I love her to death her name is dixie I bought her 3 years ago and worked on her. Hey Jamie, without knowing the year, make and model of your vehicle it is hard to say whether or not that is a fair price.
My advice is to get a couple more quotes from shops in your area to see if they all think that the job will cost that much.

I have a 96 z28 Camaron and the tranny seems to be messing up it still goes 110 mph but if u go over 3k rpm befor a shift it will just reduce speed and the rpms will go up. Basically, when you drop your iPhone you can either call or email to schedule your assistance service and then mail in your iPhone. If there was no accidental damage, Apple may replace it for free, if it is still covered by the warranty.
Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears (automatically or manually) to dynamically change the speed-torque ratio in order to deliver power to the wheels in an efficient manner based on the speed of the vehicle.
Due to their complexity, constant use and function within a vehicle’s operation, transmissions experience a lot of wear and tear. According to Transmission Repair Cost Guide readers, the average cost of transmission replacement ranges from $1800 to $3500.
The upper end of the range is typically for the replacement of a high end vehicle’s transmission or a complete rebuild after a major mechanical failure. If the transmission needs to be completely replaced or rebuilt, drivers can expect to pay several thousand dollars for parts and skilled labor, while a few minor repairs and a fluid change will only be a couple hundred dollars. What the car has been through can also affect the price as newer cars that have been well maintained will cost less than those that have been through tough times. Making this decision is difficult for the average consumer, which is why it’s so important to find a trustworthy mechanic. Some of these parts include seals, O-rings, bands, gaskets, valves, clutch components and filters.
Mechanics must disassemble the transmission to look for problems and replace the parts that are causing it to not function properly. The first is probably the easiest, and definitely the most affordable: changing the transmission fluid. Transmission slipping and hard shifts can actually be caused by the computer if it is not reading the RPM correctly.
The following components are typically covered: transmission case and all internal parts, torque converter, converter housing, automatic control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals, gaskets. However, if the vehicle’s maintenance schedule was not followed then the warranty might be void and not be honored. Certain components may or may not be covered depending upon the manufacturer of your vehicle.
As with any car maintenance, it’s best to get a quote from a certified technician or repair center before making an assumptions.
The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has a shop locator for finding a certified mechanic.
They should also be able to give you a clear estimate as to what the price will be once they have done basic diagnostic tests.
Just this year I had a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander rebuilt by Dayton Transmission Repair in Dayton Ohio, and they were the most professional shop I had ever been to. When its cold it does not want go into second gear only when I warm it up it starts to work. Show them those problems, have them test drive the car and get them to re-do the work or give you your money back so you can go somewhere else. Based on the information you’ve given, your budget should be enough to cover the cost of the repairs. That is definitely on the expensive side though, unless the car is a luxury import or rare antique. I have a pristine 2003 Mercury Sable with 133K miles on it that has never had problems and has received the usual timely fluid replacements and exchanges.
You can also take the device for a Genius Bar appointment in an Apple retail Store if there's one around you. The reason for this is that engines output a high rotational speed which cannot be used for low speeds or starting. Add to this the fact that many owner’s forget to check and change the fluid on a regular basis and it’s easy to understand why so many people have transmission problems.
We’ll have the Cost Guide Certified shop in your area give you a call with a free estimate.

A single mechanical failure can cause the car’s engine to shut down and disable it entirely, so it is important to watch for these signs and get your car inspected at the first sign of trouble.
However, it can also cost just as much or more than replacement in cases when there are major issues that need to be addressed. Drums, shafts, pumps, converters, the casing and gears are referred to as the “hard parts” and rarely break because they are much more durable and rarely break. Through this process, the part(s) causing the mechanical failure are eventually found and replaced instead of having to install a brand new transmission. The cause of many problems is low or dirty transmission fluid, which can also cause the vehicle’s fuel economy decrease. Sensors can be easily replaced without disassembling a transmission, so this is the second easiest (and cheapest) repair that can fix the problem(s).
In fact, it’s generally a good idea to gather multiple quotes and compare prices in order to make a sound decision based on quality and value. The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) has a similar function for finding a shop that follows ATRA’s Code of Ethics.
Less attractive options are dirty, poorly operated, and not as focused on the customers they’re supposed to be serving.
I had to drive in second gear (drive wouldn’t work) to the service center and the technician announced the transmission dead on arrival so a replacement was the obvious choice. Given the age of your car, a replacement might be necessary and could cost slightly more than what you’ve set aside. Nissan will cover it for free up to 80,000 miles, 90,000 a copay of 2500, 100,000 a copay of 3000.
I had it to over 4 shops and everyone keeps telling me it’s a wheel bearing or cv joints. Using gear ratios, a transmission reduces the rotational speed and increases the torque (or “power” to the wheels) in the process. The labor to remove and replace a transmission ranges from $450 to $850 for 4 to 9 hours of billed time.
For example, fixing a manual transmission often only requires a new clutch, a $1000 to $1500 job. It all depends on how comprehensive the repairs are: from installing a few new parts to a complete overhaul. Do some research both online and locally and to find highly rated shops that have solid reputations. Reputable shops offer a warranties on their services in order to ensure customers’ peace of mind.
With careful attention to certifications, warranties, and shop conditions, it’s easy to find a low-cost, high-value transmission repair shop that can get the job done right. I used lucas automatic transmission fluid treatment to help with the last 6,000 miles but now it doesn’t seem to have any effect.
The old beast is worth less than a replacement transmission so would like to know if you found a solution for your problem or had to get major works???
This “fix” often costs less than $100, though many vehicle owners find that they can do it themselves. If the problem was found and none of the “hard” components require attention, the unit is assembled and reinstalled into the engine. In fact, a warranty should be the number one thing that drivers look for when choosing a repair shop. Please read the last section of this page for other great tips on finding one that won’t rip you off. Let me know what you do if you buy a new one or just fix it maybe I can take your advice to help my situation with dixie.
After another test drive to ensure everything is working properly, the car is returned to its owner.

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