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Our set of 2 wall mounted swivelling hooks are a great way to restore tidiness to any garage.
Each swivelling arm has two protective foam strips which you can sit the frame of your bike onto to ensure that it's being held securely and preventing the paint work from becoming scratched.
About 15 years ago, I fenced in about 10' of the width, starting at the front the garage and going all the way back to the end of the property.
Hurricane Ike made short work of that shed, ripping a number of roofing sheets off, but thankfully not collapsing the structure.
The entire fence needed to be replaced, so we got the OK to build it further out and bigger. There's a gate to the right for storage of the rollaround trash cans we have to use here in Houston. Pressing a button in the garage, or using a keypad available inside the gate unlatches the door. The door sections are about 6 feet wide each, and are supported by heavy-duty 6" ball-bearing hinges at the pivot, and a barn-door track at the top. The advantage of a folding door like this is that we don't have to worry about supporting a 12' wide door, although the corner post is a 4" galvanized pipe sunk about 5' in concrete. On the original shed, I just attached a 2x6 pressure treated header to the brick with some tap-con screws.
There's enough space to store 3 cars, nose to tail, plus some more room for a bit of storage, etc in front, and on the side.
The PVC pipe seen about half way up the wall is the drain for gutters that line the atrium between the house and the garage.
It unfortunately doesn't get covered storage, but once the shop is done, we'll probably keep it there. My daily driver - 2002 Mercedes Benz S55 AMG sitting besides Tin's funmobile - a 2001 Honda S2000. The shed is only visible when the door is open, and that's only when we need to move something in or out - there's a man door at the opposite end.
Just as we were finishing the shed, a neighbor in the next block erected a separate storage shed on his side yard, and it stands at least 5-feet above his fence. The HOA is tweaked anyway - they allowed my neighbor 2 houses to the east to PAINT his driveway. However, when I get cited for having a trash bag out on the curb for more than 10 minutes (lawn service simply won't listen that they need to leave the bag in the back yard), and I bring up the issue of all the other code violations, I get no favored ears. Most HOA are all politics and are only beneficial for the people on the board and have the power. My most recent go-round with them was a recurring citation for failure to keep my yard trimmed.
The regular Nazi patrol for code violations hits my part of the subdivision on Tuesdays - the day that the yard looks the worst. The first time I got the notice, I politely called them and explained the yard cutting cycle and suggested if they looked on Wednesday, they'd see everything set to rights.
The second time I got the notice, I asked "politely" if they had bothered to notice that from week to week, even on Tuesday, that the yard hadn't gotten any worse? Here's the trolley that fits the track - I attached the plate to the backside of the door and cut a pocket into the door stile behind the picket to allow me to adjust the trolley bolt to get the door to hang right.

The only thing I could figure out that would ever work reliably would be a combination of a pivoting gear at the jamb side of the door, along with a linear gear along the track. We thought about having two swing-out doors, but the door on the left side would have to swing open past 90 degrees to allow clearance to drive vehicles in and out, which puts extra stress on an operator. At least with the electric latch, we can gain access from the main door without having to walk the 130 feet (65 feet to the man door in the back, then 65 feet through the building to the front) to unlatch the door, only to have to repeat the trip to lock everything back. Submit an online quote here, or call us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm) to discuss your project. Simply mount each hook to the wall for near instant storage for 2 of the families bikes, or even (as shown) spare car tyres, roof top boxes etc. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The house is a corner lot, so instead of the west wall of my house being the primary view to the east from a neighbor, I've got a swath of land about 90' long and 25' wide (from curb edge to lot boundary). It was already in bad shape anyway - the direct west exposure combined with a decade or more of benign neglect had taken its toll. I don't know if we would have been successful if we were the first in our neighborhood to try this construction, but once others did (don't know if they had the OK), and the HOA didn't force the removal of the fences, that paved the way for ours. Since there's no place to easily insert and use a lever to force the door, this is more than enough. For this structure, I wanted something more durable, but I didn't want to put any load on the bricks. Across them, we laid 2x4 sleepers which are bolted to the beams using carriage bolts (no sharp edges to cut your head) from below, countersinking the nuts from above to make the installation surface nice and flat.
It's stamped to interlock with the roof profile and had a vertical section about 10" wide which would ordinarily slip under the siding of whatever vertical wall the roof was abutting. As a result, the water wicks around the edge and drips down the front of the shed, leaving dirt trails. That space is only 8' wide x 20' long, and the water that can collect in that area during a strong rain is dramatic. It's been my experience that organizations like this are populated by people that are too chicken (or have too many skeletons in their closet) to run for public office.
I've had the lawn professionally serviced for more than 10 years; they cut the yard on Wednesdays. Didn't it seem strange that with a week separating the visit that there was no change in the appearance?
The door on the old 10-foot wide shed was dangerous in any sort of serious winds - had to have a human hold it in place. We still have to be wary of using the door in high winds, but since it's hand-operated, we're able to control it a bit better. A permanent staircase or a set of pull down attic stairs can be added to access the storage area.
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This was done partly to keep shy of the HOA, partly to not irritate the neighbors with an obviously commercial structure, and partly to hide it from the rest of the world to ward off potential burglars.
Opening the door requires the middle to pop out, you can't just pull laterally on the handle.
It would be no effort at all to completely destroy an opener with a solid door if the right gust of wind came along. Keeps you from having to rush to get the door open before the open cycle times out and the latch comes back on.
12' was settled on for width (and yes, I wish I had a little more - 1 more foot would be wonderful) because steel like this comes in 24' lengths, and the supplier will cut long sticks in half for free. We actually get some wicking of moisture into the crushed-granite floor in really wet weather. Oddly, the other car, even though trashed on the outside, has a pristeen black interior, plus it's an LS-level trim, where the red car was only an L. The larger cabinets have florescent lights in the bottom to shine down on the cabinet top, and there's a glass panel in the bottom of the cabinet to allow the light upwards into the cabinet as well. That's no big deal if you use a gate operator mounted on the hinge side of the door - it will push outward on the door. Far too expensive to implement, as the speed of the linear gear would need to increase as the door opens to keep up with the movement of the door. Uncontrolled door movement can damage cars, and injure humans, neither of which is a desirable outcome. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. It was OK for storing things like my old jet ski, utility trailer, etc, but it was never weather-tite. With the fold-up aspect of the door, once fully open, any wind pushing against the door actually causes it to bind in the track rather than close.
The company that made them is still in business, although they've moved to other lines of product. However, as the door hinges open, the outward push needs to convert to a lateral push to cause the door to fold up - just continuing to push outward causes the trolley to bind in the track. On the angle iron, we stood a simple 2x4, attaching it to the brick with a couple of tap-con screws, just to keep it in place vertically. This car is a true euro-spec car, the 6.9 was only available for sale here in the US starting in 1977.
Likewise, closing the door requires a lateral tug on the end of the door, which then must convert to a pull on the hinged section to pull the door shut. We injected some non-hardening roof sealant from a caulk tube into the groove as we installed each piece of flashing, then further caulked the groove after the flashing was in place.
So far, even with some monsoon-level rains, we've only had a few trickles of water down the brick inside the shed.
Not as fast as most of the other cars in our fleet, but for it's time, a truly spectacular automobile.

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