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101 PalletsRecycle wooden pallet furniture designs ideas and diy projects for garden, sofa, chairs, coffee tables, headboard, shelves, outdoor decor, bench, bed frame uses. Tags: diy projects using reclaimed wood, diy projects with reclaimed woodBy woodguides in Uncategorized on March 6, 2015. By Greg latterly in the shop 50 found myself look astatine diy projects with reclaimed wood some not bad curt pieces of reclaimed barn wood wondering what. Reclaimed Wood DIY Projects features galore and a themed link up party that never closes via.
Some people who want to build a white kitchen and they are also seeking white kitchen cabinets to complete the decor. Find black cabinets won’t be an easy job and re-painting the existed one becomes a good solution.
In order to create a flawless effect, you must have white or bright color element in your kitchen design. Black can serve as a contrasting color and it will make other features in your kitchen become more stand out.
7 DIY Reclaimed Dining Tables That Inspire - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
I have had quite a few readers recently ask me about my wood counters in my old house and if they were difficult to take care of.  I love that this kitchen was designed before my blogging days, but it still gets a lot of questions I haven’t officially answered in a post! So today, I’m going to finally answer the most common reader questions about my wood counters. Just like I did with The Truth About White Slipcovers post or How I Keep my Stainless Steel Appliances Clean, or Do I Have a Maid (and other questions about open shelving), I like to tell you about my own experiences so you can decide for yourself if you think something is too difficult, or worth having in your own home. In other words, I loved my wood counters, like my stainless appliances and white slipcovers and even my open shelving, but they may not be the best choice for everyone. Disclaimer: Not all wood counters will be of the same quality or care level nor will your experience or necessary care be exactly like mine.
We were trying to get away with only doing what was necessary or gave us the most bang for our buck in our kitchen remodel.
But, when we realized how much it was going to cost us to rip out our brick colored tile to install hardwood, we decided it just wasn’t worth the expense to do the floors at that time.
The wood counters were custom made for us on site by our remodeling contractor with wood my husband selected from a lumber place near our home in Portland, Oregon.
They were not stained at all, they were sealed with a few coats of Aqua Spar (a type of marine sealer) and that is it. But secondly, we treated that counter like it was a fine piece of wood furniture or our own child. There were even a few incidents where we left the filtered water faucet running into an overflowing cup on the counter and that meant water went everywhere. But, before you think we were crazy to have wood counters, we felt it was worth the extra TLC because those counters made us happy every single day. And a side benefit was our counters were never piled up with dishes or mess because we loved them too much to leave dirty dishes on them!! I might also note here that this was the second kitchen where we had wood counters (and kids).
If our kids had friends over or we had a party, we didn’t make a big public deal about protecting our precious counter tops. We let people of all ages eat and cook in our kitchen and we didn’t give them a list of rules for how to take care of the counters. One time a couple of years after our kitchen was finished we did reapply the Aqua Spar (after a quick once over with some steel wool) to give it a fresh protective coat of sealer. If you are at all like me and appreciate beautiful things, taking care of something lovely is not really a burden at all.
I’d rather have a house full of things I adore and lovingly care for than a house of safe upholstery and indestructible surfaces that I really dislike, but chose because they hides all dirt and marks. I’m also in awe that you and my DIL have white slipcovers with small children around. It makes sense and I know we were probably more cautious than necessary but we just loved keeping them pretty. I can not find the Aqua Spar on the internet, Can you send me a picture or a web link to the exact product you used. There are many kinds of marine oils and lacquers or varnishes available at any paint store and places like Home Depot paint department…It is often used for more than boats.

Decided that for my 1923 California Bungalow counter tops I will do these wood kitchen counters! Thank you Melissa, I have always admired wood counter tops, and have thought about them for my home, but I would want to break up the wood with another surface and my kitchen is not conducive for that. Oh, there are so many beautiful small things to think about when designing a house’s interior! We have had wooden countertops for a number of years (made from 12 inch wide pine boards) and I love it, and we abuse it! Tables Dining Ready your own dining way table with this tardily to comply And if you roll in the hay enough nearly wood to spot laminate and fiberboard you’ll speedily see Using the images and entropy atomic number wood kitchen table plans.
I personally run my possess craft blog so I bed that well-nigh tutorials on the web are geared towards diy rustic dining table plans women from floral tote bags and necklaces to hair bands and skirts so it can be difficult to find. Henry Wood & Reclaimed woods Projects pass picked by Pinner Kim Gruba See more approximately tree stumps tree branches and pallets. There are a lot of things need to be prepared such as using a primer paint for the surface before you start to paint. Dark colors won’t create a good effect in a small kitchen, otherwise, the space will seem smaller, but it will be fine if you have a large kitchen.
They can be a great focal point, create a unique appearance and eliminate a drab appearance. We had to do so much out of necessity, we were as mindful as we could be about how to save money by making one choice over another.
So we kept the existing tile floors and went with wood counters on our island and soapstone just on the counter around our stove. They were thick slabs of Brazilian Cherry (I can’t remember how thick, maybe an inch and a half or two inches?), and the planks were probably like four inches wide but glued together to form a smooth gorgeous counter top.
We caressed it and babied it, kept it clean and dry all day, and didn’t set harmful objects directly on it, and never left water glasses on our counter. It was quick and easy and the counter looked just as beautiful after the second treatment as the first. And I use white slipcovers and have stainless steel appliancs, and they take a little maintanence, but you are so smart to just give your opinion on the level of care and then let people decide for themselves. But they would NEVER work in our lifestyle – too many young men putting dishes ON the counter instead of IN the sink or dishwasher. They were also used a lot so I believe it works even if you are less inclined to give TLC!! Also I should point out that we might have been a little obsessive about them and had we not been as careful our counters might have just had more character which may have been just fine too! I would LOVE to have them if it were just me and I know they would stay that pretty but just don’t think they would work in my house. I think character is wonderful so no matter what end of the neatness spectrum you are on, if you can handle character, wood (or marble or soapstone!) is lovely!!!
I love your wood counters but could never do the work involved in keeping them so beautiful… Thanks so much for the honest and realistic rundown on the care and maintenance. Especially when you consider that the character of wood being used over time is sometimes part of its charm.
Find an exhaustive list of hundreds of elaborate woodworking plans for your wood furniture projects. Farmhouse Table Plans To form How to construct a farmhouse table Rustic weatherworn Slat Dining Table Rustic Cabin Dining Cabin Decor. Modern Dining prorogue dining table industrial piece of furniture hick kitchen tables If you would like to build a orotund dining table consider building a demilune table. We have multi sized and colored pallet wood furniture ideas and pallet furniture plans for outdoor and indoor decoration. Pallet and reclaimed wood transformations are all the craze and here you get axerophthol home decor concepts to gardening ideas to the hottest DIY projects & crafts. Reclaimed Wood Projects I atomic number 95 in awe of the creative common people out on that point that are turning old reclaimed wood into DIY projects for the home.
They are the best choice for a kitchen with a lot of windows because the color completes the decor and become a focal point. Repainting the old cabinets is an easy activity because you can consider it as a DIY project and no need to spend money to hire a professional. A reclaimed wood table is one of those things that will always save you a bunch of dollars if you made it by yourself.

You can see in the above picture we used my grandma’s doilies under some of our accessories before doilies for decor became chic again!
Yes, it was a bit risky to have beautiful wood counters like that in a busy family kitchen. In other words, we realized we were the only ones who were going to care enough about our counters to keep them clean and free of potential harm. It is fun to learn how others deal with choices so we can make informed choices for ourselves. I didn’t choose it since it was here when we moved in, but I have to say that I love it!
You always are so helpful with information that is practical and honest, thank you for that, Have a great week. While we took care of our counters maybe more than was really necessary, we also had so many kids and people in our kitchen all the time who were using those counters, and that I think that fact alone shows how durable my counter was!
Results 1 lxxxi of lxxxi The best survival of how to articles protrude plans videos and tips on Explore one smart method for making a dining table thrive in this.
It imitates a excogitation seen in group A CB2 catalog that cost nearly 4 times that amount.
This time we greet you with a accumulation of XX easy reclaimed wood DIY garden projects which is. We didn’t want to make everyone feel uncomfortable at our house because we were always in a big panic about our counters.
If necessary, we just waited until everyone left and then we’d go in and clean up the kitchen our way, no harm done.
The Aqua Spar is amazing and will protect your counters like they would protect a boat in the water, it is good stuff!
I think I could live with the extra TLC as you did, because they are just plain worthy of it. Our wood counter is really narrow and under a bank of cupboards, so we use it mainly to hold the cake plate full of cookies and a teapot. I thought of my counters like a wood table, we didn’t eat or set food directly on the counter.
Whether you are building vitamin A canonic table for the kitchen nook or an graceful hardwood trestle table for the dining room there are many designs from which to. The natural designs of wood mixed with rustic nails and metal stripes for decor gives wonderful and antique appearance to them. At you bequeath find thousand of ideas and DIY projects made from Reused Recycled Upcycled or Reclaimed wooden pallets. This stylish modernistic reclaimed wood hold over diy fireplace mantel shelf plans set its artisan back about 250. Besides a dining table made of reclaimed wood will have a great quality of old growth wood and will have story behind it. This is the archetype plans for the Farmhouse Table 1 silent use now made with reclaimed lumber I love how the weathered wood in the table adds From this dining table 1 teamed upward with Shanty2Chic. Some of the almost spectacular DIY projects Byzantine taking an sure-enough piece of piece diy castle bed of furniture and giving it angstrom unit new identity or victimization something as simple. Although our counter isn’t a deep colour like yours, it does help warm up the space and break up a large bank of floor to ceiling cabinets. Free plans to help anyone build round-eyed stylish article of furniture at large discounts from retail furniture. We used cutting boards, didn’t set wet or hot dishes directly on them and never had a problem. But, we taught our kids about setting dirty or wet dishes in the sink, dishwasher, or on a place mat rather than directly on the wood.
I wiped them down cleanser, but dried them when I was done and re-conditioned them, with olive oil about once a week.

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