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If you’re living in an apartment or small house, finding the room for food storage can be a little tricky. Create False Bottoms in Cupboards: If you have low cupboards in the kitchen or other areas in the house, creating a false bottom allows you to create additional food storage. High Shelves in Children’s Closets: If your kids can’t reach the high shelves in their closets, this area is likely going underutilized.
Moving Spices to Racks On Cupboard Doors: Many people have freed up some valuable cupboard space by creating a spice rack on the inside of a cupboard door. Furniture That Has Built-in Space: Some storage containers are purpose-built to be decorative.
Space Above Kitchen Cupboards: Many people have a couple feet of awkward and unused space in their kitchens, between the tops of their cupboards and the ceiling. In or Around Furniture: Pull your furniture out from the wall, and store food in the space created behind them.
Below Stairways: Create some simple shelving in the awkwardly shaped storage space under the stairs, and cash in big time!
Cupboards above the Fridge: Just like the space above your kitchen cupboards, the cupboards above your fridge are often overlooked. Under the Bed: This is one of the first places people think to store extra food, and rightfully so!
Suitcases and Luggage: Unless you’re a constant jet-setter, stored luggage and suitcases can make a GREAT place to store extra food. Attics and Crawl Spaces: Although these locations shouldn’t be your first choice, they are worth thinking about. Elevate Your Bed on Blocks: Lifting your bed on blocks to create extra space is an “oldie but goodie.” College kids all over the world know this trick! Standalone Storage Locker: If you’ve already maximized the space inside your home, an outside locker is worth thinking about. There you have it, 14 ideas to increase the storage areas you have available for food storage. For additional food storage ideas like these, check out The Average Joe Prepper’s Guide to Emergency Food Storage, from The Daily Prep. Smart packaging provides for a long shelf life and easy storage of all Wise Company products. Wise products have the highest customer ratings for quality and convenience in the industry. Innovative, flexible and just darn cool, the Outdoor Room take shipping containers and transform them into anything from a retreat or home office, to a spare bedroom and chill out zone. Available for purchase or rent from late this year, the 20-foot modular units are decked out with power, lighting and air conditioning and feature timber flooring, superior insulation and glass sliding doors. Delivered to your door as a blank slate, the portable and secure container solutions can be used and furnished by consumers to create whatever type of room is needed, with colour-customisation available to suit any setting. Available to buy from $19,950 and hire from $133 per week, they are the perfect solution for those looking for either permanent of temporary extra space.
I’m a long time lover of the shipping container and those pictures demonstrate how versatile and gorgeous they can be.
Chi ha una casa piccola deve sempre fare i conti al millimetro per scegliere i mobili e i complementi giusti, inoltre si cercano sempre soluzioni per risparmiare per arredare la dimora. Per quanto riguarda il lavandino, invece, vi consigliamo di inserire nella parte sottostante un mobile basso con antine, così avrete dello spazio extra. The space above your door is the perfect place to mount a shelf to store books and other sundries, as spotted in the New York home of Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista.
Use the space above your kitchen cabinets to store cookbooks, as in John's Sunlit Studio (from our 2013 Small Cool Contest). Park a catch-all basket under a console table, as spotted in Jessica & Scott's East Coast Nest.
Another place to squeeze out a little extra storage is the back of the door to your medicine cabinet.
As a Senior Writer at Apartment Therapy, Nancy splits her time among looking at beautiful pictures, writing about design, and photographing stylish apartments in and around NYC.
Even if you had to buy all of the wood, these shelves are still a cost effective way to store your stuff.

If you don't have a basement and are limited on space, store stuff under beds, high up in closets, space under sofas, your garage and attic . I have a lot of clothes, and in the dozen or so homes I’ve lived in, many had very little closet space. I have yet to find the perfect single skirt hanger commercially available, but it must have spring-clips and smooth rubber grips. If you are using a dresser or other drawers, stack clothes vertically rather than horizontally.
Use an over-the-door shoe organiser — I like these better than hang-in-the-closet versions because hanging space is so valuable.
If you must hang, use an over the door coat rack or this handy thing (on the other side of the door from your shoes) to hang bags, and even hats.
Hang scarves on towel racks — you can get one for less than $US4 at your local home improvement store. For belts, jewellery, sunglasses, and basically everything else ever, buy some screw in hooks in bulk at the home improvement store, and leave no wall or cabinet space uncovered. Many of the photos are of my current storage situation which includes two separate closets and an enormous armoire, so I left plenty of unfilled space.
So tell me, what other tips do you have for closet organisation and space saving (or creating)? Online dating has made meeting people easier than ever, but that also means one little mistake can mean the difference between a second date and someone moving on to the next match. When politicians talk about tax and fairness, it's easy for them to point out undeserved loopholes benefiting the wealthy, or multinational companies. Purchase a lightweight rack that can be fastened on the inside of the cupboard door, then transfer your spices to it. These are wicker baskets, chests, hollow footstools, and over sized vases and urns that would otherwise remain empty. You can then hide the space with a simple fabric covering, table top, or other guise of your choosing. Under the stairs works great for cans, and other items that are small enough to fit in versatile spaces.
Suitcases are usually modular, so they will take up the same amount of total space whether they are full or not.
These areas can be subject to extreme temperatures, moisture, critters, and limited access, but could still work out great for non-foods: toilet paper, sanitation supplies, paper towels, toothbrushes, first aid, deodorant, and more. Although you should be careful, lifting up your bed can double the space you have (or more!).
These are the upright units that hold a ton, and can be propped against the house, in a carport, or anywhere else. If stuffing your living room furniture with food storage meals isn’t something you can stomach, don’t do it. Si trovano in commercio diversi appendini da porta che addirittura non richiedono nemmeno di trapanare.
If you mount the shelf high enough, you won't have to worry about bumping your head when you wake up. These stick on pods are great for organizing makeup, or, if your medicine cabinet is made of metal, you can add magnets to the smaller things you use the most (lipstick, mascara, etc) and attach them to the inside of the door.
You can hang small hooks there for things like measuring spoons that you use often and want to be in easy reach. DIY reused all of the materials from the old shelving units and bought some extra 2 x 4's to make a 3rd shelving unit.
Screws are so much better to put shelving together because this allows you to take them apart if you have to rework them another time.
Here are 12+ years worth of tips on how to cram your stuff into the minimal space you have. I have two on the inside of a closet door, but have also had this hanging over a boot bookcase (see above) on the wall before.

However, I will soon be moving to a smaller apartment where I will have one dresser and half of a closet! But firstly you have to make sure that you're using hangers that don't take up too much space. From forgetting your wallet to going in for the kiss at the wrong time, a first date is a minefield. But the elephant in the room is the difference between those who own and those who rent (or have recently bought and have huge mortgages) the house they live in. Alternatively, some people opt for a false floor in kids’ closets, and storing food on the ground level. To avoid adding extra weight, the best things to store on top of the cupboards are light things like soup mixes, dry ingredients, and cereals. To get even more creative, how about making your own “food storage entertainment center” out of boxes or buckets? Some houses will even have this space already converted into shelving and “ready-to-use” storage. Stack food along a wall, use empty cupboards, or any other way you want to fit in what you can. Allo stesso modo, anche una mensolina funzionale, dove poggiare prodotti, spazzole o quel che vi occorre al momento, è utilissima. If you feel like you've maxed out all your storage but you still have things that need a home, this post is for you. It would have been much more difficult to take apart the old shelves to make the new ones had he used nails. If food storage is within reach however, it’s more likely to be played with, moved around, or climbed on. To go even further, take the doors off of those cupboards, and store food on top of the fridge in front of them as well.
If your laundry room has an emergency floor drain, it could be a good place to store water as well. Or to get even more involved, you can incorporate a rotating food system, by storing food in rows running underneath your bed, with the oldest items coming out on one side, and new ones being put in on the other. An occasional nuisance here and there isn’t going to kill you, but on the whole, preparing for emergencies should not be something that makes you miserable. Anche il cesto porta biancheria potete appenderlo al muro, così non toccherete la superficie calpestabile.
Here are ten often-overlooked spots where you can squeeze a little extra storage out of a small space. I have often done this myself on the cheap — search around for tutorials or visit your local home improvement store. With a little creativity, there are likely some underutilized spaces in your home, that can easily be re-purposed for some extra food storage. And hey, if you forget and leave some food in your suitcase, you already have the first meal after you land. And they can be a little spendy, so if possible, see if you can get one in your local classifieds. Ecco, questi sono alcuni ottimi consigli su come arredare il bagno piccolo e stretto: fatene buon uso!
Note: I once installed just the shelf, then had a towel rod underneath for scarves, and below that was the boots bookshelf. There are far better ab exercises than a simple sit-up, which can exacerbate back problems and only focuses on one small area of the abdominals.

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