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There are many garden shed designs from which to choose when you decide you need a garden or outdoor storage shed. If your garden is in need of a little extra touch, then the various garden shed designs may help spruce it up. The most important decision you’ll have to make is which one will meet your requirements and will still fit in the area where you plan to have it. If you’re looking for something more trendy and something with style, the saltbox shed might be for you. This architecture came about when homeowners were trying to avoid extra taxes imposed by Queen Anne for structures with more than 1 story.
However a more convenient solution would be a prefabricated shed kit, something in metal or plastic, which you assemble yourself. Recent CommentsKalyn on The Rubbermaid Shed-Rubbermaid Sheds A Popular Choice for Homeownersmike chambers on Log Cabin Kits-The Essentials for Log Cabin BuildingMargaret R.
When mixing small quantities of cement, do it in a bag as its easier and you get a more consistent mix. When you seal your bath, make sure you fill it with water first (and leave the water in for 24 hours), otherwise the weight of the water will break the seal. How does one build a foundation?  I thought about it a bunch before I decided to start building (measure twice, cut once).  Since I had roughly 100' of 4"x 4" wood, I decided to do some basic math to come up with some construction figures. The most expensive part of a project like this is usually the wire, with all other peripherals like switches, receptacles, pipe, etc. Here's a couple pictures of the nice job the trencher did (notice the tree stump in the left picture just begging for a table!). Here's an overall picture of the entire trench job with the freezer in the background that started it all.
I'm now the proud owner of a very roomy, not-too-bad-too-look-at, shed.  Here's a picture with everything labelled.
Many thanks to you for helping with the order and of course Brian and Ian for bringing it up to the 5th floor and erecting it.

All of our Garden Buildings are manufactured on the premises by our highly skilled team of craftsmen, using only traditional methods and materials.
Erecting a lean-to shed can be a great use of space, particularly if you have a narrow passageway or side return in your garden.
If you don't have a property with a side return it will be limited space that attracts you to a lean-to shed. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the AGardenBuilding website.
There are a wide variety of garden shed designs offering many choices for you including lean to, saltbox and gambrel. Other choices include how many windows you want, what style of roof and location- will it be seen by passers by or will it be out of sight to the public?
Depending on where you want to put it, it can be as simple as using old leftover wood or even pallets.
The roof of the saltbox shed is uneven, which gives it more character and moves away from the simple square look of a typical shed. And the range of prefabricated options is even wider still with different sizes and shapes to fit into even the most challenging space.
By having full control of manufacture, supply and erecting we can ensure that no lengthy delays occur, resulting in a minimum time to complete the project. You can either make it from scratch or adapt a self-assembly shed, effectively splitting it in half. It might be the only option you can fit in without obscuring a neighbour's view, or perhaps the garden is steep and you only have a narrow flat section next to the house.Custom BuildThe advantages of making it yourself is that you can customise the layout and shape to your heart's content.
There are also some garden shed suppliers who produce lean-to models, although there isn't the range of choices and options that you get with free-standing sheds.The Side ReturnSide returns are those alleys at the sides of kitchens that are a feature of suburban terraced houses built at the beginning of the last century, and there's a lot of them around. You may find that local suppliers will sell you the side panels and door frame and fittings from one of their shed range, which will be a great head start. The gambrel construction is similar to the Mansard roof, which has one side more steep than the other, with a shallower roof on the opposite side.

The advantage of a lean-to shed is that you have a long, narrow shed in that space, where a full-size one would simply not fit.In addition, many side returns are already concreted over, so there's a good chance you can put the shed straight down on that. There's then no need to build the concrete or slab base that many a garden building will require.
And as the wall takes some of the support, you don't have to be too picky about the state of the concrete, just as long as it's reasonably level.
Their sheds come in complete kits so they would have to break one up to give you what you need..
In that case the only thing you can do is buy the complete shed and hope to reuse most of the parts you don't need somewhere else.Buying a Lean-To ShedReady-made lean-to sheds come in kit form, some of them assembled by the supplier's team of fitters.
They come in wood, metal or plastic and are a variety of sixes, but few of them are wider than three or four feet.One of the advantages of buying a lean-to shed is that it will probably have a back wall made of the same material as the rest of the shed. If you are making one yourself, either from shed bits or from scratch, then the temptation is to use the wall you are attaching to as the back wall. There's no reason why you shouldn't do this as long as you can seal the top, where the roof meets the wall, against the elements. But having the extra wall gives an extra layer of insulation and will keep the temperature of the shed slightly higher.
This may or not matter, depending on what you want to store in the shed and how you want to use it.Lean-To WorldSo there you have it, a quick run-down on the pros and cons of lean-to sheds and how they fit in to the great world of garden buildings. There's nothing wrong with having a bit of support now and then and why should sheds be any different?

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