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It is quite common for the skirt boards (grade boards), girts, and truss carriers to be nailed to the outside perimeter of the foundation posts. Bookshelf girts (also called commerical girts) provides more strength against high wind and provides the substructure to finish out the interior walls of your farm building, garage, or barn. When girts are bookshelfed, grade board and truss carriers (or girders) are notched into the post.

Over 50 color photos to help you design, build, and finish a pole building that specifically fits your site and needs.Stake out and square the building by yourself in 10 minutes. Also a special 3-page section on a Country Carport is included in the Let's Build a Pole Barn e-guide. Your purchase and payment are handled securely through Paypal and the download through Digital Product Delivery.

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