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This awesome 30X26 enclosed steel garage is a Buy Now package that anyone would love to own.
Our 30X26 steel garage building’s Buy Now package comes standard with 10-foot sidewalls, a vaulted ceiling, two 10X8 roll-up garage doors, one regular walk-in door and two windows. This attractive single-bay 20X21 enclosed garage features one (1) 9X7 roll-up garage door with a one (1) standard walk-in door. Available in 13 different exterior colors, it’s easy to find a color that matches or complements your house. Carport Empire can install this popular steel building on your level ground, stem wall or concrete slab. Our durable steel building provides you with 750 square feet of floor space that you can own for as little as $11.67 per square foot. A standard walk-in center door allows you to come and go without having to open up a bay door.

A boxed-eave option is available and with 13 unique colors to choose from, we can keep the color match to your home up to par. If you have any questions about an enclosed steel garage, you can Click To Call Us Now and our friendly staff will be happy to assist.
Carport Empire can install this enclosed steel building on your level ground or bolt it to your 30X25 concrete slab for the low, low price of $8755. This is that space you’ve been looking for, so take a look at what your needs are for an enclosed garage and make a smart investment in a durable metal building. Don’t hesitate, contact Carport Empire today and we will show you how easy it is to own the perfect enclosed garage, car carport, metal building, storage building or durable steel barn. The single bay access allows you to easily store that vintage car, your jet skis & trailer, the ATVs you use for hunting or a collection of favorite dirt bikes.
Don’t forget to ask about our $0 Down Financing and check to see if you should apply today.

Your Garage Door is a 10' Wide and 10' Tall Roll-up Door and this model features two windows on one side of the building. And, you will still have all the room you need for your workshop. Steel garages are wise investments for those who have heavy storage needs. You can buy this engineer-certified enclosed steel garage starting as low as $4545 or non-certified garage buildings are available for $3825. Your New Garage is constructed from 14 gauge Galvanized Steel Framing, 29 gauge Steel Panels and a Decorative Steel Trim. However, Carport Empire can modify this enclosed garage to the size that best fits your needs for width, height or length requirements.

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