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May 13, 2013 By Beckie Laura from The Steen Style has been hard at work decorating her master bedroom for the past three years.
Consider using wood veneer which can either be special ordered or is available at some lumber shops instead of plywood.
Hi Megan, You will definitely want to measure to make sure you are doing each row of scallops level. While she really wanted an over-sized, tufted headboard, she certainly didn’t want to spend bahoodles of dollars on one.
I have had floods of comments and emails asking for this DIY Wood Scalloped Wall Tutorial and as promised, here it is!!!

I flipped my scallops the other direction then, I added one more row of scalloping within each scallop.
The veneers are available in a wide range of woods including several beautiful and exotic, and because they are so thin can be cut with scissors!
We thought about that as well but really wanted it to be a bit thicker to give the wall a little texture but it’s an excellent idea! I am working on this in my room right now and realized my ceiling is not entirely level, it slopes about two inches from left to right. I drew the gold scallop design first and that is when I did all my measuring to make sure everything was level.

Savannah and I created this (and the entire bedroom makeover!) over a space of 4 days and the wall treatment was one of the lesser time consuming parts of the makeover.
That way we only had to trace the shapes on the top sheet of plywood and cut four out at once.
If you love the scalloped look but don’t want to mess with the wood, Savannah’s Gold Sharpie Scalloped Wall is amazing!

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