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Having thought about and discussed the exterior of different styles of homes, let’s give some thought to the interior. What I find is that people are really not afraid of “the color” but of the intensity of the color. Without getting into the weeds of color philosophy let’s keep this simple and think about color used for different styles of homes. Mediterranean—The interiors of Mediterranean homes are sometimes a unified color throughout the interior. California Ranch—This style home is a reflection of many styles influenced by theCraftsman prairie style and mid-century modern it opens the door to many color families. Traditional—Classical and elegant, the Traditional style is formal and refined with balanced and proportioned rooms and strong architectural features.
Victorian—Today’s Victorian can be influenced by a Transitional look as well as the luxurious Victorian style. When choosing colors for your interior be sure to reflect or complement the colors of upholstery, cabinets, stone and tile. Enter the Door Style Numbers that you want information on (Example - DbyD-5001) and tell us what information you need us to provide. Our order procedure is simple, once we have priced out your unit it can be ordered by a fax, E-mail or a phone call.
This is where people tend to have a lot of fear about color even though they do not seem to have the same fear about wearing color! Intensity is the “value” of the hue, meaning how dark or how light, or the grades of color in between. Remember this is a general discussion because other elements of your home important in choosing color are hard surfaces, like stone and tile; color of the wood in cabinets and flooring and fabrics.

Beautiful nature inspired colors playing off the architectural features of the prairie style, or bungalow styles of the Craftsman. Today’s Traditional style can blend into the Transitional, which melds the modern with the Traditional. Complementary colors mixed with harmonious shades with emphasis on the architectural features create a beautiful interior. Another important tip is to always, and I do mean always, take the time to get samples, roll it out in the room you plan to paint and be sure to put it several places to see how light will affect the color at different times of the day.
Take the time to do this and you will have more confidence about the color you have selected.
When you place your order we will prepare a complete order approval package with detailed shop drawings and measurements for your review and approval.
If we could transfer the feeling of wearing color to living with color it would create wonderful rooms to enjoy.
These other elements have colors that you may want to enhance by putting that color on the wall.
Here are a few ideas based on styles of homes that might help in selecting interior colors. So fear of color is more than just using color but comprehending the light to dark ratio of the color. When designing craftsman style house plans, you need to preserve the natural architectural appeal of the design. I plane to restore the irons and resharpen in next couple of weeks.I hope to use this some in making new window trim for my home. If you want to create a little more drama in a dining area a darker richer color makes a lovely focal statement for the room.

Since all of our doors are built to your specifications we require a 50% deposit and the balance is due at the time of shipment. Here are some ideas to make a great plan.You need to list the furniture that you need to purchase to express your craftsmanship style such as wooden writing tables and oak rocking chairs. All orders are shipped freight collect and the freight line will collect the actual shipping charge at the time of delivery.
The lighting should also be considered since it should feature colored glass and metal details. We will be glad to answer any questions you, your builder or decorator may have -- just give us a phone call at 1-800-359-7557.
It is helpful to have your quote number or order number so we can pull up your information. Since the design constructed from natural materials, you can use colors that accentuate the natural beauty of your home such as green, beige and brown. Although this style known for the open floor plan, you need to make separation between functional areas.This will add the appealing in your home. You can break up a large space with an area rug and add wooden railings to divide different rooms in sections. You can add some accessories such as candles, pinecones and floral arrangements to focus attention on different areas. Add window treatment such as blinds and wooden shades will allow you to control the lights that enter your natural home design.

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